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Blogging Tips #1

Blogging tips for new bloggers
Blogging tips, the latest posts that can be on many a blog right now. Now you may be sick to death of them by now, (and if you are I will not be offended if you click off this post right now,) however if you'd like to hear what I have found useful over my time blogging, which I think is around 3 years now, please keep reading. 

1. Make The Most Of Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are used by pretty much all bloggers and they can grow your following so much. Not only are the chats the perfect place to ask for blogging advice, product suggestions and even make blogging friends they are also great for growing your readership. At the end of chats there is usually link swapping where people send links and view them. I for one love this part of the chat as I find so many new blogs to love. Every link I get I check out and I usually follow too, also when I remember I comment too as comments make my day so I like to return the favour! Now for growing the readership, giving out your link showcases your blog to others and can be a real tool for gaining followers. It is such a good tool as most of the people you are in the chat with are interested in the same things you are. For example, I love the #bbloggers chat as my blog is all about beauty and those in that chat  have the same love that I do and I can have really good conversations with them. 

2. Create A Content Calendar

Whether you are a new blogger or you have been blogging for a while a content calendar will help you keep on top of blogging. I have only recently started using one and it has changed how my blogging is for the better. Having a content calendar means that I always know when and what I am going to post about. Knowing in advance allows me to plan and research my post so it can be of the highest quality possible. I'm not saying never do 'spur of the moment posts' as this in fact is spur of the moment post, but sometimes planning is so so useful, especially if you need a timetable like me, or your whole schedule falls out the window.

Now there are only two tips here so far, but I can guarantee when I find other things that work for me, you guys will be the first to know. I hope these help! What are your top tips?


  1. I agree with the Twitter Chats too, I recently created a post of a timetable with all the chats on because there is too many to choose from!

    LaurieElle.com xx

    1. I'll have to check that out, I'm always forgetting when they are xx

  2. These are fab tips! I need to get on using a content calandar. Is there anything in particular that you use at all?


    1. Word has a normal calendar which I fill in day by day with ideas, it helps me know what to write and when!xx


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