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Tuesday, 25 August 2015
Favourite Ice Cream Flavours
I love ice cream, Ben & Jerry's especially, and in summer I have even more of an excuse to treat myself. As what cools you down better than a bowl of ice cream? I love trying new flavours so I thought I would compile a list of my top 5 flavours.

  1. Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough - this is possibly the best flavour in existence, whoever had the genius ides of adding chocolate and cookie dough to vanilla ice cream is my hero.
  2. Purbeck Posh Toffee and Clotted Cream - I tried these whilst on holiday a few weeks ago and it was gorgeous, so creamy and yummy.
  3. Blood Orange - blood orange ice cream/sorbet is bright orange and is the most orangey tasting thing in the world. I tried this in Sicily when I went on an exchange trip and everyone on the trip tried this because it was just so good.
  4. Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Brownie - like Cookie Dough but chocolate ice cream with brownie pieces!
  5. Mint Choc Chip - a mixture of two flavours that work so well together.

So there are my favourites, what are yours, I need to try more!

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