Lush Christmas Haul - Blogmas Day 11

Friday, 11 December 2015
What's Christmas without a little Lush purchase? Venturing into the sweet smelling store of wonder is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives. This year was no different and in I went and out I came with a bag full of goodies. (Obviously this was after the lady at the till informed me that the man at the till next to her thought there were little people running round the till messing it up!)

Christmas Lush Haul

I tried to steer away from my usual purchases like the Comforter bubble bar and go for the more Christmassy bits and bobs. Therefore I chose Snow Fairy, So White and Candy Mountain.

I purchased this the year before last because it looks pretty and also because it smells divine. Candy Mountain is just wonderful, sweet smelling, a bit like Snow Fairy. It reminds me of how I imagine all sweet shops should smell.

Now this particular bath bomb, So White, doesn't look too impressive, but what it lacks in appearance it makes up for in smell. I love apples, the smell, the fruit, so this is right up my street. This white ball of goodness is going into my bath ASAP!

Finally, it's Christmas and I couldn't leave Lush without picking up the iconic Snow Fairy shower gel. This smells like candyfloss, and who doesn't love a bit of candyfloss? This has already motivated me to wash my makeup brushes and now they smell so good it's unreal! Makes me want to do my makeup more often now.

Have you been swayed into making a Lush purchase yet? Have you got your eye on anything in particular? 


  1. I love the snow fairy powder it amazes me how much it smells like actual snow fairy haha

  2. Candy Mountain is definitely on my next lush hit list! I just love their Christmas products so much! Lucy, xx


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