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Wednesday, 12 August 2015
Summer Lip Picks
Day 12 already? Time really does fly. So today's post is about my summer lip picks, gone are the oh so neutrals of spring, replaced by brights and bolds with every possible finish. Now I'm not saying I don't wear a nude lips at all in summer, I just wear them a lot less, who doesn't like experimenting with colour?
Clinique Whopping Watermelon Chubby Stick
I love pinks in summer, moisturising pinks are even better. This moisturising pink is Clinique's Whopping Watermelon Chubby Stick, which I got in a magazine. It looks amazing paired with the Beige NYX Mega Shine Gloss.
Revlon Juicy Papaya Lip Butter
Next up is a Revlon lip butter. These were so popular when they came out a couple of years ago and have three in total. The Juicy Papaya lip butter is my favourite in summer. It is a sheer orange with a glossy finish. I've written a more in depth review here.
Rimmel Apocalips Nova
For a bold lip and lasting power, Nova from the Rimmel Apocalips range is one of my favourites. This packs a nice pop of colour, it's a muted hot pink which stays all day. You do need to be near a mirror when applying though, I find I need to be very precise, any mistakes and I'll need makeup remover to get it to budge.
Revlon Moisture Stain Rio Rush
Now this is a product I am genuinely in love with right now, it is the Revlon Moisture Stain in Rio Rush. It is an amazing bright pink which is glossy, once the glossiness fades you're left with a lovely stain which lasts for ages. The stain isn't too difficult to remove allowing for a nice fuss free lip.
Illamasqua Sangers
Lastly is Illamasqua Sangers, possibly my favourite red lipstick of all time! It may be a matte finish but this bright blue toned red doesn't dry my lips out too much. Yes it needs reapplying every now and then but for this amazing colour, I do not mind one bit, it is perfect.
Summer Lip Pick Swatches
Whoopin' Watermelon, Juicy Papaya, Nova, Rio Rush and Sangers

So there are the lip products I've been wearing so far this summer, are you wearing any of the same? If not which are you go to colours at the moment?


  1. Sangers is my favourite red too its so versatile its like everyone can wear it no matter who you are

    1. Such a bold and beautiful red!xx

  2. I have some of the Apocalips, but I find them to be too glossy/shiny really and they come off really easily, so I don't wear them that often. I prefer stains or matte lipsticks myself. I have the dark purple shade of the Revlon Moisture Stain that I do love :).

    Gem x

    1. I love the Moisture Stains, hopefully I will be able to pick a few more up soon!xx

  3. Love the bright shades! I really want to try an Illamasqua lipstick xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. Sangers is the only Illamasqua lipstick I own but it is beautiful and applies amazingly well!xx


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