My Exam Results - Awesome August

Saturday, 22 August 2015
A and B exam results
So on the 20th of August I received my GCSE results. Before I go any further, this is not me bragging. I saw Meg, from The Perks Of Meg, results post and I thought I would share mine too. As I said before this is not me bragging, I just thought it would be nice to share how I did.

I have already taken 2 GCSE's before year 11, in both I managed to get a C or above, just... I first took a GCSE in year 9 when I fast tracked German. Initially I did not do well. If I remember rightly, my speaking was a B, listening and reading a C and writing an F. This gave me a D in German. Luckily my teachers thought that the marking was very harsh and they got it remarked and my writing was bumped up to an E earning me a C overall. In hindsight I think taking a GCSE that early was not a good idea. I had to learn German in a year and a half which is simply not possible when you are in year 8/9. I was studying so many different subjects at the time and couldn't learn a language in 5 lessons a week. The second GCSE I took was English Language last year, my whole year took it early so we could focus on Literature in year 11. English Language is probably one of my strengths, descriptive writing, article writing; all up my street. I managed to achieve an A* which I was very proud of.

I have to admit I am quite happy with my results; I passed everything with nothing lower than a B. I am especially pleased with my Media result as in the mock exam I only got a C, whereas in the real thing I got an A with my coursework bringing it up to an A*! Another result I was over the moon about is my B in French, without a B I could not take a French A Level. I must say that once I saw I got a B I went up to my French teacher and thanked him with tears in my eyes... I tried so hard in my French and it really paid off! I am a little disappointed in my Drama result, I spoke to my Drama teacher and he said that the examiner had been really harsh on my group and we didn't get the grade he thought we deserved so he is hoping to get it remarked!

All in all I am really proud of myself, I got the grades I needed so I can take the courses I want to, so roll on college!

I hope everyone got what they needed and I bet you're as relieved as I am! I'd love to know how everyone got on!


  1. Ah congrats lovely!! I'm so happy to hear you got what you needed for your college course and there's no better feeling than being proud of something you've accomplished!
    Megan x

    1. Thank you! You're so right though, being proud of yourself is the best feeling in the world!xx

  2. Well done Beth! An amazing set of results there, good luck with A levels 😊 xx

  3. Congratulations, these are fantastic :)

    Alice //


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