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Lush Mini Haul - Awesome August

Lush Haul
It has been too long since I have bought anything from Lush, we're talking about a good month or two, and that simply had to be fixed. We were in town for my birthday meal at Pizza Express and just around the corner is a Lush, so I dragged my mum and (rather reluctant) boyfriend inside so I could browse and inevitably make a couple of purchases.
Lush Godmother Soap
Another trigger for my Lush visit was the horrifying discovery that they were discontinuing a couple of my favourites. I was hoping to pick up the Dorothy bubble bar but alas there were none, luckily however, they still had some of the Godmother soap left. This was one of the first Lush products I ever got, in fact I think I got it at a Lush birthday party, I managed to nab the last bit of soap they had to offer and it smells just as delicious as I remember.
Lush The Comforter Bubble Bar
Fun fact about Beth: She can't leave a Lush store without buying a Comforter bubble bar. True fact that. I don't even have many baths, (I prefer showers because they're quicker,) but there is something about this blackberry smelling bar of loveliness which makes me purchase it again, and again, and again! This does make an excellent room fragrancer, so I'll use that excuse to justify my continuous purchasing...

So there is my mini Lush haul, what have you picked up lately?

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