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NYX Wishlist

NYX Wishlist

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Finally there are UK stockists of NYX! Not one, but two: both FeelUnique and Boots will send you a package full of all the NYX goodies you could desire. I have only tried one product from NYX so far and I loved it, (it was a Mega Shine Lipgloss.) I'm saving up for more products and here are the ones I want currently!

What are your NYX favourites, any I should try?

Halloween Finishing Touches

Last Minute Halloween Additions

House of Holland nail treatment / Fudge Urban Iced White Colour Hair Chalk 4g / Eye makeup / Barry M Halloween bundle - Boots / Eylure Naturalites Double False Eyelashes 204 - Boots / Eylure Halloween Lashes Spooky / Snazaroo Face Painting Sticks - DEFAULT at Superdrug / MUA LUXE VELVET LIP LACQUER POTENT 632 - Lip Gloss at Superdrug / PaintGlow Fake Blood Gel Blood Red 1 - DEFAULT at Superdrug / Paintglow Glow in the dark body paint 10ml Pink 4 - DEFAULT at...

So today's post is three days before Halloween, it's almost here! I have two parties, well one proper party and then also my little brother's birthday. The proper party is tomorrow and I'm going as a leopard, pictures to come, and Saturday to my little brother's party I'm being original and going as a dead cheerleader because I'm not allowed to scare the 9 year olds with zombie makeup. Anyway, because there are only a few days left I thought people might be finalising their outfits and maybe these outfits needed a finishing touch or two. So in the collage above there are a few bits and pieces to pull the outfit together, be it white hair chalk to age you or fake blood, because why not!

What are you dressing up as this year?

StyLondon Gel Nail Wraps Review and Tutorial

StyLondon Nail Wraps
I am awful when it comes to my nails and nail varnish; it gets picked off or I just don't paint them at all and they suffer. They break easily, don't grow and just are not nice to look at, so I hunted for some way to help me fall back into love with my nails. Nail wraps were the obvious solution and after trying some from StyLondon before I thought I would get some more and show you. StyLondon nail wraps, the gel ones at least, are £6.99 a set. Now that probably seems pretty high, the same amount as a nice bottle of nail varnish but these are a godsend for my poor little nails.

The packet comes with a nail file and buffer and 14 nail wraps. There are 7 different sizes for the nails so hopefully you can find ones that fit yours, you can trim them if required. The process of applying the nails isn't the most straight forward and might be fiddly at first but you do get better over time.
StyLondon Gel Nail Wraps Tutorial
So here are my nails, this was when they were quite good, just imagine them bad... First off you have to take off any nail varnish you may still have on, then buff and file the nail to whatever shape you desire. (That's the easiest bit there is in the process.)
StyLondon Gel Nail Wraps Tutorial
Next you have to find the correct size wrap for the nail.There should be one, it might not be perfect but you can trim it slightly and if it doesn't quite reach the sides there is a teeny amount of stretch in each wrap.
StyLondon Gel Nail Wraps Tutorial
Once you have chosen the wrap you peel it off of the plastic and apply it to the nail. I then hold down on the nail for 30 or so seconds and then smooth the sides. You'll notice there is a lot of excess nail wrap, we'll get to that next...
StyLondon Gel Nail Wraps Tutorial
So now you have to cut the wrap as close to the end of the nail as possible, (be careful not to cut the actual nail, I've done it, it is upsetting.)
Then you take the file and file the wrap downward around the edge of the nail so it should end up being your nail shape and look like an amazing piece of nail art. I like to smooth the edges with my finger to make sure that it is completely stuck down.
StyLondon Gel Nail Wraps Tutorial
Adding a top coat is not a necessary step, these last around a week without, but if you want them to last a little longer I would add a topcoat. I used Seche Vite because it adds shine and dries super fast. I found that even with this there were certain fingers which I had to replace the nails on, my pointer fingers, luckily I had wraps left over which I could replace the fallen ones with. Overall I love the finish, stunning, detailed nails without a salon cost and without the smudging worry! If you do not have time to continuously paint your nails, nail wraps will be your life savers. I would definitely recommend these, their are styles to suit everyone. 

What do you think?
StyLondon Gel Nail Wraps Tutorial

StyLondon Gel Nail Wraps Tutorial

Taylor Swift Inspired Halloween Costumes

Taylor Swift Shake It Off Halloween Costumes

I am a Swiftie, there is no denying that, and the other day I was browsing Pinterest for cheerleader inspiration and I saw that people had made the outfit from Taylor's 'Shake It Off' music video. I thought what an amazing idea! I then proceeded to find my favourite outfits of hers, from not only Shake It Off but also Bad Blood that I thought would be great for Halloween costumes. I hope you like my picks! Let me know which is your favourite.

Taylor Swift Bad Blood Halloween Costumes

5 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Corpse Bride Costume

Leopard Halloween Costume

Cat Costume

Witch Costume

Vampire Costume

I thought I would throw together a few easy DIY Halloween outfits for those who want a personal touch that a prepackaged costume doesn't quite have. All the outfits are quite easy on the bank balance as well as adding glamour to a sometimes quite gory time of the year!

What are you going as this year?

But She Has Everything!

But She Has Everything
Some exciting news to share with you today: I have started another blog, (yes another one!) My new blog is called 'But She Has Everything' the idea for my new blog came about when I was trying to buy gifts for my mum and friends, I found that I just can't find sites with enough gift ideas. I searched for such a long time and thought that other people must have the same problem. So, 'But She Has Everything' is primarily a gift guide of what to get the girl who has everything, hopefully it will help people find the gift to get for their loved ones or friends. If you'd like to support my new blog you can find it on Bloglovin' here, I hope you look forward to my posts!

Halloween Decor I'm Loving

Halloween Decor

B&M: Battery Operated Ghost String LED Lights | Halloween,... / B&M: > Halloween Glow In The Dark Stickers Pumpkins - 2710333 / B&M: Halloween Gel Stickers - Happy Halloween | Decorations, Party / B&M: Halloween Party Bunting 12ft | Decorations, PArty / B&M: > Halloween Balloons 12pk - 302109

Halloween season is officially upon us, so expect plenty more themed posts in the next few days! Today's post however is specifically focusing  on Halloween Decor, inexpensive decor too (for those on a budget.) The shops I found these amazing bits and bobs in were B&M Bargains and Poundland so nothing on my list is going to break the bank! I won't ever really go scary on Halloween decorations, (makeup, well that's a different story,) I much prefer the cute little ghosties and pumpkins and the occasional cobwebs here and there.

Where do you shop for Halloween decorations?

Essence Liquid Lipsticks Review

Essence Liquid Lipsticks
A few weeks ago I was browsing through my Bloglovin' when I saw that Essence had launched their own liquid lipsticks. Now I'm not usually one to go for a liquid lipstick as they seem quite gimmicky and are so close to a thick lip gloss so I don't bother. However, the Essence offering is only £2.50 so was worth the risk and I'm happy to say I was pleasantly surprised!
Essence Liquid Lipsticks
 Now the two shades I opted for were unsurprisingly both nudes: Color Party and Almost Real. Color Party is the candyfloss pink and it is my favourite. It isn't incredibly bright but it just adds a pinky sheen to the lips.  Almost Real is the peachy nude, I wasn't sure if this was going to be more brown than I expected but in actual fact it is really pretty.

Essence Liquid Lipsticks Swatches
The feeling of the product on the lips is really moisturising, I hardly notice it is there until I press my lips together, no stickiness really whatsoever. It lasts quite a while too, eating and drinking decreases the time for obvious reasons, but overall the longevity is pretty good from a budget brand.
Essence Liquid Lipsticks Color Party
As for the packaging; it is so dinky, is that a word? I feel like it is, and if it isn't it definitely should be! The liquid lipstick is only slightly bigger than a regular lipstick, which means it is perfect for popping in your bag when you're on the go. Also good for being on the go is the screw top, who wants a liquid lipstick adding gloop to everything in your bag? As for the applicator it is quite a fat sponge; doe foot shape. This is probably the aspect of the product I like least, the does foot doesn't give me enough precision and I prefer a longer wand. Other than that these get a big thumbs up from me!

Have you tried the Essence liquid lipsticks, is there another colour I need? Or perhaps there's another brands that you love that I should try? Leave me suggestions below in the comments!

SFX Makeup Kit

SFX Makeup Kit
Here comes Halloween, my favourite makeup time of year. While lots go for cute and girly I go for gross and down right gory! You may have noticed a tab appear at the top of this page with Halloween tutorials for you to look through, more are to be added, (if you have any requests I'll get to work on them ASAP.) I thought that what might be helpful was a post showing you what I use in most of my gory Halloween tutorials, there will be some pretty ones I promise!
Fake Blood and Liquid Latex
First off, my favourites: fake blood and liquid latex. Liquid latex can be found on Amazon, it's not the easiest item to find elsewhere but it does make the most amazing looking cuts and ripped skin in the world. This is best used twinned with toilet paper, which I'm guessing most people will have readily available. Obviously it's Halloween so who doesn't need some fake blood, you can get fake blood from so many places, supermarkets, pound shops, card shops and of course Amazon too. (If you search up on YouTube people even have tutorials of how to make your own.)
Translucent Powder
If you're using latex you absolutely need powder, or the latex will stick to itself and won't look quite as good. Any translucent powder should work I just use a cheap MUA powder and it does the job perfectly.
Halloween Face Paint
These aren't necessities but, who doesn't love a spot of face paint. The two tubes are Poundland if I remember rightly, the green may stain slightly so a heads up on that but a strong makeup remover should get it off. The Snazaroo paints are the white and red, and also their cake blood, which is my favourite blood creating product. Sounds a bit weird really. Anyway, Snazaroo is available in Hobbycraft, some supermarkets and also Amazon.
SFX Makeup Must Haves
As for actual makeup I use a few bits and pieces. From MUA I like to use their Poptastic palette for bruises, adding depth to the wounds and also veins. The black mono is perfect for adding depth to wounds and darkening eye shadow. The Hide and Conceal stick helps blend the latex into the skin. From W7 I have the white Get Set Eye Shadow base, this is perfect for a base, an extreme highlight Kim K style and also PopArt dots. From Avon I have a dark concealer for contouring. The lipstick is from Miss Sporty and is black, I use this as a lipstick, for wound depth and even for creating things like cat noses. And finally is the Collection Cover & Go foundation and concealer! The cap hides a concealer and it is really useful for hiding the difference between skin and latex.
False Eyelashes for Halloween
Who doesn't like a good pair of lashes. They add oomf and drama to the look. The double lashes I got in Poundland and they are amazing for feline looks as they are so dramatic. The Pinky Goat lashes were from my auntie and I think if you're going for a cracked china doll look these would give the perfect wide eyed doll look.
Halloween Makeup Tools
For something as big as Halloween you'll need easy to throw away tools, because no one wants to ruin their expensive brushes. The ones I use are a mix from Poundland and Primark as they are so inexpensive. A sponge to apply blood is also good not to mention q-tips to clean up your makeup.

So there you have it, my SFX toolkit full of a mix of products. What are the things you need in your toolkit?

Born Pretty Cosmetics + Discount Code!

Born Pretty Cosmetics
There's no better feeling than coming home to a parcel you weren't expecting for a while! That's exactly what happened on Wednesday after a long day at college. A few weeks ago I was contacted by Born Pretty who asked if I would like to try a couple of products, and obviously I jumped at the chance. Their site is a treasure trove of affordable makeup and has literally everything you could want all in one place. I'm tempted to order some of their nail stamping plates, nail wraps and transfers because I just can't do my nails nicely at the moment!
Lomeou Extremely Thin Eyeliner Pen
If you have been reading MissCosmeticBlogger for a while you will know my love, (and sometimes hate,) when it comes to winged liner. I am always on the hunt for a new eyeliner, one that is darker, lasts longer and makes applying easier than ever. I was so happy to see that Born Pretty had a Lomeou Extremely Thin Eyeliner Pen*, a brand which I have not heard anything about before. The packaging is extremely cute; pastel pink, and about the size of a thin pen, so easily held whilst applying I imagine. The product itself is jet black in colour, the nib is extremely fine and produces the thinnest line which I think would be great for graphic eyeliner, cobwebs for Halloween anyone? Also it will not break the bank at only $4.07 (so around £2.69) definitely a budget buy.
YAZINE Pure Color Lubric Lip Gloss

YAZINE Pure Color Lubric Lip Gloss
Apologies for the lack of lip swatches, dry skin problems and all that jazz! The second thing I got to choose was the YAZINE Pure Color Lubric Lip Gloss*, I chose shade 4 which I thought was a darker red than it turned out to be. It's actually a gorgeous hot pink, and a lip balm not a gloss, well it's kind of both. The pigmentation is phenomenal, one swipe and bam there it is. It also feels really moisturising on the lips which is a bonus for those of us, like myself, get really dry lips. As for the packaging, it's cute again, little flowers all around the tube. What's even better is that it's another affordable product: $3.99 (£2.64) for a lip balm with so much colour it's great!
BornPrettyStore Product Swatches
All in all for the price these are good products, no complaints really on my part, other than do your research on the colours; they might not be exactly as they look on the website!

Also the lovely people at Born Pretty gave me a 10% discount code for you to use! Just enter BNNH10 at the checkout!

*Products marked with a star were sent to me to review. Whilst they were sent to me all opinions are my own and 100% honest.