Spending Ban

Monday, 7 September 2015
Spending Ban
The amount of times I have decided on trying a spending ban is unbelievable, but this time I am going to try to stick to it because Christmas, yeah I brought it up, is only round the corner, and we all know how costly that is. I like to go to the Swindon designer outlet late November and get a lot of my gifts for people then, so I need the money to do so which is why I am putting myself on a spending ban. I recently bought myself a new phone, had my birthday, went into town a few times, so logically I should be all shopped out, but I'm making sure that I am.

My ban is starting today: the 7th of September, and shall continue through to the 2nd of November. I know the 2nd isn't late November but I have birthday's to buy for in November so I shall need to do that. I'm allowing myself to buy necessities, no not a new lipstick even though some days that is a necessity.... So deodorant, makeup remover, food, drink etc, but no unnecessary makeup bits and bobs and impulse purchases. I'd love you to join me on my money saving quest, I might update you every so often, we'll have to see!

Good luck if you're on a spending ban, I'll definitely need luck. What 'necessities' would you have to stop yourself buying?

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