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Wednesday, 18 November 2015
Before I start can we just take a minute to appreciate the beauty of Mrs Tanya Chapman, how stunning does she look!? 

Clinique Freebie With Glamour Magazine
Now, I'd be surprised, but if you hadn't seen, this months free gift in Glamour is a choice of 4 different Clinique products. Two mini Lip Pops, in Beige Pop and Cherry Pop, their High Impact Mascara and Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion. 

The mini lipsticks were the most difficult to track down, they were very popular for an understandable reason. I was tempted to get both shades but I decided to only get Cherry Pop, because who doesn't need another red lipstick to add to their already huge collection of red lipsticks!

Clinique Cherry Pop Mini Lipstick
Before now, I had never tried a Clinique lipstick, (Chubby Stick yes but lipstick no,) so I wasn't particularly sure what to expect. Obviously, knowing it was Clinique meant I had high expectations, and well, Clinique definitely delivered. 

Cherry Pop is a bright blue toned red, from the swatch it looks very pink, however when on the lips it definitely seems darker, this will probably differ depending on your skin tone.  The formula is very likable, it does just glide on, I used a couple of layers to build up to an opaque ish red. As this lipstick is not matte it does not cling desperately to my dry lips, yes there are some slightly noticeable dry patches, but compared to some matte lipsticks there is next to nothing to be seen.

Clinique Cherry Pop Swatch
Now the packaging; well it's cute and diddy, a beauty bloggers weakness I swear! What makes me like the smaller size is that the bullet gives you such a nice precise application which normal size lipsticks, with softer formula's, fail to give you. If Clinique are stuck for Christmas gifts next year, I'll happily have a set of mini Lip Pops!

Clinique Cherry Pop Lip Swatch
Did you manage to pick up any of the Clinique goodies?


  1. very pretty shade :)

  2. I have never tried any of Clinique products. I really like this shade. It's so beautiful. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

    1. You should try some of Clinique's products some of them are brilliant xx


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