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Summer Saviours - Awesome August

Summer Saviours
Summer: time for sunshine, late nights, trips to the beach and barbeque's, right? Well yes, but at the same time don't forget summer can leave your skin feeling dehydrated, craving moisture. That's where these three products come in. 

First up the NUXE Masque Creme Fraiche de Beaute, an intense hydrating mask. I received this mask in a Glossybox and didn't think it would be up my street at all, but remember, never judge a book by its cover. The mask gives my skin the moisture it needs, and better than that? You don't need to wash it off, making me think it would be great if you're flying. All you do is apply a nice, even coat around the face and eye area, (not actually on the eyes,) wait 10 minutes, and then massage the excess mask in and you're done! Easy, effective, what more could you want in a face mask?

Next is a lip balm, my lips are always dry so I have about 20 about my person at all time, slight exaggeration there Beth, but I do have a number with me wherever I go. If you're looking for a multipurpose option a tinted balm could be the way forward. A lip balm can hydrate, moisturise and tint your lips in one swipe on the go, so they need never feel neglected again. A favourite balm of mine at the moment would either be the Cherry Me Babylips or Benefit Lollitint.

Finally are the hands; dry skin problems again. Our hands go through so much, they need some TLC every now and then, a hand cream is the least we can do. My favourite hand creams are from The Body Shop, the mango one of course! Best smell ever!! These are also so bag friendly as they are quite small, but still manage to hold 30ml.

Also of course suncream is a must! Looking after your skin with a laborious skincare regime is all well and good but sun protection is pivotal in looking after your skin!

I hope you enjoyed the post, it has been part of Awesome August where I post everyday in August! Have you any summer saviours, be it beauty or otherwise? 


  1. Cherry Babylips sounds so good! ....i would end up licking it off too much hahaha


    1. I do have to restrain myself from doing so sometimes!xx


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