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Skincare Purchases

New Skincare Purchases
So my Prom was Friday! So a couple of weeks ago I decided to go on a little skincare mission to try something new out. Superdrug had a couple of offers on so I thought I would take full advantage and picked up these three.
Nivea Double Effect Makeup Remover
The first thing I needed; an oil based makeup remover. Probably quite a strange must have however, I was planning to wear one of the Rimmel Apocalips range, which you may know, do not budge for anything, so I needed a makeup remover which would be able to take it off at the end of the night! This Nivea Double Effect Makeup Remover does exactly that and doesn't leave a horrible oily residue on my lips or face.
Nivea Express Hydration Primer
This purchase was less of a must have, more of an impulse buy as it was on offer. It's the Nivea Express Hydration Primer, I'd never been a big user of Nivea though my mum swears by their products. I love the smell of all Nivea products, it's fresh and uplifting. The product itself is not great for me as a primer. While it is incredibly hydrating, my makeup does not sit well upon this, it breaks up almost, therefore I'm planning to use this as a moisturiser for days when I'm not wearing makeup.
Simple Kind To Skin Smoothing Face Scrub
Finally I decided to try a new facial scrub, I currently use the Botanics one but sometimes find that too rough so, as my skin gets on with Simple skincare, I thought I would try their Simple Kind To Skin Smoothing Facial Scrub. I'll report back on this when I've had time to try it!

So there are my latest skincare purchases, I hope you liked the post. What were your latest skincare buys? Have you got any recommendations for me?


  1. I was looking for something to replace the Nivea cream I always use as a change. I might try the Promer if it's a good moisturiser as I don't need it for priming :) Thanks for the idea! Victoria xx thedaisyjaynes.com

    1. I hope it works for you, it's amazing as a hydrating moisturiser xx


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