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StyLondon Gel Nail Wraps Review and Tutorial

StyLondon Nail Wraps
I am awful when it comes to my nails and nail varnish; it gets picked off or I just don't paint them at all and they suffer. They break easily, don't grow and just are not nice to look at, so I hunted for some way to help me fall back into love with my nails. Nail wraps were the obvious solution and after trying some from StyLondon before I thought I would get some more and show you. StyLondon nail wraps, the gel ones at least, are £6.99 a set. Now that probably seems pretty high, the same amount as a nice bottle of nail varnish but these are a godsend for my poor little nails.

The packet comes with a nail file and buffer and 14 nail wraps. There are 7 different sizes for the nails so hopefully you can find ones that fit yours, you can trim them if required. The process of applying the nails isn't the most straight forward and might be fiddly at first but you do get better over time.
StyLondon Gel Nail Wraps Tutorial
So here are my nails, this was when they were quite good, just imagine them bad... First off you have to take off any nail varnish you may still have on, then buff and file the nail to whatever shape you desire. (That's the easiest bit there is in the process.)
StyLondon Gel Nail Wraps Tutorial
Next you have to find the correct size wrap for the nail.There should be one, it might not be perfect but you can trim it slightly and if it doesn't quite reach the sides there is a teeny amount of stretch in each wrap.
StyLondon Gel Nail Wraps Tutorial
Once you have chosen the wrap you peel it off of the plastic and apply it to the nail. I then hold down on the nail for 30 or so seconds and then smooth the sides. You'll notice there is a lot of excess nail wrap, we'll get to that next...
StyLondon Gel Nail Wraps Tutorial
So now you have to cut the wrap as close to the end of the nail as possible, (be careful not to cut the actual nail, I've done it, it is upsetting.)
Then you take the file and file the wrap downward around the edge of the nail so it should end up being your nail shape and look like an amazing piece of nail art. I like to smooth the edges with my finger to make sure that it is completely stuck down.
StyLondon Gel Nail Wraps Tutorial
Adding a top coat is not a necessary step, these last around a week without, but if you want them to last a little longer I would add a topcoat. I used Seche Vite because it adds shine and dries super fast. I found that even with this there were certain fingers which I had to replace the nails on, my pointer fingers, luckily I had wraps left over which I could replace the fallen ones with. Overall I love the finish, stunning, detailed nails without a salon cost and without the smudging worry! If you do not have time to continuously paint your nails, nail wraps will be your life savers. I would definitely recommend these, their are styles to suit everyone. 

What do you think?
StyLondon Gel Nail Wraps Tutorial

StyLondon Gel Nail Wraps Tutorial


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