How to Organise Your Blog at Christmas - Day 16

Wednesday, 16 December 2015
Christmas time is busy, I think most of us will agree, and sometimes it might mean our blogs get neglected, but I thought I'd share my tips on how to keep your blog up to date!

Blog Organisation ad Christmas

  1. Schedule, schedule, schedule!
    I actually started writing this post on the 9th of December, I was very organised this year. I planned Blogmas in November and started writing posts as soon as I finished the November posts. Scheduling your posts is key, especially if you're planning to go away for the holidays.

    I don't just mean posts when I talk about scheduling, you can also schedule tweets and Instagram posts using sites such as Hootsuite. Things like this are lifesavers, I like to tweet quite a few times a day usually but I don't have time to individually send each one so I schedule. As for Instagram, I don't schedule quite as much but if you're used to posting everyday this would be useful for you.

  2. Set Aside Time
    Christmas is busy, there's no argument there so plan when you're going to blog, plan when to take photos and plan when to schedule your tweets. It really does help. If you're at work all day then maybe find time at the weekend, or after dinner.

  3. Don't be afraid to take a break
    I have decided that after the 25th of December I am taking a break until January, because I want a stress free Christmas break. This is totally optional of course but it might be beneficial to take a small break welcome in the new year with a plan and no stress!

So those are the ways I am organising my blog over Christmas, hopefully it will help you too! 

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