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boohoo.com Haul

boohoo.com haul
I started college about a month ago and realised about a week in that I do not have enough clothes for college. I'd been so used to wearing a uniform for five days a week and then pyjamas the other two that I had only a few tops and trousers that I could wear. So I took a few trips to Primark and then did an online shop on boohoo.com to build up my wardrobe. I thought I'd show you the boohoo stuff because I am in love with some of the bits I got.
boohoo.com haul
First up I got three colourful tops. The first is the Kaci Washed Aztec Oversized Strappy Cami. This has a really nice print on it and the material is soft which is always a bonus. The burgundy top next to it is the Alice Swing Vest. A plain, cami top which literally goes with any colour jeans. I haven't yet worn the next item. I don't usually go for such printed items but I thought I'd give the Mollie Printed Woven Cami a try.
boohoo.com Haul
The last two tops, both need undertops or something similar as they are pretty see through. The Laura Mesh And Lace Panel Woven Cami, as it says in the title, has a mesh lace back. I thought it looked really pretty so obviously got it. Finally is the Charlotte Frill Sleeve Lace Top, now this is my favourite of everything I got. I think it's beautiful, it's so flowy and gorgeous, it is going to get so much wear!

In total this order came to £30 which for clothes is great! boohoo always seem to have deals and sales on so I would certainly look at their site if you're in need of a wardrobe update.

BarryM Gelly Nail Polish Collection

BarryM Gelly Nail Polishes
I have so many nail varnishes, and I've only just started being able to wear it everyday due to starting college so having quite the amount I do is probably rather puzzling. But putting that aside one of my favourite brands and formula's is the BarryM Gelly Polish range. I just find the colour range stunning and the shine the polishes give is amazing. I have a few in my collection now, more are definitely needed but I have decided to show you the ones I currently have!
BarryM Gelly Nail Polishes Blues

BarryM Gelly Nail Polishes Blues
First up... the blues!
I love the pastel trends that appear in Spring so during that time I purchased Sugar Apple, a minty blue shade. My little brother got me Sky Blue a light baby blue for my birthday which I am yet to use. In Summer I bought Green Berry a vibrant green based turquoise. This was perfect in the warmer months to add colour to an outfit, I wore a lot of white and this just added a pop of colour. Damson is a colour I recently bought, it's almost a a muted navy blue, it works so well as an accent nail with the other nails painted white.
BarryM Gelly Nail Polishes Neutrals and Orange

BarryM Gelly Nail Polishes Neutrals and Orange
And finally....Nudes, Pink and an Orange...
Not quite as classified I know but I like a range of different polish colours to choose from. Cotton is another recent purchase, it is really just a true white that makes me look a teeny bit more tanned than I actually am... Rose Hip is another Spring colour, a light, pastel pink which goes with anything white. If you can remember when nude nails were right on trend, that's when Lychee was bought. I am still a fan of it and there's not a huge amount left. It's a light beige colour which literally goes with everything. Finally in my collection is Papaya. I had my eye on this for so so long, it is a bright orangey colour which I think I will be able to get away with in Autumn as it has orangey hues.

So there is my BarryM Gelly Polish collection. Now I know that isn't that many, and I obviously need more, but which ones do I add next? What are your favourites?

Confessions Of A Beauty Blogger

Confessions of a Beauty Blogger
I've realised that even though I've been blogging for ages I haven't really told you guys much about me, and I love reading about other bloggers. A personal favourite of mine is the 'confessions of a beauty blogger' type post so I thought maybe you could get to know me through my confessions!

1. Picking off my nail varnish.
This is not something I am at all proud of at all because it is probably ruining my nails. But it always seems to happen, once it chips I just can't stop myself. Off the polish comes and I inevitably have horrible nails till I re paint them.

2. Washing my brushes.
Honestly my brushes are in a bad state. I go through a period of washing them frequently and then a few weeks later I lose all motivation and washing goes out the window. In an attempt to get myself to wash my brushes more I have invested in a bar of Lush soap, that smells amazing. Maybe it will help me get back my brush washing mojo.

3. My constant diet coke drinking.
I love diet coke and my teeth are paying the price. They are no where near the white I would like them to be and that is majorly down to me drinking so much diet coke. So I have vowed to drink less from now on.

4. Biting my nails when I'm nervous.
I recently stopped biting my nails, but I then realised I've started biting them when I'm feeling nervous. As I've just started college I've started feeling pretty nervous a lot and my nails are suffering, hopefully that nervous feeling shall subside soon so I can grow them nicely.

5. Getting my advised 8 hours of beauty sleep.
It sounds silly but lately I have been struggling to get the advised amount of sleep. It's been for a number of reasons such as too much caffeine and staying up late. I know sleep is when the body resets so I really should get the right amount and I am trying to.

I am very much not a perfect beauty blogger, but then let's be honest what is a perfect beauty blogger? Answer: there is no such thing, so be yourself. What confessions do you have?

Collective Haul

Collective Haul Boots Bag
I haven't posted a good haul in a long while so it is definitely time to show you a few of my purchases. I went to a few different shops to get the bits I did and I'll tell you as I go on as there are some amazing deals on!
Hair Chalk and Pore Strips
I can never resist peering into the aisles of Poundland to see what they have to offer and I was pleasantly surprised with my finds. Firstly there were loads and loads of Fudge Festival Pink Hair Chalk which usually retails for £6.29 in places such as Boots and Superdrug. Now if you've been reading MissCosmeticBlogger for a while you'll know I enjoy colouring my hair crazy colours using chalk and semi permanent dyes so this chalk will hopefully help me do so even more than usual. I'm yet to try it but I shall try and report back when I do. I also thought I would try some Deep Cleansing Nose Strips, (they remind me of the Princess Diaries, just me..?) I have quite a few blackheads and wanted to see how these would work. Me and my mum put them to the test and the results weren't mind blowing, it did get rid of dirt and made my nose feel smooth, I shall continue use but for a pound I don't mind if it's not the best product in the world.
BarryM Nail Paint and Lip Gelly and SEVENTEEN Eyeshadow
Obviously I stopped into Boots, I couldn't help myself. I had seen that there was an amazing deal on BarryM so just had to get a couple of bits. Not only was there a deal that got me a free Lip Gelly if I spent £6 on products, but the Gelly Nail Paints were down to £2.50, it's like they knew I was coming! After much deliberation I chose the shades Cotton, Damson and Papaya and then got a free Gelly Lips in Orion. I then made my way over to the SEVENTEEN stand as I had a £1 off a lip, eye or face product. I have heard good things about their mono shadows and fell in love with the shade Statuesque: it's a shimmery pinky champagne colour, review most definitely coming soon!
Nivea Anti Perspirant
Bit of a boring purchase this one but I needed a new deodorant and Tesco has this on offer so I picked it up.
Superdrug Face Masks
I'm awful when it comes to skincare, I always forget to do facemasks, however I was in desperate need of one. My skin is getting horribly dry, flaking around the nose and on the chin, (sorry TMI I know!) These are some of my favourite masks, they smell amazing and actually do their job. My skin feels super soft and gone are the flakes, plus these are made better by their 99p pricetag!

So there is my latest haul, nothing major but retail therapy is the best type of therapy! What have you bought lately?

You Beauty Discovery Box September

September You Beauty Discovery
It's that time again: You Beauty Box time, such a fun time of the month! This month we had the theme of skincare which is something I don't focus on as much as I should so I was excited to see what I could choose.

The months extra treats were Chia Seeds (not my thing at all,) a small makeup sponge, The Body Shop Facial Oil Sample and also a Love Your Body Club Membership! But onto the fun stuff my two choices; whilst I usually moisturise I rarely use eye cream, which is why I chose the Seaweed & Aloe Refreshing Eye Gel. The smell is inoffensive, and it will also apparently work as an after sun. My second choice was the Urban Veda Soothing Day Cream, this unlike the eye cream has a very offencive smell in my opinion. It is so heavily fragranced I can't stand it and have given it to my mum to use.
Overall this box didn't excite me, I'm a makeup girl through and through but it was nice to dabble into skincare but I'll stay in makeup for now!

Spending Ban

Spending Ban
The amount of times I have decided on trying a spending ban is unbelievable, but this time I am going to try to stick to it because Christmas, yeah I brought it up, is only round the corner, and we all know how costly that is. I like to go to the Swindon designer outlet late November and get a lot of my gifts for people then, so I need the money to do so which is why I am putting myself on a spending ban. I recently bought myself a new phone, had my birthday, went into town a few times, so logically I should be all shopped out, but I'm making sure that I am.

My ban is starting today: the 7th of September, and shall continue through to the 2nd of November. I know the 2nd isn't late November but I have birthday's to buy for in November so I shall need to do that. I'm allowing myself to buy necessities, no not a new lipstick even though some days that is a necessity.... So deodorant, makeup remover, food, drink etc, but no unnecessary makeup bits and bobs and impulse purchases. I'd love you to join me on my money saving quest, I might update you every so often, we'll have to see!

Good luck if you're on a spending ban, I'll definitely need luck. What 'necessities' would you have to stop yourself buying?

Empties & Reviews

Empties & Reviews
I've been collecting these empties for a few months now and as I look at them it really doesn't seem much. Then I thought about it and realise that what these empties are missing are the numerous bottles of shampoo and conditioner I go through. Sadly though those bottles have been lost to the bin as they're huge and take up too much room in our bathroom. I shall try and save them for the next empties I write.
Alberto Balsam Intensive Conditioning Treatment
I think this is something that has appeared in a empties post before; Once a week I use an intensive mask on my hair so it stays in good condition, shiny looking but not greasy and ever so soft. Now this particular mask, the Alberto Balsam Intensive Conditioning Treatment, is budget friendly at the tiny price of £1. I'll be honest I only get two or so uses out of a tube as I have a lot of hair to cover but it does leave my hair beautiful. If you're going away for a few nights this would be perfect as you could use it all up in that time and have gorgeous hair whilst you do so!
Benefit They're Real Mascara
My first Benefit mascara is finally all used up. Benefit They're Real is my favourite mascara of all time, yes I do adore Roller Lash but this narrowly beats it. I must admit that when you first try and use They're Real the formula is a little too runny and doesn't give the best definition to the lashes but once it has dried out a little this mascara is amazing! I think it is the wand that gives this such good results. The mid length plastic bristles get right into the lashes separating, volumising and lengthening as you go. Another really useful aspect of They're Real is its longevity, this is so difficult to remove after a long day, but that way you know it stays put, (if that still doesn't sell its longevity then the fact it stayed put through my cinema viewing of The Fault In Our Stars when I cried buckets and buckets should help!) If you'd like to see a side by side Roller Lash and They're Real I have that post here.
Botanics All Bright Face Scrub
I am all for a good face scrub and this is definitely one of them. I already had a backup for when I used up the first one.  The Botanics All Bright scrub has become one of my all time favourites, if you have dry skin like mine you'll know the importance of a good face scrub. I have tried the St. Ives Invigorating Face Scrub but it is so harsh on my skin and it hurts! I started using it to exfoliate my legs and it's even too harsh to do that. The Botanics scrub on the other hand is so so gentle, you can feel it getting rid of dry skin but it doesn't feel like you're sand papering your skin, the scrub is slightly fragranced but nothing too offensive. It also won't break the bank at £3.99.
Essence Waterproof Eyeliner
I really love eyeliner, especially winged, (when I get it right,) because I use liner so often I have been going through liners like crazy. One of my favourites and constantly repurchased is the Essence Eyeliner Pen which is such a bargain at around £2.30. I think I have been through about 3 of these now and none have disappointed. This is a felt tip liner which applies jet black and stays put the whole time I'm wearing. The tip is also perfectly tapered to get a nice wing for my liner, making it so much easier than normal liquid liner.
Garnier Micellar Water
Micellar water, aka the lazy girls dream when it comes to removing makeup. When the Garnier Micellar Water first launched I bought a couple of bottles and I've finished them both. It removes most makeup so easily, some mascaras take a while but that can't be helped sometimes. My only slight problem is that I would say I feel an oily feel to my skin after using it, but that can be got rid of by moisturising.
Nivea Sensitive 3 In 1 Micellar Cleansing Water
Another micellar water? Yes it is true I've been through more than just two of the Garnier ones. I got the Nivea Sensitive 3 in 1 Micellar Water in a Glossybox and didn't want to waste it. There is less in the Nivea Micellar Water than the Garnier one and it costs the same amount however I would say that I prefer the Nivea one simply because it does not leave the oily feeling on the skin. However, either are good makeup removers.
St Tropez In Shower Tan
If you've been reading MissCosmeticBlogger for a while you will know that I was never into fake tanning because I am the palest of the pale. However, when St. Tropez launched their In Shower Gradual Tan I did try it, (full post here,) and I really like it. It didn't turn me orange it left me with a natural bronzed look. I am planning to buy the full sized version soon so I can continue to look slightly bronzed. So a definite try if you're pale, whilst it might not make you look like you've been on a tropical holiday it will keep you slightly bronzed through winter!

So here are all my empties, I hope you liked the post I'm sure there will be more very soon. What have you recently used up? Would you repurchase any of your empties?

Hello September & RealTechniques Giveaway CLOSED

So after a short break, I am back on MissCosmeticBlogger hoping to bring you quality content twice a week! If you didn't read my last post you won't know that I am cutting down on the amount I'm blogging each week, from three times down to two which will allow me to produce better posts. Also the publishing of the posts will be at 7am instead of the current 9am time, this is so people are able to read my posts in the morning on the way to work and what not! If you have any questions or would like a chat I'd love to hear from you, I'm on Twitter @cosmeticblogger or email me: misscosmeticblogger@gmail.com.
RealTechniques Giveaway
As I said above I am back, and what better way to welcome September than with a giveaway. I love blogging so much, writing posts especially, even if no one reads them it's something that I will keep on doing for as long as possible. Luckily a few people read the posts and leave lovely comments and I just wanted to say thank you. I haven't done a giveaway for almost a year I think which is way too long! Back then I was celebrating 150 Bloglovin' followers and 350 Twitter followers and I gave away a set of Soap&Glory body butters. This time around I am celebrating 400 Bloglovin' followers, 500 Twitter followers and 200 Instagram followers! What a difference a year makes, so thank you all for joining my little corner of the Internet and welcome to any newbies at MissCosmeticBlogger.
RealTechniques Giveaway
As you can probably tell, I am giving away the RealTechniques Core Collection which was my first RealTechniques set and has some of my favourite brushes. The set contains four amazing brushes and one case (which is really useful for drying your brushes.) You get the Buffing Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Detailer Brush and Contour Brush. They have so many uses and they are such good quality.

Now for the boring bit, the T&C's:

  • This is a UK only giveaway.
  • The giveaway runs from the 1st of September to the 30th of September.
  • Once the giveaway has ended the winner will be contacted and have 48 hours to respond. If there is no response a new winner will be picked.
  • I will check every entry.
  • Under 18's must have permission from a parent or guardian to enter.
  • The prize will be sent via Royal Mail Second Class Mail, as soon as I can, and should arrive within 3 days. I will email you as soon as it has been taken to the post office.
  • I cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage of the prize during its delivery. No replacement prize will be sent.
  • Winner will be chosen through Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!