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Sun Cream EDIT - Awesome August

Sun Cream EDIT

Piz Buin lips makeup / No7 Suncare Bundle - Boots / PIZ BUIN® One Day Long Long Lasting Sun Lotion SPF30 200mll / Soltan Aftersun Gel with Aloe 200ml

I for one hate sun cream; the thick  consistency that stays sticky for hours, the reapplication process, the smell, it's just horrible. But obviously sun cream is a must to keep our skin nice for the years to come. The Awesome August post today is a selection of sun cream options that you might like to try, with both drugstore and high end price points.

First up is an after sun gel by Soltan. The only ever time I have used after sun was when I was in Morocco a couple of years ago and burnt my nose. Everything else was fine, but my nose was red, peeling, and I was Rudolph for a few days. However, after sun cooled it down and gave my skin the moisture it craved.

Next is the Skinpep Hydra Defence SPF 30, and this is an amazing product. I got a 7ml sample size in a Glossybox and only just got round to using as there is now sun in the UK. It is a mineral sunscreen and you cannot feel it on your skin! Like not at all, it also doesn't give your face that slight white cast, which is never a good look. I really want to buy the full size of this but is is £34.99, so some saving is required!

Piz Buin is the sun care brand that my family trust. The One Day Long Lasting Lotion is a very thick cream, sad face, but has a pleasant smell, so I can forgive the consistency. This is a suncream you know you're wearing, so it won't be everyones cup of tea, it is also a suncream that claims 'one day' protection, but I always top up throughout the day, especially if I've been in water.

Another high end sun care choice and this is a No7 Suncare bundle. The bundle includes facial sun protection, anti ageing sun protection spray, facial recovery after sun and hair spritz. This bundle is amazing value at £29, if all products were bought separately it would cost £45.95 so you save £15.95.

The last product is most definitely a must have for me. It is an SPF lipstick/balm. If you have never sun burnt your lips, you never want to. I burnt mine in France a few years ago and it was once of the worst experiences ever. Imagine your lips are dry and cracking, then imagine that feeling is amplified x10, finally imagine them cracking and potentially bleeding every time you try and talk, then you're getting to the fun of sunburning your lips. Not fun!

So make sure to stay safe and sun protected  in the heat, (or rain, it's going to rain, I live in England,) and if you do accidentally burn, remember: after sun is your friend!


  1. I love Piz Buin sun cream! I've recently realised how important it is to always wear SPF and i'm getting a lot better at remembering!

    lillies and lipbalm


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