So, Is Social Media Fake

Saturday, 14 November 2015
Is Social Media Fake
Short answer: (in my opinion,) no it is not. 

Longer answer: it's a little more complicated. 

Now I won't take you through the whole story of how this question became such a hot topic, I expect pretty much everyone knows already. (If not just Google Essena O'Neill and you will find plenty of reading material.) The rise in popularity of social media in the past few years is incredibly clear, wherever you go you will see people glued to their phone screens, and why not? With a few swipes you can jump into a world of beautiful scenery's, picture perfect lifestyles and flawless people. Yes at times I may envy those with the 'perfect lifestyle' but I bet you they all worked their butts off to get the life they have. Rarely in life do people get everything handed on a plate to them, (there are exceptions of course,) working hard to achieve your goals is surely a part of life.

The Instagram celebrities with millions of followers, who get paid to promote items, had to earn their followers. A million people didn't just decide to follow them for no reason. No these people followed the accounts they did because they enjoyed the content, and who can blame them? A gorgeous sunset, afternoon tea, the latest makeup release, these things all get likes. Many accounts post similar content but not all have a following in the millions. That is probably because the quality is not as good; I'd choose to follow an account with stunning, light images, than one with grainy, blurred images, maybe that's just me, but either way those photos are online for the world to see.

Then we come on to the subject of what is real and what is not. How can you tell someone their photos are ultimately fake? If they have been taken, however long they took to get the shot, these photos are real. We don't question a magazine for their beautiful, glossy images, so why do we question those on social media. And does it really matter if someone takes hundreds of shots to get one they like? Some may use social media to boost their confidence, do we expect them to post the first photo they take, even if they detest it with a passion? I myself take a number of photos before I post them on social media. I want my photos to look appealing; if I'm trying to show you my makeup look and the lighting is not right then of course I'll move, this is me wanting to show the world something I am proud of, something others may appreciate. It could take me two minutes to get the best shot, it could take ten. If it is my time and my choice then I'm sure as hell going to get the picture I am proud of.

I think that what we have to understand about social media is that while, (in my opinion,) social media is not fake, it is an alternative view of our lives. It is the bits we want people to see, in the way we want them to see them. And if we are sharing the images surely we have the right to show what we want to. 

You don't question an author and how they write their book, so why question someone sharing an image from the perspective they want seen? 

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