£20 Makeup Challenge Summer EDIT - Awesome August

Tuesday, 18 August 2015
£20 Makeup Challenge Summer EDIT
This was a tag which was very popular last year and the year before and I thought I would bring it back and do a summer edition. The only rules to this tag are that the products used must be under £20, (some people include brushes etc but I'd find that near on impossible.)
£20 Makeup Challenge Summer
Foundation wise I chose the Ultra Face Base Foundation by Makeup Revolution. Not only is this a buildable foundation, it is only £3! Now for eyeshadow: first is the Makeup Revolution single shadow in Mocha Love, not only does this work as an eyeshadow, it's also useful to fill in my brows and contour. Talk about multipurpose for only £1. Another £1 shadow here in the form of MakeUp Gallery's Pink Champagne.
£20 Makeup Challenge Summer
Mascara was really difficult to choose as they're usually quite expensive. The cheapest one I had was the Soap & Glory Thick & Fast mascara which retails for £10. For the lips I chose the Natural Collection Lipgloss in Candyfloss, £1.99, which looks and smells amazing. Finally for my liner I was able to decide on my most loved eyeliner the Essence Waterproof Eyeliner pen at £2.80.

Okay so my total face would come to... £19.79! Which means I am just inside the £20 mark, I thought I would have gone over by a mile but I managed to keep it just under. 

What is the most expensive makeup product you own?

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