Pick Me Ups For Bad Days

Monday, 6 July 2015
Pick Me Ups
Everyone has bad days, we're only human. No one can be happy 24/7 it's just not possible. But  when we're not feeling our best there are a few things we can do to cheer us up and in today's post I thought I would share my ways to pick myself up on the bad days.

Watch Your Favourite Film - As you can see from above my favourite film is The Little Mermaid. I have loved it from the first time I saw the film. If I'm feeling down I stick this on, turn my phone off and just relax, singing along to the songs, forgetting my day.

Pamper Yourself - Be it painting my nails or putting on a facemask, both these things take my mind of everything else. The facemask cleanses my skin and my new nails take concentration and look pretty.

Have A Bath - Now I don't usually have baths, I prefer showers, they're much quicker, this means that when I do have baths they are so much more relaxing. To make them even more relaxing of course a Lush bath bomb has to be used, they smell so so good.

Treat Yourself - This could be by buying something I've been longing for, treating myself to a meal or even just having a chocolate bar. Whatever I feel like, or can do at that moment.

Switch EVERYTHING Off - When I say everything I mean anything you can use to communicate with others. When I'm having a bad day the likelihood is that going on my phone and checking social media is not going to help me. Shutting down for the night means I can watch a film and unwind without interference.

So there is what I do to pick myself up. What are your tips? 


  1. A bath is always a must! And I like to loose myself in a good book.


  2. Yes, watching an old film is so great for the soul! I also love having a hot shower - so relaxing!

    Talia // Floral Anchors


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