Christmas Wishlist - Day 15

Tuesday, 15 December 2015
10 days to go and today I thought I would show you my wishlist. Obviously it is mainly beauty because, well I'm a beauty blogger! Some of the items are out of stock already, boo, but I'll still put links to everything so you can take a look!

Christmas Beauty Wishlist

First on my list is Lush's Snow Fairy's Castle gift set which has an array of Snow Fairy smelling goodness. Then is a perfume that just hasn't got any gift sets this year, I wish they did, but it is Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Forever, I prefer this slightly from Daisy Dream. Then there is the most gorgeous palette from MAC, the x15 Cool Neutrals which I have been eyeing up for so long. Also the RealTechniques Sculpting Set, as I have been getting into contouring lately but I don't have the right tools to do so. Another Lush gift, this time it is the Sweet Christmas set which has a few more goodies than Snow Fairy's Castle. Now this is the sold out one: the NARS Cool Red Lip Set, so sad face for that but it was a kit of cute minis, and I love minis. The only non beauty item is Season 1&2 of Orphan Black, I watched the third series on iPlayer but couldn't watch 1 and 2 and I really want to! Finally is the cute little Too Faced Long Lasting Nude gift set, it has one of their Melted Lipsticks as well as a Love Flush Blush!

I would love to know what is on your wish list, please leave a link for me in the comments!


  1. I would absolutely love a NARS lipstick! This is a great post!

    I also nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog!

    Emma x |

  2. That NARS set is just gorgeous and Daisy Dream is one of my favourites too.
    Great picks :)
    Gillian xx


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