Winter Nail Polishes - Day 8

Tuesday, 8 December 2015
I love Wintery nail polish almost as much as I love pastel colours for Spring. Lots of people like the dark purples, reds and blacks for Winter but I am one for glittery, snowy shades like the ones I'm going to show you today.

Wintery Nail Polishes

The first colour I like for Winter is the Ciate Chinchilla. It is a blue/grey shade, sort of like the sky in December at times, it is a neutral colour at the same time as being a bit different. A modern take on the nude nail. Next is the only dark colour in my selection: Sally Hansen Night Watch, a deep blue very Wintery, in my opinion. I love the brush on this, it's so wide and covers the nail in only a couple of applications.

Winter Nail Polish Swatches

The next three polishes are all top coats, the first being BarryM's Christmas Tree. This has holographic stars and glitter in silver, green and red. I love this for an accent nail nearer Christmas. One of  my favourite top coats is the OPI Snow Globetrotter, this looks like snow. If I've got a dark nail I'll add Snow Globetrotter over the top to create a snowy night scene. Finally is a relatively new  polish in my collection the gorgeous L'Oreal Diamond Carat top coat. This is pure glitter and it is wonderful, I love it on all my nails over a white base, so stunning!

Winter Nail Polish Swatches

So those are what will be on my nails this coming months, what about you?

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