Films I Watch at Christmas - Day 20

Sunday, 20 December 2015
I'm a sucker for a good Christmas film and there are a few that I love to watch in the run up which I thought you might like to see, if you're looking for a few more Christmas watches...

Gremlins is usually a forgotten one, but it is in fact a Christmas film. I only started watching this last Christmas but it's being watched this Christmas too. Then is another less Christmas related film in Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone, it's not too festive but there is a tree and snow, as well as feasts so I count it as one. Now the properly Christmas ones: The Polar Express, it's a classic in my house, the animation is creepily similar to real people and at the same time not, yet I'll still watch it, you can't get much more festive really. The Holiday, is cute, sad and makes me want to go to LA or rent a small cottage for Christmas and New Year. Finally is Rise of the Guardians, probably the latest release on my list, it's such a good, fun, family film, if you haven't seen it I'd definitely give it a watch.

What films do you watch at Christmas?

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