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Awesome August Ends + New Blogging Schedule!

Awesome August
Okay, so technically August doesn't end for another two days, but I decided that I am going to end it early. I've realised that I am not as happy as I could be with the content I was putting out this month, everyday blogging is just not my forte. Therefore I thought that ending it early would allow me to plan next month, and make sure I was completely happy with my content.

I have decided that as I am starting college I will have less time to post so I am changing my blogging schedule. I currently aim to post three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9:00am. From September onwards I will be posting only twice a week, Monday and Saturday, and at 7:00am instead of 9:00am. The reduction of days will allow me time to add more detail and information into posts and the new time will hopefully mean I gain morning traffic! 

So I hope you enjoyed my (almost) everyday blogging, I'm not saying I'll never do it again, I loved Blogmas last year, but for now I want to focus on writing at my best!

College Stationary - Awesome August

College Stationary

I love stationary, I used to be a stationary hoarder when I was younger but I grew out of it. That was until now. I start college on the 8th of September and I realised I need new stationary! I mean who doesn't. So that has enabled me to start buying again and here are a few things I want to buy!

Are you in love with stationary too? 

Benefit Most Glamorous Nudes - Awesome August

Benefit Most Glamorous Nudes
Benefit gift sets are always gorgeous, beautiful packaging, amazing products; I mean what more could you want? This particular set, Benefit Most Glamorous Nudes, was given to me for my birthday by my dad and step mum and I am loving it so much.
Benefit Most Glamorous Nudes
The packaging itself makes it look like a small book, (a small book containing the best content,) inside is housed four powder shadows and two cream. I, up until this point, had never tried any Benefit shadows I have no idea why! I had my eye on this set so I could try out their shadows and most have impressed. The cream shadows are in useful little screw top pots and the powder shadows are in a slightly less useful cardboard casing. The good thing is that once you've used the shadows you can take out the container and have a little keepsake box!
Benefit Eyeshadows
The powder shadows are Call My Buff, Kiss Me, I'm Tipsy, It's Complicated and Gilt-y Pleasure. Call My Buff is the only shadow that did not meet my expectation. I like quite a bold inner corner highlight but this is just too soft to achieve that. It is soft and easy to apply, just not a shade I'll use too much. Kiss Me, I'm Tipsy is a brown shade with orange and silver glitter. I know you're not meant to use shimmery shades in the crease but this works really well and can be used to define the lower lash line. It's Complicated is a gorgeous pink shimmer shade. It's almost iridescent in a way, such a silky shadow which makes application dreamy. Finally Gilt-y Pleasure, a pigmented, stunning gold. It is my favourite in the whole set, (high praise indeed,) I would buy this as a single if I hit pan.Benefit Cream Eyeshadows
The two cream shadows are Birthday Suit and My Two Cents. They have a gorgeous texture that applies so smoothly, these work great as stand alone shadows or as a base. My favourite out of the two is Birthday Suit as it is the perfect neutral shadow, and it's long lasting! This will be being worn on those days where I don't have enough time to do a complete eye look but still want something with a bit of wow factor. My Two Cents is a bronzy gold shadow which is also such a dreamy shadow to apply.

Overall this set is stunning, if you're new to makeup, experienced, anyone would love this! The range of neutrals are perfect for everyday wear and even nighttime wear so this set is a great all rounder. Have you tried this kit or any Benefit shadows? What are your thoughts on them?

Desert Island Products - Awesome August

Desert Island Products
Everyone has their holy grail products; the ones they always, without fail, go back to. However, have you ever though about what products you would want on a desert island? It's not the easiest thing to do, it took me quite a while but I finally chose 5 which I would take, and here they are:
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Mini
First up is mascara, Benefit Roller Lash, this is an amazing mascara. It holds it curl for such a long time and is so easy to apply. I would always take mascara because I always think one swipe of mascara opens up the eyes and makes you seem so awake! It would make sure I didn't look completely drained whilst on a island!
h20+ Moisturiser
This is currently my favourite moisturiser. I have horrible dry skin, it's flaky and I have to use  hydrating moisturiser or it will get completely out of hand. This feels like I'm immersing my face in water, like those shaver adverts! This would be great on a desert island as I would be able to refresh my face and cool it down when I got too hot.
Maybelline Baby Lips
Lip balm. Lip balm. Lip balm. My lips get dry, flaky and I just can't stand it when my lips get like that. So a lip balm, any type of lip balm is a necessity.
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
There is not much to say about this concealer; it is renown in the beauty world for being an amazing concealer for such a low price. I would definitely take this wherever I go in case I needed a quick cover up of a spot or highlighting of my under eye.
Last but not least is makeup remover. I could not live without it. My face would get so spotty and grubby without a means of taking of my makeup. The remover shown is the Nivea Double Effect Makeup Remover, this gets off everything, even the Rimmel Provocalips lip laquers!

So there are my desert island picks, which products would be your must haves?

Favourite Ice Cream Flavours - Awesome August

Favourite Ice Cream Flavours
I love ice cream, Ben & Jerry's especially, and in summer I have even more of an excuse to treat myself. As what cools you down better than a bowl of ice cream? I love trying new flavours so I thought I would compile a list of my top 5 flavours.

  1. Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough - this is possibly the best flavour in existence, whoever had the genius ides of adding chocolate and cookie dough to vanilla ice cream is my hero.
  2. Purbeck Posh Toffee and Clotted Cream - I tried these whilst on holiday a few weeks ago and it was gorgeous, so creamy and yummy.
  3. Blood Orange - blood orange ice cream/sorbet is bright orange and is the most orangey tasting thing in the world. I tried this in Sicily when I went on an exchange trip and everyone on the trip tried this because it was just so good.
  4. Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Brownie - like Cookie Dough but chocolate ice cream with brownie pieces!
  5. Mint Choc Chip - a mixture of two flavours that work so well together.

So there are my favourites, what are yours, I need to try more!

Bucket List - Awesome August

Bucket on a beach
Bucket lists: some people have them some people don't. I wouldn't say I have one set in stone, however I do have a list of a few things that I want to do in my lifetime. So I thought I would share that with you today!

  • Visit South America
  • Learn a language fluently
  • Go shopping in New York
  • Visit Disneyland Orlando and Universal Studios
  • Take up a new sport (suggestions welcome)
  • Skydive
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Fly first class
  • Send a message in a bottle
  • Sleep under the stars
  • Stand on both sides of the equator at the same time
  • Have a campfire on a beach
  • Learn to love myself completely
  • Scrapbook every year 
  • Get an apartment

These are just a few, I'm sure my list will grow! What's on your bucket list?

My Exam Results - Awesome August

A and B exam results
So on the 20th of August I received my GCSE results. Before I go any further, this is not me bragging. I saw Meg, from The Perks Of Meg, results post and I thought I would share mine too. As I said before this is not me bragging, I just thought it would be nice to share how I did.

I have already taken 2 GCSE's before year 11, in both I managed to get a C or above, just... I first took a GCSE in year 9 when I fast tracked German. Initially I did not do well. If I remember rightly, my speaking was a B, listening and reading a C and writing an F. This gave me a D in German. Luckily my teachers thought that the marking was very harsh and they got it remarked and my writing was bumped up to an E earning me a C overall. In hindsight I think taking a GCSE that early was not a good idea. I had to learn German in a year and a half which is simply not possible when you are in year 8/9. I was studying so many different subjects at the time and couldn't learn a language in 5 lessons a week. The second GCSE I took was English Language last year, my whole year took it early so we could focus on Literature in year 11. English Language is probably one of my strengths, descriptive writing, article writing; all up my street. I managed to achieve an A* which I was very proud of.

I have to admit I am quite happy with my results; I passed everything with nothing lower than a B. I am especially pleased with my Media result as in the mock exam I only got a C, whereas in the real thing I got an A with my coursework bringing it up to an A*! Another result I was over the moon about is my B in French, without a B I could not take a French A Level. I must say that once I saw I got a B I went up to my French teacher and thanked him with tears in my eyes... I tried so hard in my French and it really paid off! I am a little disappointed in my Drama result, I spoke to my Drama teacher and he said that the examiner had been really harsh on my group and we didn't get the grade he thought we deserved so he is hoping to get it remarked!

All in all I am really proud of myself, I got the grades I needed so I can take the courses I want to, so roll on college!

I hope everyone got what they needed and I bet you're as relieved as I am! I'd love to know how everyone got on!

Another Mini Lush Haul - Awesome August

Lush Beautiful Shower Gel The Comforter Shower Cream
I'm not proud to say this is my second lot of Lush purchasing this month, and at the same time, yeah I'm proud because Lush is amazing! Some of the newest products made their way into my local Lush over the weekend and obviously I had to drop in and see what they had.

First I picked up Beautiful Shower Gel. I hadn't heard much about this shower gel but after smelling it I had to get it. I love Happy Hippy and I find that scent very similar to it, however Beautiful has a slightly more grown up air to it. It's not all fruity fragrance it also has myrhh as well as gold shimmer.

The second thing I chose, unsurprisingly, was The Comforter Shower Cream. This is the shower version of The Comforter Bubble Bar, which is probably my favourite Lush product of all time. Currently I'm undecided on the smell, which sounds strange, however the scent is more concentrated which I'm not loving at the moment but it will no doubt grow on me!

So there is my second Lush mini haul. Have you tried any of the new Lush products yet?

Exam Result Day - Awesome August

To put this politely: I am so nervous. In just a few hours I get the results of my GCSE's... I worked my butt of to do my very best and I do hope I manged to achieve my targets, (my needed B in French, well I think that possibility disappeared a while ago...) Riding on these results is college, uni and then everything else so no pressure. From December to June I revised and revised and revised some more, if you've ever heard of the site SAMLearning that is literally what my life revolved around, sad but fingers crossed my time was well spent.

Wish me luck for today, regardless on the result I'm having Chinese tonight, lets hope it's a happy Chinese. To anyone else with results, I wish you the best of luck!

£20 Makeup Challenge Summer EDIT - Awesome August

£20 Makeup Challenge Summer EDIT
This was a tag which was very popular last year and the year before and I thought I would bring it back and do a summer edition. The only rules to this tag are that the products used must be under £20, (some people include brushes etc but I'd find that near on impossible.)
£20 Makeup Challenge Summer
Foundation wise I chose the Ultra Face Base Foundation by Makeup Revolution. Not only is this a buildable foundation, it is only £3! Now for eyeshadow: first is the Makeup Revolution single shadow in Mocha Love, not only does this work as an eyeshadow, it's also useful to fill in my brows and contour. Talk about multipurpose for only £1. Another £1 shadow here in the form of MakeUp Gallery's Pink Champagne.
£20 Makeup Challenge Summer
Mascara was really difficult to choose as they're usually quite expensive. The cheapest one I had was the Soap & Glory Thick & Fast mascara which retails for £10. For the lips I chose the Natural Collection Lipgloss in Candyfloss, £1.99, which looks and smells amazing. Finally for my liner I was able to decide on my most loved eyeliner the Essence Waterproof Eyeliner pen at £2.80.

Okay so my total face would come to... £19.79! Which means I am just inside the £20 mark, I thought I would have gone over by a mile but I managed to keep it just under. 

What is the most expensive makeup product you own?

5 Things I Love About Summer - Awesome August

Summer is undoubtedly my favourite season, so I thought I would share my top 5 loves, I have so many more but 5 is a nice amount to whittle it down to!

  • My Hair Gets LighterI love my hair colour: it's a golden blonde which lightens in sunshine so the summer sun makes it go white blonde sometimes.

  • Everyone Seems HappierNow whether this is true or not is yet to be proved, but I find that everyone gets along better. Sunshine always brings smiles and smiling is contagious!

  • Summer Makeup CollectionsHave you seen the latest collections? They are so so pretty, MAC, Clarins, Dior, you name it they have summer collections.

  • No Makeup DaysWho needs makeup in summer? Let your natural skin shine, glowing tans and gorgeous beaches.

  • BBQ's
    I love smelling the first BBQ's of summer, they are how I know summer has begun. The smell of cooking/burning of sausages and burgers twinned with onions and bread rolls. Nothing says summer more than that!

So there is what I love about summer, but what do you love?

Benefit Lee Lee's Beauty Secrets - Awesome August

Benefit LeeLee's Beauty Secrets
It's no secret I love Benefit. It's also no secret that I am a sucker for pretty packaging. So when I saw this Benefit gift set it went straight onto my birthday wish list, and my dad and step mum were kind enough to get it for me. (I recently introduced my step mum to high end makeup and she's especially a fan of Benefit so I imagine she was the one who steered towards it.)
LeeLee's Beauty Secrets Contents
Now my favourite thing about LeeLee's Beauty Secrets is how good the products inside are; it includes two, yeah two, full sized products and two deluxe samples. The gift retails at £39.00 and the two full size products are worth £42.00 on their own, and overall it is worth around the £60.00 mark. 
They're Real Benefit Mascara
The first full size product was the famous They're Real mascara. I recently used up the deluxe sample size I had, which I loved, and was hoping I'd get the larger version. This really makes my lashes look their best, they're so long and full, like I'm wearing fake lashes. I prefer it to its rival: Roller Lash, though I still want to invest in a full size one, once I use my sample size up.
Benefit That Gal Primer
The second full size product is That Gal: Benefit's gorgeous smelling brightening primer. I first got a sample of this in the Benefit Sexy Little Stowaways kit and I really liked it. It does brighten the complexion as well as creating a smooth base to apply my makeup onto. The packaging is also quirky, it's a twist up to dispense product which in a way helps to lessen product wastage.
POREfessional benefit primer with plants in background
If you haven't heard of this product then you have been living under a ginormous rock for the longest of times. The first deluxe sample was of course the much raved about POREfessional primer. This primer aims to fill your pores and it makes your skin super soft and helps achieve a flawless makeup look.
Laugh With Me LeeLee Benefit Fragrance
Finally is a Benefit fragrance, surprisingly I have never actually tried a fragrance from them, even though they are one of my favourite brands. Laugh With Me LeeLee smells so so good. It's fruity yet floral and although the little bottle doesn't have a pump I can still apply it easily.

This gift set is one of my favourite that I have received from Benefit, ever, and if you're looking for a gift for any makeup lover this is the perfect choice!

Lush Mini Haul - Awesome August

Lush Haul
It has been too long since I have bought anything from Lush, we're talking about a good month or two, and that simply had to be fixed. We were in town for my birthday meal at Pizza Express and just around the corner is a Lush, so I dragged my mum and (rather reluctant) boyfriend inside so I could browse and inevitably make a couple of purchases.
Lush Godmother Soap
Another trigger for my Lush visit was the horrifying discovery that they were discontinuing a couple of my favourites. I was hoping to pick up the Dorothy bubble bar but alas there were none, luckily however, they still had some of the Godmother soap left. This was one of the first Lush products I ever got, in fact I think I got it at a Lush birthday party, I managed to nab the last bit of soap they had to offer and it smells just as delicious as I remember.
Lush The Comforter Bubble Bar
Fun fact about Beth: She can't leave a Lush store without buying a Comforter bubble bar. True fact that. I don't even have many baths, (I prefer showers because they're quicker,) but there is something about this blackberry smelling bar of loveliness which makes me purchase it again, and again, and again! This does make an excellent room fragrancer, so I'll use that excuse to justify my continuous purchasing...

So there is my mini Lush haul, what have you picked up lately?

Summer Makeup Bag - Awesome August

Awesome August
During summer I like to switch up my makeup, I opt for lighter coverage, and more radiant skin, and fewer products as my skin is usually at it's best!
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
If I'm having a really amazing skin day the only base product I will use is the Lasting Perfection Concealer by Collection. If my skin needs that extra bit of brightening or slightly more coverage I use the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. It has light reflecting particles which give the skin a glowy awake look.
Summer Makeup Bag Eyes & Lips
As for eyes and lips I like to keep it pretty simple. I've been loving messily using the Rimmel liner in Taupe and blending it completely in. It gives an effortless, grungy look which stays put for ages. I also use the Rimmel liner in Nude for days where I'm wearing minimal makeup as it opens up my eyes making me seem a lot more awake. For brows the easiest product is the Model Co More Brows, (which is very similar to Benefit Gimmie Brow,) a couple of swipes of this through the brows and I'm good to go. Lashes; I love Roller Lash as it keeps the curl for ages. Finally on lips I have my newest MAC lipstick: Peach Blossom, it is the perfect pink nude.

What is in your makeup bag at the moment?

What I Got For My Birthday - Awesome August

Cake with Candles
So my birthday was back on the third of August and I thought it would be nice to share with you a few things that I got. Now before I continue I have to say that this post is not me bragging about what I received, I just thought it would be nice to share a few things with you. (as I for one love reading these posts.)
BarryM Nail Polish
My little brothers know I wear nail polish and were in Superdrug a few weeks before my birthday and they decided they wanted to get me nail polish for my birthday. They picked out the colours themselves and must say I love them! From L-R are Rose Hip, Sky Blue, Masquerade and Ruby Slippers!
BarryM Rose Hip, Sky Blue, Masquerade and Ruby Slippers
 L-R Masqurade, Ruby Slippers, Sky Blue and Rose Hip.
Benefit LeeLee's Beauty Secrets
My dad and stepmum kindly got me two Benefit sets. This is LeeLee's Beauty Secrets quite a new kit I think, (apparently the ladies on the counter had no idea it existed!) The kit contains Benefit favourites, two full size and two deluxe samples! The second gift set is Benefit's World Famous Neutrals: The Most Glamorous Nudes Ever. This has two cream eyeshadows and four powder shadows.
Summer Scoop and Pink Grapefruit Yankee Candles
My boyfriend did an amazing job and picked me out the most gorgeous and summery candles. Summer Scoop smells like strawberry ice cream and I've decided to save it until autumn to remind me of the summer sun, (or lack of.) Pink Grapefruit is a scent that I love, mainly thanks to the Body Shop range, it just smells so fresh and inviting! What's not to love!?

I hoped you liked seeing a couple of the bits I received for my birthday. What bits are on your wish lists at the moment?

Summer Lip Picks - Awesome August

Summer Lip Picks
Day 12 already? Time really does fly. So today's post is about my summer lip picks, gone are the oh so neutrals of spring, replaced by brights and bolds with every possible finish. Now I'm not saying I don't wear a nude lips at all in summer, I just wear them a lot less, who doesn't like experimenting with colour?
Clinique Whopping Watermelon Chubby Stick
I love pinks in summer, moisturising pinks are even better. This moisturising pink is Clinique's Whopping Watermelon Chubby Stick, which I got in a magazine. It looks amazing paired with the Beige NYX Mega Shine Gloss.
Revlon Juicy Papaya Lip Butter
Next up is a Revlon lip butter. These were so popular when they came out a couple of years ago and have three in total. The Juicy Papaya lip butter is my favourite in summer. It is a sheer orange with a glossy finish. I've written a more in depth review here.
Rimmel Apocalips Nova
For a bold lip and lasting power, Nova from the Rimmel Apocalips range is one of my favourites. This packs a nice pop of colour, it's a muted hot pink which stays all day. You do need to be near a mirror when applying though, I find I need to be very precise, any mistakes and I'll need makeup remover to get it to budge.
Revlon Moisture Stain Rio Rush
Now this is a product I am genuinely in love with right now, it is the Revlon Moisture Stain in Rio Rush. It is an amazing bright pink which is glossy, once the glossiness fades you're left with a lovely stain which lasts for ages. The stain isn't too difficult to remove allowing for a nice fuss free lip.
Illamasqua Sangers
Lastly is Illamasqua Sangers, possibly my favourite red lipstick of all time! It may be a matte finish but this bright blue toned red doesn't dry my lips out too much. Yes it needs reapplying every now and then but for this amazing colour, I do not mind one bit, it is perfect.
Summer Lip Pick Swatches
Whoopin' Watermelon, Juicy Papaya, Nova, Rio Rush and Sangers

So there are the lip products I've been wearing so far this summer, are you wearing any of the same? If not which are you go to colours at the moment?

No Bake Cookie Dough Truffle Recipe - Awesome August

No Bake Cookie Dough Truffle Recipe
Pinterest inspires me so so much, I could lose days on there if I wasn't careful. I recently started a new 'Chocolate Treats' board where I'm pinning all the chocolatey foods I want to try and make. One such recipe was for No Bake Cookie Dough Truffles, so I took a look at the recipe. I got the ingredients and changed the ingredients to match my  needs. So here is that recipe in an easy pictorial which you can pin or save to use another time, enjoy! This recipe makes 15-20 truffles.

No Bake Cookie Dough Truffle Recipe

What are your favourite summer treats?

MAC Goodies - Awesome August

MAC Lipstick and Lipliner
Last month I entered Emma, from HorsesFashionBeauty's, MAC giveaway to win a lipstick and lip liner of my choice and I was lucky enough to win! I thought I would show you which products I chose.
MAC Brick Lipliner
I've never tried a MAC lip liner so spent a while researching and going through reviews and eventually settled on Brick, one that I have seen used in many YouTube tutorials. It is a true red with a creamy consistency which allows smooth application.
MAC Peach Blossom Lipstick
The lipstick I chose has been on my wish list for so long now, it is Peach Blossom. A gorgeous nude, more pink toned than my favourite lipstick Hue. This is going to get so much use as it is beautiful on my skin tone.
MAC Peach Blossom Lipstick and Brick Liner Swatch
What are your MAC favourites? What should be on my wish list next?