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Sudocrem... But Not As You Know It

If I said 'Sudocrem,' I'm pretty sure that your first though would be babies. Sudocrem is renowned for it's nappy rash healing properties so when I was asked if I would like to try the fairly new Sudocrem Skincare Cream* I was fairly sceptical at first.

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream

However, once the tube arrived and I researched a little more, I got to understand the differences between Sudocrem and Sudocrem Skin Care Cream*. Firstly it's a tube not a tub, granted that is not the most important difference but it should be taken into account. From there on I noted that it called itself the 'grown up' version with the same ingredients in different proportions. It is targeted at teenagers and young adults with spot prone skin, (so perfect for me.) It is also claimed that it can soothe rashes and dry patches, as well as helping maintain healthy skin - bold claims. 

There seem to be many uses for the new Sudocrem so I put a few to the test:

1. As a spot cream - I get lots of random spots popping up every now and then and need something to get rid quick or I will pop them. (Yeah, I'm gross.) So I applied a bit of Sudocrem overnight to see if it would make a difference and I was happy to see that they weren't quite as noticeable, not gone but less red.

2. To clear up dry patches - If you've been reading MissCosmeticBlogger for a while you'll have heard about my dry skin and infamous dry skin around my nose. So like for the spot test I applied some of the cream around my nose and left it overnight. It actually made quite a nice impact on my skin, not all of the dry skin was gone only a good exfoliating face mask does that, but it was easier to apply makeup over.

3. As a moisturiser - Those who have used regular Sudocrem will remember the bright white colouring of the cream, and this made me wary when using as a moisturiser as I expected a white sheen to cover my face. To be honest I find it waaaay too thick to use as a daily moisturiser, also it takes more application time which I don't always have time for.

4. As a face mask - If I am honest, I couldn't bring myself to use this as a face mask, I just felt it would feel too thick on my skin. Sorry.

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream
Now the tube contains 30g, but I can't say I am a fan of the tube itself. The Sudocrem has too thick of a consistency to come in a tube, it takes a lot of effort to dispense and I imagine the more you use the harder to get out it will become. 

Overall, this is a budget friendly (£2.11) product which is actually not bad. I prefer it as a quick fix for dry skin and spots, but you never know, you might love it as a moisturiser. Have you tried it? What did you think?

*Products marked with a star were sent to me to review. Whilst they were sent to me all opinions are my own and 100% honest.


Makeup stores dedicated to one brand were obviously going to be a hit, but why have they only just started appearing now. KIKO have definitely got the right idea; every product they sell, in every shade they have, in one shop. We don't always want the items chosen for the likes of Boots or Superdrug so this way we can chose exactly what we want.

I could have honestly spent hours in the KIKO store, there was so much to see and swatch, luckily I didn't bankrupt myself, however tempting it was. What I did get were three really good quality products which I've used a lot since I purchased them.

First off I got the Pencil Lip Gloss in 07 Baby Pink. This looks like it will have a chubby sticky type consistency, however it is how it describes itself: a lip gloss. Baby Pink is a neutral pink which is a 'my lips but better' shade, it's pencil like for makes application on the go really easy.

I don't have time to do fancy eyeshadow everyday so I'm always looking for quick but stunning no fuss alternatives to powder shadows. Enter now the KIKO Long Lasting Stick in 25 Light Taupe. This shade doesn't look like much, but I apply it to my lid and blend out with my finger. Blending it is so easy and it just adds an extra dimension to my eyes.

Finally is probably the most gorgeous looking eyeshadow I have ever seen. This is part of the Rebel Romantic collection and is the Metallic Shine Eyeshadow in 01 Superb Beige. It is an iridescent beigey pink which is perfect for an inner corner highlight or to brighter the eyelid, honestly it is beautiful!

The swatches above just don't do justice to the Metallic Eyeshadow it is so much prettier in real life. Overall my first experience with KIKO was very positive, I'm creating a wishlist already! Have you tried anything from KIKO?

Editing Blog Photos

I thought I would continue my blogging tips posts with a post about how I edit my blog photos, because I rarely put an unedited photo out for the world to see. During winter especially, everything is quite dark so more than ever editing is required. so I thought I'd take you through my editing process.

Editing Blog Photos

I took a photo of my L'Oreal True Match Foundation to edit especially for this post. Now I don't use a fancy camera to take my photos, I use my phone, either iPhone 5C or Moto G, (depending whether I remembered to charge them depends which I use.) For this post I used my iPhone 5C. Also, I use a free online photo editor in PicMonkey which is easy to use and accessible from any computer with Internet access.

How to edit blog photos

Now the first thing I always do to my photos is to adjust the exposure. For me changing the brightness is a necessity, my room isn't the brightest so the image needs brightening which I adjust by + 15. I then move onto to highlights and shadows; the highlight essentially brightens any light patches in the photo so I + 10, the shadows are the darker areas and I - 5 so the image still shows depth. Finally I adjust the contrast, not by loads, around + 5 just enough to make a difference.

How to edit blog photos

Once I've adjusted the exposure I move onto colours, now I don't tend to touch the saturation, however, I do adjust the temperature to make it look more life like. For instance in swatch photos my camera doesn't always show the colour true to life so changing the temperature can help show the true colours. I usually like to adjust by + 5.

How to edit blog photos

My final step is to sharpen the image but + 1 or 2, the images don't need excessive sharpening, just enough to make sure the label can be read easily.

How to edit blog photos

Here is the final image, I've included both before and after so you are able to clearly see the differences, for one the brighter nature. Hopefully this post will help you if you were looking for tips!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review and Swatches

Okay people, I am in love. I repeat, Beth is in love! I have been searching high and low for a lip product which ticks all the boxes and I think NYX have managed to do that.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Haul

The boxes to tick to create my perfect lip product are: long lasting, moisturising/non drying, easy to apply, doesn't cling to dry patches and isn't incredibly thick. So that might seem like a long list but if NYX can do it why can't everyone. 

I have tried quite a few products which claim they can provide a couple of the things I would like. For example there is the Rimmel Provocalips range. These do not budge, I had to buy a new makeup remover to get them off, nor does it cling to dry patches too much. However, these are not the easiest to apply, there are two layers, they are quite thick and were a tad drying, so it ticked 2 out of the 5 boxes. Then there are also the Essence Liquid Lipsticks, now these are non drying and easy to apply. But, and there's usually a but, they are incredibly thick and not as long lasting as I would like. Again another 2 out of 5.

Now onto my possible holy grail lip products, the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. Up until a month or so ago NYX was near on impossible to find in the UK, luckily though both FeelUnique and Boots stock a selection of their products now. (Took long enough!!) Now I have heard American YouTuber's and bloggers raving about the matte lip creams for years and have been longing to try them forever. I've tried the Collection Cream Puff's, which are similar but no where near as good as the NYX version. 

The packaging itself isn't awe-inspiring if I'm honest it doesn't look like it will be exciting, but don't be fooled by their minimalistic packaging, for the product inside is amazing! The tube contains 8ml of product which you apply with a doe foot applicator. The consistency is unlike most lip products, it is almost a hybrid between lipstick and lip gloss which creates a creamy, moussey texture. On application, at first, it does appear sticky and catches onto a couple of dry patches, though with a second coat dry patches have disappeared, and within a few minutes it has dried too. It doesn't feel heavy at all on the lips, it feels comfortable in a moisturising way and not at all drying. Also it has a really nice vanillary scent, think MAC but not. That was probably the least informative thing I have ever written...

If you're waiting to hear about the staying power I think you'll be rather pleased; I have worn each shade a number of times and they last a good few hours at their original colour, and after that leave a gorgeous stain. (Monte Carlo especially, it leaves a hot pink stain which I fell in love with!)  For £5.50 this is a phenomenal product, and the colour range has something for everyone. Now onto the colours I have...

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Tokyo

I wanted a neutral pink that I could wear a lot and after swatch searching for what felt like forever, I decided on Tokyo. I was debating getting Sydney which is basically a  lavender pink, think Nicki Minaj, but I just wouldn't have anywhere to wear it so I settled on the pink that is Tokyo, it's neutral and not too bright, but adds colour to my normal lips.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Istanbul

At first glance Istanbul and Tokyo look almost identical, however once you compare them side by side you can see the subtle differences. Istanbul is more of  a mid tone pink, almost more wearable than Tokyo just because it is quite a toned down pink. 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Monte Carlo

Now onto Monte Carlo, the less everyday wear for me. The first time I wore this was for my schools award evening, it lasted at its full redness for a good few hours before it left the hot pink stain I mentioned above.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Swatches

I tried to make the swatches as true to life as possible, and I must admit the lip creams are so so easy to remove, (I was really not expecting it to be!) Have you tried any of the Soft Matte Lip Creams, would you like to?

Clinique Freebie With Glamour Magazine

Before I start can we just take a minute to appreciate the beauty of Mrs Tanya Chapman, how stunning does she look!? 

Clinique Freebie With Glamour Magazine
Now, I'd be surprised, but if you hadn't seen, this months free gift in Glamour is a choice of 4 different Clinique products. Two mini Lip Pops, in Beige Pop and Cherry Pop, their High Impact Mascara and Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion. 

The mini lipsticks were the most difficult to track down, they were very popular for an understandable reason. I was tempted to get both shades but I decided to only get Cherry Pop, because who doesn't need another red lipstick to add to their already huge collection of red lipsticks!

Clinique Cherry Pop Mini Lipstick
Before now, I had never tried a Clinique lipstick, (Chubby Stick yes but lipstick no,) so I wasn't particularly sure what to expect. Obviously, knowing it was Clinique meant I had high expectations, and well, Clinique definitely delivered. 

Cherry Pop is a bright blue toned red, from the swatch it looks very pink, however when on the lips it definitely seems darker, this will probably differ depending on your skin tone.  The formula is very likable, it does just glide on, I used a couple of layers to build up to an opaque ish red. As this lipstick is not matte it does not cling desperately to my dry lips, yes there are some slightly noticeable dry patches, but compared to some matte lipsticks there is next to nothing to be seen.

Clinique Cherry Pop Swatch
Now the packaging; well it's cute and diddy, a beauty bloggers weakness I swear! What makes me like the smaller size is that the bullet gives you such a nice precise application which normal size lipsticks, with softer formula's, fail to give you. If Clinique are stuck for Christmas gifts next year, I'll happily have a set of mini Lip Pops!

Clinique Cherry Pop Lip Swatch
Did you manage to pick up any of the Clinique goodies?

So, Is Social Media Fake

Is Social Media Fake
Short answer: (in my opinion,) no it is not. 

Longer answer: it's a little more complicated. 

Now I won't take you through the whole story of how this question became such a hot topic, I expect pretty much everyone knows already. (If not just Google Essena O'Neill and you will find plenty of reading material.) The rise in popularity of social media in the past few years is incredibly clear, wherever you go you will see people glued to their phone screens, and why not? With a few swipes you can jump into a world of beautiful scenery's, picture perfect lifestyles and flawless people. Yes at times I may envy those with the 'perfect lifestyle' but I bet you they all worked their butts off to get the life they have. Rarely in life do people get everything handed on a plate to them, (there are exceptions of course,) working hard to achieve your goals is surely a part of life.

The Instagram celebrities with millions of followers, who get paid to promote items, had to earn their followers. A million people didn't just decide to follow them for no reason. No these people followed the accounts they did because they enjoyed the content, and who can blame them? A gorgeous sunset, afternoon tea, the latest makeup release, these things all get likes. Many accounts post similar content but not all have a following in the millions. That is probably because the quality is not as good; I'd choose to follow an account with stunning, light images, than one with grainy, blurred images, maybe that's just me, but either way those photos are online for the world to see.

Then we come on to the subject of what is real and what is not. How can you tell someone their photos are ultimately fake? If they have been taken, however long they took to get the shot, these photos are real. We don't question a magazine for their beautiful, glossy images, so why do we question those on social media. And does it really matter if someone takes hundreds of shots to get one they like? Some may use social media to boost their confidence, do we expect them to post the first photo they take, even if they detest it with a passion? I myself take a number of photos before I post them on social media. I want my photos to look appealing; if I'm trying to show you my makeup look and the lighting is not right then of course I'll move, this is me wanting to show the world something I am proud of, something others may appreciate. It could take me two minutes to get the best shot, it could take ten. If it is my time and my choice then I'm sure as hell going to get the picture I am proud of.

I think that what we have to understand about social media is that while, (in my opinion,) social media is not fake, it is an alternative view of our lives. It is the bits we want people to see, in the way we want them to see them. And if we are sharing the images surely we have the right to show what we want to. 

You don't question an author and how they write their book, so why question someone sharing an image from the perspective they want seen? 

Favourite Free Blog Templates

I haven't really posted many blogging help/advice posts but I've decided that I would like to start them. I've been blogging for a while now and changed my blog umpteen times so I have some knowledge that might be useful.

For my first Blogging 101 post I thought I would share a few of my favourite free templates. I know when you are starting your blog the blogger generic templates just don't cut it after a while, but trawling through the million free templates out there is not the most fun task ever!

Free Blogger Template
First is the Color Pop Coral template, you can see it live here, this was created by the lovely Jennifer, the brains behind This Creative Mom. It's a really pretty, minimalistic template, with a pop of colour, perfect for blogs of any kind. It's simple to navigate and great for a first template. It is mobile responsive which is almost a necessity for today's world as everyone seems to use their phones. You can find and download it here.

Free Blogger Templates
Now the Aurora template by Maria at Marigall. This particular template is one I am very tempted to use myself, it is not only clean and spacious but also responsive; everything a blog needs! You have full control over the fonts and colours, you are also able to create drop down menus to separate your content. No need for adding related posts below either as this comes with the template itself as well as a 'back to top button' which is great if you're one who writes a lot. This template offers you a hell of a lot for nothing and even if you don't want to change your template yet, I would download it for later use. You can see it live here and find out even more here.

Free Blogger Template
This is a really good template if you want to showcase your images straight away. It is the Cocktail template, live demo here, it has a slide show of posts as well as a lot of clean open, white space. Again you are able to create drop down menus, but overall this template is definitely one for those who love their photography. To find out more click here!

I thought I would share only three to start with as I don't want to make this a really long post. If you liked the post let me know and I'll happily showcase some more of my favourite free blog templates. That being said if you just can't find a blog template you like that's free, Etsy have a lot of inexpensive ones which I could also post on, so just let me know and enjoy your day!

24 Days of Blogmas Post Ideas

24 Days of Blogmas
I love Christmas. There I said it. Now last year I took part in Blogmas; posting every day in December and this year I have decided to do something similar. Last year I did find that 31 posts was a little difficult even stressful at times, so this year I have decided to post for 24 days instead: 24 Days of Blogmas.

I understand that coming up with 24 wintery/Christmassy posts is not the easiest so I thought of a way to combat this would be doing 12 definite Christmas posts and then having 12 'free posts' to post as I would normally or more Christmas or Winter posts. Also, as Christmas is the time for giving, I thought I would help by giving you 24 Blogmas post ideas! 

1. Winter Pampering
2. Top 5 Christmas Films
3. Christmas DIY
4. Christmas Pinterest Inspiration
5. Christmas Gift Guides
6. What's In My Bag - Winter Edition
7. Christmas Wishlist
8. Cute Winter Clothes Wishlist
9. Christmas Traditions
10. Winter OOTD, MOTD, NOTD
11. My Perfect Christmas
12. Winter Lipsticks
13. Stocking Fillers
14. Winter Haul
15. Christmas Bargains
16. A Treat For Myself
17. Favourite Blogmas Posts By Other Bloggers
18. Favourite Christmas Songs
19. Christmas Favourites
20. Christmas Food
21. Photo Diary
22. Christmas Decoration Tour
23. Christmas MOTD, NOTD, OOTD
24. My Advent Calendar

I hope they're helpful. If you would like any of the post ideas in more detail I can send you my plan! If you do end up posting any of them please send me a link!

Blog Update

Blog Update
I thought I would write a little update post on my blog. If you're a blogger you'll probably have been through a stage where you're just not happy with your blog whatever you do. I've not been happy with my photos and I've been comparing my following to others which is never a good feeling! Firstly I have realised that I dislike my photos because of the lack of natural light and at this time of year it's difficult to get amazing photos. As for the followers, we all fall into the trap from time to time but I've managed to get myself out of the cycle. For now I'm trying to appreciate the content I produce so I'm putting more effort into posts and starting to post what I want to, not what I think others will like.

So there's the update, normal posts will resume on Wednesday, thank you for your support!

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Haul

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach
Isn't it great when you walk into a shop, see a limited edition collection (that you had heard nothing about) and it's on sale? I think so, and that is exactly what happened to me when I went into The Body Shop a couple of weeks ago. I had generally heard nothing whatsoever about the Vineyard Peach range, and I love the smell of peach, so when I walked in and saw this duo for £3.00 and £3.50 it had to be bought, (kindly my grandad muscled me out of the way when I tried to pay and bought them for me so thank you grandad!)
The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Shower Gel
Now I may own a billion different shower gels but this has quickly become my go to because oh my god it smells amazing! Peach is a hard smell to describe; it's sweet but not too sweet. The gel lathers up nicely and a little goes a long way so hopefully this will last me a while which will give me time to find a new peach smelling bottle of gorgeousness.
The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Mist
Along with the billion shower gels I also have millions of body sprays, but what's one more to add to the collection? As I proved before I can't describe peach, but this body mist is out of this world. Some sprays you can smell but they then disappear almost instantly but this I could smell for quite a while after spraying. I must admit I've been using it as a room spray too because it does smell ridiculously good!

So there is my small but much loved Body Shop haul, what are your favourite products from The Body Shop? What do I need to try next?