Confessions Of A Beauty Blogger

Saturday, 19 September 2015
Confessions of a Beauty Blogger
I've realised that even though I've been blogging for ages I haven't really told you guys much about me, and I love reading about other bloggers. A personal favourite of mine is the 'confessions of a beauty blogger' type post so I thought maybe you could get to know me through my confessions!

1. Picking off my nail varnish.
This is not something I am at all proud of at all because it is probably ruining my nails. But it always seems to happen, once it chips I just can't stop myself. Off the polish comes and I inevitably have horrible nails till I re paint them.

2. Washing my brushes.
Honestly my brushes are in a bad state. I go through a period of washing them frequently and then a few weeks later I lose all motivation and washing goes out the window. In an attempt to get myself to wash my brushes more I have invested in a bar of Lush soap, that smells amazing. Maybe it will help me get back my brush washing mojo.

3. My constant diet coke drinking.
I love diet coke and my teeth are paying the price. They are no where near the white I would like them to be and that is majorly down to me drinking so much diet coke. So I have vowed to drink less from now on.

4. Biting my nails when I'm nervous.
I recently stopped biting my nails, but I then realised I've started biting them when I'm feeling nervous. As I've just started college I've started feeling pretty nervous a lot and my nails are suffering, hopefully that nervous feeling shall subside soon so I can grow them nicely.

5. Getting my advised 8 hours of beauty sleep.
It sounds silly but lately I have been struggling to get the advised amount of sleep. It's been for a number of reasons such as too much caffeine and staying up late. I know sleep is when the body resets so I really should get the right amount and I am trying to.

I am very much not a perfect beauty blogger, but then let's be honest what is a perfect beauty blogger? Answer: there is no such thing, so be yourself. What confessions do you have?


  1. Absolutely loved this! I'm also a diet coke addict, it just tastes so good :') When it comes to my makeup brushes I'm dreadful at washing them to be honest, it just takes so long x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♡

    1. Brush washing is so time consuming! I can't deal with it! :') xx

  2. I am terrible for picking my nail varnish too. As soon as it chips then I pick the whole lot off. Its so bad but I cant stop. I also need to wash my brushes more
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

    1. I'm currently using nail wraps in an attempt to save my nails!xx


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