Monday, 28 September 2015 haul
I started college about a month ago and realised about a week in that I do not have enough clothes for college. I'd been so used to wearing a uniform for five days a week and then pyjamas the other two that I had only a few tops and trousers that I could wear. So I took a few trips to Primark and then did an online shop on to build up my wardrobe. I thought I'd show you the boohoo stuff because I am in love with some of the bits I got. haul
First up I got three colourful tops. The first is the Kaci Washed Aztec Oversized Strappy Cami. This has a really nice print on it and the material is soft which is always a bonus. The burgundy top next to it is the Alice Swing Vest. A plain, cami top which literally goes with any colour jeans. I haven't yet worn the next item. I don't usually go for such printed items but I thought I'd give the Mollie Printed Woven Cami a try. Haul
The last two tops, both need undertops or something similar as they are pretty see through. The Laura Mesh And Lace Panel Woven Cami, as it says in the title, has a mesh lace back. I thought it looked really pretty so obviously got it. Finally is the Charlotte Frill Sleeve Lace Top, now this is my favourite of everything I got. I think it's beautiful, it's so flowy and gorgeous, it is going to get so much wear!

In total this order came to £30 which for clothes is great! boohoo always seem to have deals and sales on so I would certainly look at their site if you're in need of a wardrobe update.

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