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Introducing Awesome August

Awesome August Header
Nearly August already? Wow time really does fly, and it's the 30th which means 4 days till my birthday! Yeah! Four days, am I excited? Me? Never..... Of course I am! Today I thought I would introduce you to Awesome August. I am on summer holidays which means I have a ridiculous amount of spare time to use up. What better way than to fill said spare time than blogging to my hearts content? A post every day in August is the least I can do, I've been coming up with content ideas since June, (in fact this post was scheduled on the second of July! Talk about organised!) I've decided to even have a content calendar so I can keep everything running smoothly and keep generating blog posts with detail. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the next month, I certainly will do!

Cowshed Gorgeous Cow Collection

Cowshed Gorgeous Cow
Cowshed are not a brand I am familiar with, so I decided to do a little bit of research into its roots. Cowshed are a British brand created with Babington Spa. The unusual name is as the first spa opened in, you guessed it, a cow shed! Now if you read a post I did a while ago you saw that my auntie kindly sent me the Heather & Ivory Secret Paradise Bathing Flowers, when she sent me those, she also sent me this set from Cowshed. (I can't thank her enough it was such a nice surprise!)

The set she sent me was the Cowshed Gorgeous Cow Blissful Collection, I'm sensing a possible backhanded compliment there 'gorgeous cow?' What's she trying to say... This set retails for £19.50 on ASOS, and I can see why. While it has the three minis it also has a beautifully patterned wash bag/ makeup bag, the material seems waterproof which is also a really useful feature for people like me who accidentally drop things in their sink... 
Gorgeous Cow Collection
The three minis are the Blissful Body Lotion, Blissful Shower Scrub and also the Blissful Bath & Shower Gel. They definitely have a smell which some won't favour, it's almost spicy, according to the description the product is 'infused with essential oils ylang ylang, rose, lavender, cinnamon and palmarose.' You can smell the cinnamon for sure, that's what gives it the spicy edge. I'm more a lover of fruity, sweet smelling scents, though I'll happily give this a go!

Overall, I think this is an amazing gift set for those who love pampering themselves. This trio is everything you need for a relaxing night in, and the bag can be reused, bonus. I would definitely consider getting this for my stepmum as I imagine she would love it!

Have you tried any Cowshed products? Or maybe you were lucky enough to go to their spa? I'd love to know your thoughts and experiences!

Heather & Ivory Secret Paradise Bathing Flowers

Heather & Ivory Secret Paradise Bathing Flowers
Bathing flowers? They've never really been on my radar, I prefer showers and the occasional Lush bath, but I've never tried bathing flowers. My auntie sent me these a couple of months ago and was quite intrigued and excited to show you. 
Bathing Flowers
These are the Heather & Ivory Secret Paradise Bathing Flowers, it's a bit of a mouthful I know, and these retail at £10 on ASOS. The first thing I noticed about these are how intricately made they are. They are literal works of art. The detail is astounding. Each flower is made for a thin layer of soap (I guess?) and some have multiple layers creating the gorgeous flowers you see above.
Bathing Flowers
Before opening, I  expected these to have flower smells: rose, jasmine, etc, something your grandma might use. However, that is not the case, these have such a desirable smell, one that could rival some Lush bath bombs high praise indeed! The flowers have a citrusy scent, with a hint of soap. The good thing is though that these don't feel soapy or sticky, it's only when they meet water do they show this side; out of water they look almost like felt.

Now the big question is: are these a product for me? I'm going to surprise myself here and say yes they probably are. While I am partial to the odd Lush bath bomb, these add elegance to a bath, now there is a phrase I never thought I'd say, surrounded by candles, with these floating in the bath I can imagine being in a spa, what better feeling is there?

So there are my thoughts on bath flowers. Have you ever tried them? Will you think about trying them? Or do you plan to stick with trusty old Lush bath bombs?

A Modern Twist on Eyeliner

A Modern Twist on Eyeliner
Eyeliner; we each have our on way to wear it, whether you go for a cat eye, classic, or pin up style, it is definitely a staple in many peoples makeup application. I for one like to mix up which liner style I go for and have recently been trying something new to make my eyes stand out from the crowd.

The use of black eyeliner is sophisticated and elegant but I thought I would start adding an element of fun. How do you add fun to eyeliner you ask? You add colour! After lining my lid I either add another line in a bright colour above the line. Or if I want something less conspicuous I line my bottom lash line. This idea is perfect for when I don't feel like going all out on my eye makeup.
Colourful Drugstore Eyeliners
I don't have many highend eye liners, in fact I don't think I have any, so the ones I am showing you in this post are all incredibly affordable. First I have the Avon Mega Impact Gel Liner in Colbalt, which is a dark blue, the formula of this liner is very soft and easy to work with. However, a steady hand is needed when precision is wanted, The Collection Intense Colour Khol Pencil in French Kiss. This has a firmer texture than the Avon one, however because of the bright colour I prefer to use this on my lower lash line than above my normal liner. The next liner is the BarryM Bold Gold Waterproof Liner. This I will happily use above and below my eyes as it is such an amazing intense gold. Finally I have, possibly my favourite eyeliner ever, Avon Supershock Gel Liner in Flash. It was discontinued and I didn't stock up so if anyone knows of similar colour liners please tell me. I will love you forever! This has an almost identical formula to the other Avon liner and is a stunning almost rose gold. This is beautiful in my inner corner, and also below my lower lashline, it opens up the eye so well.
Colourful Drugstore Eyeliners

MUA Eyeliners
These final three eyeliners are all by MUA, these are very innovative eyeliners, as you can probably see their lid has a sharpener. As someone who is very forgetful, I never know where my sharpener is having them on their lids is so useful. The colours I have are Snow White, Royal Blue and Turquiose. Snow White adds a great contrast between the black liner, it is also good to use on the waterline to brighten the eye and make it seem more awake. Royal Blue is one of my favourites for below the lash line, it creates fun addition to the norm. Last but not least is Turquoise, I'd say more of a light blue, I like this above the black liner because they look absolutely gorgeous together.
MUA Eyeliner Swatches
You could help make your eye colour stand out if you wanted. For example if I ran a purple eyeliner below my lash line it would make my green eyes pop!

I for one, like updating my eyeliner, I think it's just in time for Summer! So have you ever done this? Do you think it's gimmicky?

Red Lipsticks For Occassion Wear

Red Lipsticks For Occasion Wear
I am partial to a red lip every now and then, especially when I'm going out somewhere, but the question: is out of all the options which red do you choose? So this post aims to help that dilemma get solved, enjoy!
Red Tinted Lip Balms
The Wash Of Colour
Not everyone is a fan of the bright, in your face reds, and not everyones lips can deal with having a matte drying lipstick on them. This is why tinted balms and sheer moisturising lipsticks are your friends! The two I have here are the Makeup Gallery Colour Moisture Lipstick in Deep Red and also Benefit's Benebalm. The Makeup Gallery lipstick gives an amazing wash of sheer red colour, without a large price tag as this lipstick retails for £1. Benebalm is a gorgeous moisturising red lip balm, with quite a high price at £14.50, but the packaging is cute and pocket sized, perfect for if you need a moisture boost.
Red Tinted Lip Balm Swatches

Rimmel Provocalips
The Last All Day
Rimmel recently, well I say recently, it was a while ago, released a new long lasting lip range: Provocalips. I ended up getting two shades Play With Fire and Kiss Me You Fool, which I got as a Christmas gift.  Both are stunning reds. Play With Fire is a bright in your face red and Kiss Me You Fool is a darker blue toned red, which looks stunning on paler skin. When I say these are the 'last all day' I mean it, I wrote a post about its amazing staying power, I had to invest in an oil based makeup remover just to get it off at the end of the night!
Rimmel Provocalips Swatches

Illamasqua Sangers
The Matte Red
I love, love, love this lipstick! You have no idea how much. I am not a matte lipstick person, my lips are constantly dry and usually they cannot stand any non moisturising products, but Illamasqua's Sangers, they can stand. This is such a perfect product, it packs such a punch of colour in one swipe and is quite long lasting. Though it does transfer and needs a top up every now and then, I would definitely wear this out because it's such a nice lipstick.
Illamasqua Sangers Swatches

Bright Red Lipsticks
The Brights
If you're looking for another couple of reds that pack a punch, these two certainly do that. BellaPierre Ruby and Rimmel Apocalips Big Bang are the definition of that. Ruby is a bright blue toned red, it has a creamy texture which glides on to the lips so easily. Big Bang is along the same lines, but is a liquid lipstick and has a much more glossy finish, definitely the one to choose of you want a glossy almost liquid lip look.
Bright Red Lipstick Swatches
If you're going somewhere and were thinking whether or not to wear a red lip, I hope this helped! I'd love to know if it did. Do you like the reds I featured? Was I missing any?

Blogging Tips #1

Blogging tips for new bloggers
Blogging tips, the latest posts that can be on many a blog right now. Now you may be sick to death of them by now, (and if you are I will not be offended if you click off this post right now,) however if you'd like to hear what I have found useful over my time blogging, which I think is around 3 years now, please keep reading. 

1. Make The Most Of Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are used by pretty much all bloggers and they can grow your following so much. Not only are the chats the perfect place to ask for blogging advice, product suggestions and even make blogging friends they are also great for growing your readership. At the end of chats there is usually link swapping where people send links and view them. I for one love this part of the chat as I find so many new blogs to love. Every link I get I check out and I usually follow too, also when I remember I comment too as comments make my day so I like to return the favour! Now for growing the readership, giving out your link showcases your blog to others and can be a real tool for gaining followers. It is such a good tool as most of the people you are in the chat with are interested in the same things you are. For example, I love the #bbloggers chat as my blog is all about beauty and those in that chat  have the same love that I do and I can have really good conversations with them. 

2. Create A Content Calendar

Whether you are a new blogger or you have been blogging for a while a content calendar will help you keep on top of blogging. I have only recently started using one and it has changed how my blogging is for the better. Having a content calendar means that I always know when and what I am going to post about. Knowing in advance allows me to plan and research my post so it can be of the highest quality possible. I'm not saying never do 'spur of the moment posts' as this in fact is spur of the moment post, but sometimes planning is so so useful, especially if you need a timetable like me, or your whole schedule falls out the window.

Now there are only two tips here so far, but I can guarantee when I find other things that work for me, you guys will be the first to know. I hope these help! What are your top tips?

Weekend Wants #6

Weekend Wants #6

Hair Dye vs Hair Chalk

Hair Dye vs Hair Chalk
Hair dye or hair chalk? Now there is the million dollar question, well kinda... Now for me the idea of changing my hair to every colour of the rainbow imaginable is a very good idea, but I'm not quite brave enough to colour it permanently yet. Of all the colour options out there which do you choose? 

I started first colouring my hair with chalk, after I saw a tutorial by Fleur De Force for a Hunger Games inspired look. Chalking is probably the easier of the two, all it take is non toxic chalk and your hair. However, I have a different method to most when it comes to chalking. I prefer to make the results last longer. The method I use is: 

  1. Apply heat protection onto the area I am chalking.
  2. Wet the hair you want to colour.
  3. Run chalk up and down till the section is covered.
  4. Dry with hairdryer.
  5. Straighten.

When chalking you are advised not to add water or use heat in case of staining, however I've found that the chalk I use doesn't stain much. But obviously do so at your own risk, bleached hair is most likely to stain. When I chalk my hair, there is a downside. By the second day it feels horrible. Like horrible ew. Imagine straw and that is the texture my hair becomes. It's not pretty, but the colour packs a punch!

Now onto dye... The one above is BLEACH London Super Cool Colour in Rose. Now these dye's caused quite a buzz in the blogging world which lead me to buy the BLEACH London Spin The Bottle kit in the Boots after Christmas sale. I bought another bottle of Rose in a BLEACH London bauble type set. What do I have to say about these dye's? Well... I don't love them. I have quite light natural blonde and thought they would work. Yeah I was wrong. They say these work best on bleached hair but then many complain of staining., which is never ideal, and as I'm not planning to bleach my hair anytime soon they're not for me. Rose did show a little on my hair, but when I tried Violet Skies nothing showed at all.

With these two options I would have to go with chalking, it's quick, easy, and not too difficult to wash out, (a bit of staining never hurt no one!) There are my thoughts on which to choose, but which would you decide on? And do you have any semi permanent dye recommendations for me?

DIY Or Go Pro? Occasion Makeup

DIY or Go Pro
So here is another Prom post. Well I say Prom though it is more of a post for all occasions, after Prom it got me thinking, do you DIY your makeup, or go pro? I did my makeup and also my best friend's but I know some would rather a professionals touch.

In doing my own makeup I saved myself quite a bit of money, I got my hair done professionally so thought I should save on makeup. All the products I used on myself and my friend, I already had, none were bought specifically for Prom, which means the makeup essentially cost me nothing. Yes there was the practising of makeup beforehand though again the cost of that was minimal if not non existent, plus I find doing makeup fun. A benefit of doing your makeup yourself is that it will be exactly how you want it; I can imagine myself coming away from a makeup artist and re doing it my self, because my vision will be a teeny bit different.

However, if you're not wanting to do your makeup yourself there are many people who could do it for you, for a price of course. For my mums wedding we got our makeup done at our hairdressers, and it did look really nice and natural, but it's not necessarily what I would have chosen. To get my makeup done there for Prom it would have cost £42 which probably isn't that much for professionally done makeup, but it was a cost I knew I didn't have to splash out on, so I didn't.

All in all the decision to DIY or Go Pro as it were, has to be a personal decision. It relies on many things, for instance: money and time being the main two. So what would you do? Would you do it yourself, or get your makeup professionally done?

L'Oreal True Match Foundation

L'Oreal True Match Foundation First Impressions
I have a foundation obsession. I have at least five on the go, including this one I'm posting about today. Now L'Oreal True Match is a favourite of many people, but it is at the higher end of the drugstore at £9.99 so I had been putting off getting it for a while. That was until I was out with my Grandad and Boots has their 2 for £12 offer on and he kindly bought me this and also the Lumi Magique Primer. 

Because of the slightly higher price I had done my research. I have extremely dry skin which flakes, it's gross I know, try though I might it is hard to get rid of. Anyway a lot of reviews from those with dry skin found this to highlight dry patches and settles into fine lines, but I wanted to see how it fared on my skin.
L'Oreal True Match Foundation First Impressions
Before applying I moisturised and used the Lumi Magique Primer as a base. I wanted to use my RealTechniques Expert Face Brush to apply as I like a flawless finish and the brush is amazing at buffing other foundations into the skin. The first thing I noticed was that the consistency was not what I expected, this is meant to be a medium/full coverage foundation but it felt more like water. It's a lighter foundation than my Rimmel Wake Me Up. The colour match for my skin was pretty similar, out of the 18 shades I was C1, Rose Ivory. As I started to work the foundation into the skin I noticed it set pretty quickly and didn't leave my face feeling sticky, it created a nice base for the rest of my makeup. I concealed as per usual with my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and set with Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and went off into town.

I was in town for around 3 hours, the sun was shining and it was pretty hot, for the UK at least. This didn't melt off my face, it stayed put nicely, plus the SPF 17, (come on L'Oreal, SPF 17 really? What was wrong with 15 or 20??) protected my face from the sun. When I got back into the car I looked in the mirror and the foundation had settled into the slight lines around my mouth. This was nothing that some blending with my finger couldn't fix, however I have never had a foundation do that before. 
L'Oreal True Match Foundation First Impressions
Overall it is a good foundation; sturdy packaging, large colour range, nice coverage, but it might crease and settle into fine lines. Oily skin sufferers: this will probably be a great foundation for you, many reviews say so. Dry skin buddies: this could work for you too, I fully intend to use this some more, see if I can get it to crease and settle less, (I could just need a different moisturiser.)

So how does this foundation look on you? If you have dry skin, can you give me tips on how to apply it?

If I Had £250 To Spend At Feel Unique

If I Had £250 To Spend At Feel Unique

Spray perfume / Topshop beauty product / Eye makeup / Travel bag / Yves Saint Laurent lipstick, £23 / TheBalm face makeup / L Oréal Paris spf foundation / Benefit They're Real! Sexy on the Run Kit / Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette / Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour 6g / Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Art of Highlighting Gift Set / Embryolisse Rich Moisturising Cream 50ml

So this post was not one I was expecting to create. However, after entering MissMakeupMagpie's giveaway with Feel Unique I thought it would be an amazing idea to work out what I might buy if I won the top prize of £250 worth of vouchers! The items above came to £249.43 overall, and I'm now majorly lusting over everything on my list! Even if I don't win I might save up and get the things on my list as I've now decided I need, (okay want,) all of them!

So there's what I would choose, would you pick anything that I would? What else should be on my list?

St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion Review

St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower
Fake tan: not something I thought I would ever try, let alone blog about, but here we are. If you read Wednesday's post you will know I received the St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion in my You Beauty Box. Since receiving it I have been trawling through reviews and decided to give it a go. 

I am one of the palest people you will probably ever meet, my skin is porcelain and sometimes even the lightest of foundations are too dark, any other pale girls have this problem? Anyway because I'm pale the last thing I want is to fake tan and become orange. That is where this new release come in. St. Tropez have created an easy to use, in shower!! gradual tan meaning it shouldn't make me go Oompa Loompa.
St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Use
This new, innovative tan says it will give you a sunless tan in the shower! St. Tropez claim that all you need to do is shower as usual, apply this in circular motions, wait 3 minutes, then wash off. It all sounds too simple, don't you think? All the reviews of other fake tans I have read talk about a biscuity smell after application but this has a pleasant smell, floral almost, so hopefully that will be how it stays. Back to the application method: some reviews say they used tanning mits and some just used hands, these different applicators both seemed to allow streak free results, so I shall use my hands. As  for standing in the cold for three minutes; it does not sound particularly nice but I suppose I can brush my teeth. The brand recommend that you should leave it for no longer than 3 minutes, I don't suppose there would be too much issue with doing so but there really is no point as the tan develops over the following hours. 
Before St. Tropez Gradual In Shower Tan
So this is what we're working with, a completely blank canvas, almost the colour of a canvas too... I left this photo as unedited as possible so as to be able to show you how different, (or not different,) my leg looks after using the gradual tan.

So I used the tan and it was so easy to apply, the three minutes were over quickly as I brushed my teeth and danced round the bathroom, the sad thing is that I'm not even joking. My skin is left feeling super soft and it smells pretty darn amazing. I'm  just waiting for it to develop and I'll see if there is a difference in the morning!
After 1 Use of St. Tropez Gradual In Shower Tan
As you can see there is a slight change, my legs appear slightly darker, and not to mention incredibly smooth. The slight change gave me a little more confidence to bare my legs in a dress.
I didn't tan again straight away. I left it a day and then used it again, I wanted to make sure the tan looked natural and didn't all of a sudden just appear. Although I'm not going to see many people as school is out, forever, you have no idea how happy I am about that, I didn't want to suddenly appear tanned even though I haven't been outside.

As  you can see there is more of a tan after the second application and I really like the level of tan. It's not too dark, and looks just natural enough. I will continue to use this every other day to maintain my glow. I think this is an amazing product for first time tanners, it moisturises your skin and adds a natural amount of colour which you can build up. I am definitely going to pick up a full size tube ASAP as I can see me using this all summer long to maintain a less Casper like look.

As a first time fake tanner this product gets 5 stars, it has completely changed my opinion on tanning. If you get the chance, I urge you to give it a go, I love it! Have you tried this already? What tanning alternatives do you use?

You Beauty Discovery July

July You Beauty Discovery
It's that time again; it's You Beauty Box time! If you're not familiar with You Beauty it is similar to the likes of Glossybox and Birchbox, but in my opinion it is so much better! How is it better? It's simple really: the box is £6.95 a month, including p&p, and you get to choose which two items you want in your box - no perfume sample freebies here. On top  of choosing the two products, You Beauty throw in a few extra treats as a bonus.
You Beauty July
So above are all the things that arrived in my box, look how full it is, this is £6.95, and that is the extensive array of products I received. Pretty impressive really, and like I said earlier: no perfume samples. The menu to choose from this month was all based around travel beauty bits. You can see everything you could have chosen here.
You Beauty July Extra Treats
Now the extra treats this month were some of the best I have had so far. First is the St. Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan, I've been reading reviews about this and I think it may be a tan I actually try. Usually I shy away from any form of fake tans fearing that they'll turn me from porcelain to orange. Most reviews have said that this is more of a tan maintainer than a full on fake tan so it should only leave me with a faint bronzed glow. Also I have a coupon for £2 off another tube of this should I like it. There is also a Muesli Breaks Oatcake which I have given my mum to try as I am not an oatcake fan. Finally there is a sample sachet of the Emma Hardie Protect & Prime SPF 30 and also a discount code for 10% off all Emma Hardie products!
July You Beauty Discovery
On to the products I picked... First, was an obvious choice for me, the Wild About Beauty Nutrilips Colour SPF 15 lipstick. I received this in the shade Maddy which looks a lot like a 'Kylie Jenner lip colour.' The packaging is a gorgeous purpley black colour and the product has and inoffensive vanilla smell. The next product/s I chose were from Vichy; these are the Purete Thermal 3 in 1 cleanser, toner and makeup remover, which FYI smells incredible! And also he Idealia Life Serum, which is a teeny tiny sample size.

Overall I am very happy with the box, in face there's going to be a St. Tropez Tan review very soon I can assure you. So have you ever subscribed to You Beauty? Is it the kind of box you are interested in?

Pick Me Ups For Bad Days

Pick Me Ups
Everyone has bad days, we're only human. No one can be happy 24/7 it's just not possible. But  when we're not feeling our best there are a few things we can do to cheer us up and in today's post I thought I would share my ways to pick myself up on the bad days.

Watch Your Favourite Film - As you can see from above my favourite film is The Little Mermaid. I have loved it from the first time I saw the film. If I'm feeling down I stick this on, turn my phone off and just relax, singing along to the songs, forgetting my day.

Pamper Yourself - Be it painting my nails or putting on a facemask, both these things take my mind of everything else. The facemask cleanses my skin and my new nails take concentration and look pretty.

Have A Bath - Now I don't usually have baths, I prefer showers, they're much quicker, this means that when I do have baths they are so much more relaxing. To make them even more relaxing of course a Lush bath bomb has to be used, they smell so so good.

Treat Yourself - This could be by buying something I've been longing for, treating myself to a meal or even just having a chocolate bar. Whatever I feel like, or can do at that moment.

Switch EVERYTHING Off - When I say everything I mean anything you can use to communicate with others. When I'm having a bad day the likelihood is that going on my phone and checking social media is not going to help me. Shutting down for the night means I can watch a film and unwind without interference.

So there is what I do to pick myself up. What are your tips? 

L'Oreal Base Haul

L'Oreal True Match Lumi Magique
I wasn't expecting to have a post up today, I usually post Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, or at least I'm meant to anyway. So you lucky lot get a bonus post, courtesy of my day out with my Grandad! We got out every now and then and have a shopping day together which is really nice, and we stopped into Boots and he kindly bought me these two L'Oreal goodies.

My favourite time to get L'Oreal products is when Boots have their 2 for £12 offer on. This offer means you can get two £9.99 items, (usually costing £19.98,) for only £12 which saves you £7.98, and any saving is a good saving! The two products I got were the True Match Foundation in C1 and Lumi Magique Primer, (on Shaaanxo's recommendation of course, makeup goddess right there!) After getting True Match I will have about five foundations on the go, but I'm going to do a first impressions on this ASAP. How will it fare on my dry skin I wonder?

Short post today, sorry, but there will be another up tomorrow, that's three in a row! Have you picked up any L'Oreal bits lately? What did you get?

Weekend Wants #5

Weekend Wants #5

SEVENTEEN Stay Time Foundation Soft Ivory Review

SEVENTEEN Stay Time Foundation
I've tried many foundations in my time, from Rimmel to Clinique, Makeup Revolution to Revlon, I've tried so many but I was yet to find a high coverage foundation to fulfil my every need and conceal my every blemish. 

My go to everyday foundations are: Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude, Rimmel Wake Me Up and also Makeup Revolution Face Base. I use the lightest shade in all of these as I am basically Casper the ghost. I hardly tan. easily burn and shy away from the outdoors whenever possible. I could honestly be a vampire... Highend foundations are on my radar, however, I'd much rather try drugstore alternatives as they are less money if ultimately they are not the right shade, also beauty counters scare me, if you want to know why I'll happily explain in another post! Anyway, I've been searching for drugstore full coverage foundations for a while and stumbled upon this after watching someone on YouTube raving about how good for pale skin this is.

The foundation I am talking about is the SEVENTEEN Stay Time Foundation, Soft Ivory, (£6.49.) I decided to buy this with my points so I would not feel upset if it did not work for me. Okay, so the packaging isn't all that special however, IT HAS A PUMP! Now I don't know about you but pumps just make life easier, there is less chance of spillages and waste as you can decant as much product as you need easily through the pump! NARS Sheer Glow: take note. Now if you look carefully at this pump you'll see that it has a 'lock' type feature too, in the shape of an L. To use you must turn the bottle until it clicks allowing you to pump, if you do not turn it there is no way that the foundation can dispense saving you from foundation explosions. Genius. The plastic of the packaging does give the whole product a cheap feel, but, it's what's inside that counts.
SEVENTEEN Stay Time Foundation
Stay Time has a very thick consistency; it feels, essentially, like sun cream, thick and gloopy, it smells like sun cream too, which isn't everyones cup of tea. The SPF 25 is a definite plus to the product, (unless you were thinking it would be good for photos that is.) 

Application requires more time than that of a lower coverage foundation, to get a completely flawless finish I like to spend time either buffing the foundation in or using a sponge. I buff it in with my RealTechniques Expert Face Brush, in circular motions allowing time to work it under my neck too, so my flawlessness doesn't suddenly stop with a harsh line. With the sponge I use the RealTechniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, damp, and I dab and blend it onto my face. The moisture in the sponge makes the foundation feel lighter upon application. 

This is by no means an everyday foundation for me, it is so heavy and I can feel it on my skin which is not a feeling I like. If I'm in need of medium/full coverage on a certain day I mix this with my Makeup Revolution Face Base, which lightens it in both weight and colour, and apply the same way.

If  you're on the lookout for high coverage, this has it, but it also has the heavy feel. If you don't mind the heavy feel then this should be great for you, inexpensive and does the job, it's high SPF is also a bonus.

Have you tired this? Have you got any other full coverage foundations you think I should try?