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Hair Dye vs Hair Chalk

Hair Dye vs Hair Chalk
Hair dye or hair chalk? Now there is the million dollar question, well kinda... Now for me the idea of changing my hair to every colour of the rainbow imaginable is a very good idea, but I'm not quite brave enough to colour it permanently yet. Of all the colour options out there which do you choose? 

I started first colouring my hair with chalk, after I saw a tutorial by Fleur De Force for a Hunger Games inspired look. Chalking is probably the easier of the two, all it take is non toxic chalk and your hair. However, I have a different method to most when it comes to chalking. I prefer to make the results last longer. The method I use is: 

  1. Apply heat protection onto the area I am chalking.
  2. Wet the hair you want to colour.
  3. Run chalk up and down till the section is covered.
  4. Dry with hairdryer.
  5. Straighten.

When chalking you are advised not to add water or use heat in case of staining, however I've found that the chalk I use doesn't stain much. But obviously do so at your own risk, bleached hair is most likely to stain. When I chalk my hair, there is a downside. By the second day it feels horrible. Like horrible ew. Imagine straw and that is the texture my hair becomes. It's not pretty, but the colour packs a punch!

Now onto dye... The one above is BLEACH London Super Cool Colour in Rose. Now these dye's caused quite a buzz in the blogging world which lead me to buy the BLEACH London Spin The Bottle kit in the Boots after Christmas sale. I bought another bottle of Rose in a BLEACH London bauble type set. What do I have to say about these dye's? Well... I don't love them. I have quite light natural blonde and thought they would work. Yeah I was wrong. They say these work best on bleached hair but then many complain of staining., which is never ideal, and as I'm not planning to bleach my hair anytime soon they're not for me. Rose did show a little on my hair, but when I tried Violet Skies nothing showed at all.

With these two options I would have to go with chalking, it's quick, easy, and not too difficult to wash out, (a bit of staining never hurt no one!) There are my thoughts on which to choose, but which would you decide on? And do you have any semi permanent dye recommendations for me?


  1. I can't chalk my hair, as it is so dark and no colour would show up, but I used to love dying my hair dark purples or blues, when I was younger! So, I prefer dyes for sure, despite the damage they can cause to your hair and scalp- and the awful smell, haha.

    Holly x


    1. I really like dyes for the more permanent effect so am going to try and invest in some that won't need me to bleach my hair beforehand xx


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