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Goodbye 2016

We've reached the last post of the year so it's time for me resolutions, blog goals and of course that all important spending ban.

Frosty morning

First off I want to thank all of you who have supported and read MissCosmeticBlogger this year, it means the world to me to know that people actually care what I'm writing about. I know my content in the later half of the year wasn't my best, but next year I promise to come back fighting. Also I've been quite lucky this year to get to work with a few companies which is such an achievement for my little corner of the Internet and I hope to work with more next year too. 

My goals for 2016 are:

  1. Reach 1000 Bloglovin' followers - I know I'm not too far away right now but I find it really difficult to grow on Bloglovin' at the moment.
  2. Reach 2000 Twitter followers - It's my aim to take part in at least one Twitter chat a week from next year as it's the best way to make blogging friends.
  3. Reach 1000 Instagram followers - ah the most fickle of platforms understandably takes the longest to grow but I'm getting there, slowly but surely.
  4. Start YouTube - I'm pretty sure this was on the list last year but this time I actually am ready (I think,) I have a decent camera and a few ideas. I'm set to start over summer I think, after exams just before and into Uni.

Now is the bit I wish I didn't have to do but I spent a lot at the end of this year and so I am on a spending ban, all the way until March which is an excruciatingly long time. However, it does mean I will have to be creative with my blog posts which I think is quite a good thing. Also while my spending ban goes on I will be creating my own 52 week saving challenge, if you'd like a post on how I intend to do it just let me know! Goodbye 2016 and make sure you have an amazing new year!

SensatioNail Gel to Polish Kit*

You're looking for a last minute gift, you want something innovative, different and unique? Well I think I might have just the thing: The SensatioNail Gel to Polish Kit* I was sent this a few months ago and I already had the normal kit they do but just had to try turning my favourite polishes into gel. 

Sensationail Gel to Polish

The normal kits come with a SensatioNail gel polish, I got the french manicure one which came with both white and pink polish. Since then I have purchased other brands UV gel polish of Amazon to use which work amazingly. The thing is that now I have the option to do gel nails, why would I use my normal nail polishes which don't last as long (the gel kit lasts up to two weeks!) This new kit in effect completely saves all my polishes which were being neglected which is perfect for the polish lover who hates a chipped mani!

Sensationail Gel to Polish

Above is everything in the kit (minus the NailsInc and rose gold polish.) The UV lamp, gel primer, gel cleanser, polish to gel solution, lint free pads, a nail file and cuticle stick. The lamp isn't huge which means you could easily take it on holiday with you if you like to switch up your polish a lot. 

The way in which the gel to polish element works is varied. SensatioNail give two ways to do it.

  1. Use the Gel to Polish solution as a sealer.
    This way doesn't last as long but if you can't get the hang of the other method this is one to try. First a base of gel to polish, then apply the polish of your choice and wait to dry, then finally seal it with the gel to polish.
  2. Mix it up!
    The way to longest lasting nail polish possible. Take two parts gel to polish and mix one part normal nail polish. After one coat of gel to polish apply your mix in thin layers until it's opaque enough, then seal with gel to polish.

I'll be honest the process takes a while the first couple of times but once you get used to it you can do your nails in probably around 20 minutes. Now this may be longer than it usually takes you to do your nails but they should last a lot longer than usual nail polish.

It's not the cheapest set, it can be anywhere between £50 and £35 depending where you go. I would always check Boots and the SensatioNail website as they always seem to have deals on if you're thinking of getting a kit!

Seeing stars? Any products which have a * by their name have been sent to me. See my full disclaimer here...

Christmas Wishlist

It's that time again: wishlist time, as it is only a mere two weeks ish until Christmas! I also thought I'd give you a little heads up that over the next few weeks, until the new year, MissCosmeticBlogger will only be having one post a week as I'm rather busy at the moment. But don't worry, when the new year dawns it's going to be a New Year: New Blog type thing. Better photos, better content and a happier Beth. But here's anyway here's the wishlist...

Christmas Wishlist

First up is the Giorgio Armarni Si giftset from Boots. I love the smell of this, my mum got it years ago and usually we have a completely different taste but it's not the case with this one. I adore it and had to make a point of not 'borrowing' it from her when she had it. The Yankee Candle in Sugared Apple is my favourite Christmas scent ever. I find that a lot of Christmas candles are full of spice or alcoholic and I don't like those smells, I'm especially not a fan of cinnamon. So this candle is perfect for me, it smells of sweet apples like the name would suggest and as with all Yankee Candles the scents fill the room. Clinique are doing an amazing giftset which includes my favourite ever moisturiser: moisture surge, but it's so expensive on its own, but the gifset is only £2 more than it usually is. There had to be some makeup on there of course and the Benefit Girls Gone Wow giftset was the best in my opinion; full size POREfessional, Gimmie Brow and They're Real plus a mini They're Real lash primer and PosieTint isn't to be sniffed at. Of course there has to be a LUSH giftset on the list and this year it is Under The Mistletoe. This contains everything I want to try, and some bits I've already picked up but would like duplicates of... It has: Fairy Dust, Rub Rub Rub, Shooting Star Soap, Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub, Snow Fairy Body Conditioner and finally the exclusive Twilight Shower Gel. It's jam packed with amazing bits and my fingers are well and truly crossed for that one. The final item on my wishlist is skincare as in the new year I really want to clean up my skin. I fell in love with Origins skincare in the summer and it is working for my skin very well at the moment so I'd love to try their Superstars kit before I decide to buy the full sizes.

So there's my wishlist for this year, well the beauty bits anyway. Not long till the big day now, I hope you're enjoying the run up to Christmas!


I need you and no this is not a drill. I need your help and I promise it will only take you a minute to help a sister out!
I'll keep this short: a couple of months ago I sat down and wrote a 500 word story for a competition and recently I got shortlisted! (I'm very excited.) Now this next bit is where I need your help. There are two rounds: judges picks and most popular. For most popular you need the most hearts on your story, at the moment I have 10 and the one with the most has 78. So I would be so grateful if you would follow the link below, click the little heart and be on your merry way. It's that simple no sign up no nothing. Click the heart and you're done. 

P.S If you're feeling super lovely please tweet out this post or retweet my pinned tweet as I worked so hard on my story and would love the opportunity to win, especially with your help!

Thank you so much if you click the love heart, you're really making my day!

LAB2 Brushes*

I think we can safely say I have an obsession with makeup brushes. I get new ones way too often and let's be honest it's mainly so I don't have to wash them every week... Bad beauty blogger! Anyway I was sent a selection of LAB2 Brushes* which is actually a partner of SensatioNail and I love their stuff so I had high hopes.

LAB2 Makeup Brushes

I got to choose four brushes out of their range and they are so my kind of brushes. Three eye brushes were necessary as I love finding eye brushes which I can rotate in my collection. The three I chose were the Beyond A Shadow of a Doubt brush* which is a base shadow brush, Just Blending In brush* which is obviously a blending brush and finally Put a Lid on it Angled Shadow brush* which is a really versatile brush. Now the fourth brush is a face brush which looked amazing was the Triple Threat Multi-Purpose Brush*.

First up I am absolutely loving the eye brushes. I first used the Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt* with one of my KIKO stick eyeshadows. I applied the stick to my eyes and buffed it in which worked particularly well. I believe this is because of the densely pack bristles, it made sure the product was pushed into the lid rather than scraped away like sometimes more flimsy brushes do. Within the same eye look I took the Put a Lid on it Angled Shadow brush* into my crease with a powder shadow to make sure it was defined and I must say it blended it out very nicely indeed, no harsh edges to be seen. I used the  Just Blending In brush* on a separate day to blend my eyeshadow, I didn't think this worked as well as the angled one but it was still very good for the price point.

Now the most exciting brush for me had to be the Triple Threat Multi-Purpose Brush*. The reason why is as it is a dense flat top brush. Now that might not seem mind blowing but these brushes are usually my holy grail for foundation brushes. Most of the time I'll use a beauty sponge but sometimes I like a brush to really work the foundation in if I need a lot of wear time. I used it before a ten hour shift and my foundation looked pretty good at the end of the night. It has really dense bristles which allows you to pat or work it into the skin getting a flawless finish. The foundation I was using with it was the NARS Sheer Glow which I find really difficult to apply wrong, it looks good almost anyway you wear it so I'll definitely try the brush with other foundations too.

These brushes are really good quality, the price is good (cheaper than RealTechniques) and why wouldn't you want to add a few more brushes to your collection? And it's near Christmas so just think of all the people you could gift a few new products to!

Seeing stars? Any products which have a * by their name have been sent to me. See my full disclaimer here...

Everything's Rosie At LUSH

Less than a month till Christmas so it's about time to put a review of a giftset up to help you decide what to get people, and for me to show my love of Lush once again. The giftset I'm showing you today is Rosie, and as the name suggests it's rose based.

LUSH Rosie Giftset

Now don't be alarmed the Lush version of a rose scent isn't like some others. For example The Body Shop's rose range smells like grannies to me which isn't a smell I like. However, the Lush rose range reminds me more of Turkish Delight and especially at Christmas is when I enjoy such a luxury it is perfect. You get five products in the box, a mixture of hair and body, which makes it a great box for those you're trying to introduce to Lush.  

LUSH Rosie Giftset

First up is Rose Jam Shower Gel, usually a Christmas exclusive but also an exclusive in this box too. Now I love this scent and this shower gel but I never want to use it because I'm afraid I'll run out, luckily I got this before the Christmas stuff came out and it got me through. Now is my new favourite Lush discovery is the Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo Bar. These are incredible and so long lasting compared to bottled shampoo plus my hair always feels squeaky clean and smells amazing. Now Ro's Argan Body Conditioner is perfect for those who love the smooth feel of their legs after shaving. Because if you love that feeling, this makes it so much better. It's the same as a hair conditioner just for your legs! Then is Titsy Totsy bath bomb which is a gentle floral scent that adds wonderful ingredients to your bath to benefit your skin. The final product is the Rose Jam Bubbleroon, now this is quite a large bubble bar which you could get around 4 uses of if you really try. You crumble it under water and it bubbles up turning the water a lovely pink.

If you want to create another Lushie this is definitely the gift set to go for, especially if you can't find any of the Christmas sets with enough variety. Or maybe just as a Christmas pick me up for yourself. because we all deserve one of those!

Amazon Brush Sets

I have so many makeup brushes now because I love to experiment, and it's a good thing too because I'm not one for religiously washing each week. In fact I have enough eye makeup brushes to make sure I don't have to wash them until the end of the month. Bad really I know, but anyway a few months ago I took to Amazon to boost my brush collection and I think you might want to as well!

Amazon Brush Sets

When I bought the brushes they were around £3 for 15 including packaging and they are so beautiful. They've since gone up but £1 isn't enough to stop me buying them again. In total I have three of these sets and they are wonderful. Within the sets, which come with either black or beige pink handles, have a variety of different brush types. There were around 5 fluffy blending brushes in each set I got all slightly different but none scratchy, and they retained their shape after washing. Each had a couple of gel liner brushes, some skinny and some thicker. Then are the obligatory base shadow brushes which you get in basically any set whatever the price point. Probably one of my favourite brushes in the set are the stiff eyebrow brushes which are a must have for anyone. There were a couple of pencil brushes for placing shadow in the inner corner, which FYI also double up as good eyeliner brushes.

Now there are only a few things I don't like about these brushes. First they take a horrendous time to ship, upwards of two weeks. Second they smell like factory when they get there. And finally there are a few which shed and aren't usable. Luckily I found uses for these in my SFX kit as those brushes don't have to be the best quality, especially when you're using liquid latex!

These brushes are perfect for literally anyone. They are so affordable, up to about £4 now, but have a whole 15 brushes in the set and as long as you can deal with a few minor disadvantages these will be your new best friend! You can find them here.


First off I have to say thank you to the gorgeous model starring in this post; it is of course my cat Nessie who was very happy to do nothing while I photographed her. Today I am going to be talking about a concealer I've been testing out lately which is the SEVENTEEN Skin Wow concealer*.

Now the packaging is very similar to a famous YSL highlighter but don't mistake this as a dupe, it is very much not a light, highlighter. The casing is gold plastic and doesn't feel particularly luxurious but it's not by any means the worst packaging in the drugstore. It works via clicking the bottom to dispense product which seems like a good idea but personally I'm not a fan as I find I always dispense too much and waste a lot, however I suppose it carries less bacteria than a doe foot applicator so I see its benefit.

The product itself is quite a high coverage concealer. It's thick and creamy and blends out well but because of the thicker texture it takes longer than some of its thinner but equal in coverage counterparts. I can't really fault the coverage it covers most blemishes I have easily. The only real problem I have with the concealer is the shade range. Fair, which I have is too dark for me so porcelain girls will not be able to get on board with this particular concealers. Then there's the issue of the lack of darker shades too which I think the drugstore really needs to sort, and soon.

Basically, if you're not super pale this shade will probably work as a highlighting concealer, or just to conceal blemishes, if not it's not going to work for you. It's from the drugstore so it won't break the bank if you do want to try it.

Seeing stars? Any products which have a * by their name have been sent to me. See my full disclaimer here...

LUSH Christmas 2016 Haul

I think we all have to give in and allow it to become Christmas as it's just over a month away and everywhere is getting festive. Starbucks and Costa have their Christmas drinks and cups, all the sites now have Christmas tabs and obviously the LUSH Christmas products are out!

Lush Christmas 2016 Haul

I'll be honest, I had to restrain myself because I could have bought so much more. If I had the money I would have bought two of everything including the giftsets. I'll make sure to say which products are new this year and which are exclusive to the LUSH Kitchen so you know where to buy them.

Lush Christmas 2016 Haul

You might be able to tell, but I love the scent of fresh apples so LUSH really have my tastes covered because they have a number of bits which sadly aren't available all year round so I have to stock up. Now the So White Shower Gel you see is a LUSH Kitchen exclusive which I'm sure will pop up between now and Christmas again. Continuing with So White are the bath bombs which got a little leaf update this year, I picked up two and I'm hoping to grab many more in the boxing day sale as they smell so good and I can't last a whole year without any! Also in the apple scent family is the Santa's Belly Shower Jelly. If it hadn't smelt of apples I probably wouldn't have got it because I completely forgot just how much these seem to leak which isn't great but it smells good.

Lush Christmas 2016 Haul

Now taking a step away from apples to meet a very cute Butterbear. If you like the normal Butterball you'll love this as it is the same but a different shape. I always think this would be perfect for getting children to love LUSH; it's a cute teddy with amazing skin benefits. Now we're on to two completely new this year products which is exciting! First is Snow Fairy Body Conditioner, if you've never used a LUSH body conditioner you should know that it's basically the same as a hair conditioner. You apply it, leave it for a bit and rinse it off leaving you silky smooth legs that smell of Snow Fairy goodness, it's got blue sparkle on the top too which makes it look magical. Finally is a new lip scrub: Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub *cheers and claps* I picked up the Santa lip scrub last year and didn't get on with the scent or taste but this one is right up my street. I'm pretty sure it shares its scent with the Comforter which instantly makes it an amazing product in my eyes. It tastes really good, not that you should eat loads, but the scrub is just the right amount of scrubbiness as it gets away the dry skin and makes them nice and smooth.

If you've been hauling in LUSH don't forget to link your posts so I can read them and see what you're loving. I'm not sure if it's bad but I've already planned my boxing day wishlist...oopsy.


I am all for charities, I take part in all the Children in Need and Red Nose Day events possible and I'm never far from a pair of Pudsey ears. I got an email from Origins the other day letting me know about a beauty box in aid of Breast Caner Awareness, all the Estee Lauder brands feature in one box and it is amazing value.

The box of goodies cost £20 and was available from any of the brand websites that featured inside it. However, there was limited supply which meant I had to hunt through all the sites until I saw Aveda still had it in stock. While the box cost £20 an amazing £12 went to charity meaning the box was technically only £8. There was no way the box couldn't be justified as lets be honest, it's for a good cause and has amazing bits inside.

First up are the two Estee Lauder bits which come in the shape of their Sumptuous Knockout mascara in 01 black and the Advanced Night Repair Recovery Complex. I love my mascaras, I have way too many open at the moment so can't open this yet. Sample size mascaras are my favourite as I can throw them in my college bag and always have one near also I can usually use them up before they dry out too. The Advanced Night Repair Recovery Complex puzzles me as I'm not quite sure how it should be used. I do know that it is an anti ageing product that they suggest you apply before moisturiser so I shall give it a go.

I surprise myself as this box is the first time I have tried a Smashbox primer or anything from their Photo Finish range. Now this primer is so nice it's silky smooth and my foundation sits on top of it almost perfectly. Also it stops my makeup sticking to the lovely dry patches I get during the winter.

In the box there was also a mini Origins Drink Up Intensive mask. A few months ago I purchased the BBB Origins Box which contained a slightly larger one of these and I loved it so I'm planning to put this one to the side for when I go on holiday!

I keep hearing wonderful things about Bumble&Bumble and in the box was their Thickening Hairspray. I love a bit of volume in my hair so this is perfect and it's a decent size sample too. You get 30ml which is not to be sniffed at, there's definitely enough for you to decide whether you wish to purchase the slightly pricey full size.

The Aveda Hand Relief Moisturising Cream I think I will give as a gift as I have so many hand creams on the go. It seems nice enough but the packaging isn't all that.

Finally are two Clinique bits. I'm sure everyone has tried the Take The Day Off Makeup Remover, it's in every bonus time and free gift but I can't complain as it works so well. I always take a mini with me when I go on holiday as they are just so easy use, (and I have about 5!) Finally there is the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief which is the main reason I bought the box. I love this stuff so so much, it's like applying a layer of water onto dry skin and it keeps hydrated for hours. I wish it was cheaper, it's about £40 for a tub of 50ml so it's on my Christmas list and my fingers are crossed.

This was a great box for such a good cause, sadly I'm pretty sure it's sold out but you might be lucky and find one. Also each brand have limited edition packaging for some of their products with money going to Breast Cancer Awareness, so if you want to treat yourself without feeling bad it's the perfect time as you'll be giving to charity!

Brush Works Sponge Set Review*

Everyone is bringing out makeup sponges; Real Techniques have some interesting shaped ones. Beauty Blender have cute mini ones and now I have this set from Brush Works* which has three sponges that I've been testing out lately.

Brush Works Blender Sponge Set on a H&M Silver Pineapple Tray

I'm very much a fan of the beauty sponge for my makeup, I've been switching between the RealTechniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and the Nanshy 4 in 1 Sponge. My favourite is the RT Sponge as the Nanshy one doesn't expand enough for me so I don't feel it works the product into the skin as well. That's where this Brush Works set fits in. The set comes with three sponges: the purple acorn shaped sponge and two little pink teardrop shape brushes. They look exactly like mini beauty blenders, The set comes in at £5.50 which is really good as you get three sponges and my RT sponge is about £6.99 for one.

The best way I saw to test these out was to use them while creating a Halloween makeup look as let's be honest you do so much more than normally you would. Obviously the most important thing about a makeup sponge is how much it expands when you wet it. For baking this doesn't matter but foundation it's a must, (for me anyway!) Now both types of sponge expand to a impressive size but the smaller teardrop ones expand the best.

The acorn sponge is perfect for bouncing foundation onto the skin. I prefer to use sponges as they give a more airbrushed look to the skin however it does take longer to apply in my opinion. While I like the flatter end of the sponge the pointed end isn't quite pointy enough for my liking. It can get around the corner of my nose but it can't quite make under my eyes. Luckily the pink teardrop sponges get right into the under eye areas.

As you get two smaller teardrop sponges you get to use for powder if you're in to baking. As I don't bake too often I found that you could use one, when doing FX makeup, for fake blood and it applied really nicely. It made it look even which is difficult when you use just a cotton bud.

If  you need a new sponge, (or three,) I would definitely try this set. The little ones are perfect for concealers, and cream eyeshadow bases and the big one will make your face look flawless. They're only £5.99 and you can't really go wrong as you're getting three sponges.

Seeing stars? Any products which have a * by their name have been sent to me. See my full disclaimer here...

Trying New Lip Stains*

If you remember back to last month you would have seen a post including these two lip products which I thought I would go into a little more detail for you today!

The two products I have are thQi Best Long Lasting liquid lipstick* and Liphop Wine Lip Tint* both are long lasting and both are pretty good for the price.

I'm going to start with the Qi Best Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick* in the shade 603. Now from the arm swatch it looks a lot like a pinky nude however, in fact it is more of grey toned pink. Usually this wouldn't be my colour but I think the grey works as we are nearing winter. Also being pale when I saw it drying with grey undertones I thought it might wash me out, but instead it looked quite nice. And even better is that it didn't cling too badly to my dry patches which as always present themselves when I try to lip swatch. 

Now its longevity which is the important part here. For a liquid lipstick that is applied in a thin layer it doesn't crumble up and lasts a good couple of hours before it inevitably starts wearing from the centre of the lips. Obviously increased eating and drinking does affect the longevity.

It doesn't smell the best and it's really strong as well which isn't a great combination. However, it isn't too noticeable on the lips once it dries. The smell reminds me of something but I can't quite put my finger on what exactly, it could be baby powder perhaps. 

Finally the packaging for this wouldn't catch my eye I'm afraid. It's cheap and cheerful; very plasticy. The lid of mine broke so now I have a lovely random white bit that doesn't twist well at all. The redeeming feature of the packaging is the slightly straighter than usual doe foot applicator.

Now onto the best packaging of a lip product I've probably ever seen: the Liphop Lip tint* is in the shape of a wine bottle. While I'm not a fan of wine I can appreciate the packaging completely, to me it actually smells quite alcoholic which sounds strange but it really does add something to the wine bottle look. The wine bottle houses an elongated doe foot to apply the stain. 

The formula of this is very very liquidy, there is no hint of liquid lipstick here it is most definitely a stain. It's quite a blood red colour which was perfect for Halloween. However, as it is quite so liquidy it is quite hard to get a very precise line with any kind of applicator. 

As it's a stain it lasts such a long time, probably about five hours but it does end up fading which is to be expected. Honestly as it's difficult to get off and I hate scrubbing my lips as they're really dry in winter.

Lip Swatches

My favourite has to be the liquid lipstick; it's such an unusual pink for me and something that takes me a few steps out of my comfort zone. Also both products are so so affordable so I definitely would give them a go if you fancy making an order!

Seeing stars? Any products which have a * by their name have been sent to me. See my full disclaimer here..

LoveMeBeauty: Benefit, Make Up For Ever

Last month was a pretty hectic one which might explain why my October LoveMeBeauty is appearing in November, oops. But it was a good month and it really had to be as last month was all about Kat von D which unsurprisingly crashed the website. I wouldn't say that LMB went one better but this month was certainly on par. 

LoveMeBeauty October

October was the Enchanted Edit with makeup from Benefit and Make Up For Ever as well as a few skincare choices from Nuxe. I decided that obviously I would choose the makeup, sadly however a few bits went out of stock before my renewal date *insert sad face here* The bits I missed out on were the Benefit Ready, Set, Brow eyebrow primer and Dew the Hoola liquid bronzer and from Make Up For Ever the HD Power but I got some pretty good bits instead.

LoveMeBeauty October

First off thought I have to mention the makeup bag this month, I am going to use it as some point to justify buying a palette. So LoveMeBeauty I'm blaming you for when a palette review appears on the blog. To be honest it's nice to see an alternative to the traditional beauty box as you can only use so many boxes to store stuff in whereas a makeup bag I can take places and use as blog props.

LoveMeBeauty October

The first three things I got totalled 50 credits. I chose Benefit's Roller Lash as I love the mascara and my mini has just dried up which has left me needing another. While I don't think it is better than my favourite They're Real for 15 credits I was more than happy to stock up. Another mascara may have just made its way into my bag in the shape of Make Up For Ever's Excessive Lash. Now I've never tried this and it was the most expensive of the bits in my beauty bag at 20 credits but I love my mascaras. Also it was from Make Up For Ever and they're a brand I've heard loads about by haven't tried anything. Then I had to get the mini Make Up For Ever lipstick in M401 Mat, it's a really lovely red and it's so diddy but still useful which is great as some samples are just not worth it but these definitely are.

LoveMeBeauty October

The last two products I spent 20 credits on, and if you're eagle eyed you'll realise that LMB gives you 60 credits a month and I spent 70 but I had extra as I got an amazing Groupon deal which gave you extra. The Make Up For Ever Aqua Eye Pencil in M10 was only 10 credits and a mini eyeliner is never to be sniffed at especially when it's so dark. Finally was a fan favourite which was only available halfway through the month and it was Benefit's POREfessional for 10 credits. I recently used up my mini of this and it was so great to grab another.

If you haven't tried LMB yet and want to I would check Groupon for an amazing deal (50% off a 6 month subscription.) Or try my code BETH7867 to get 30 credits free! The box is around £14 including p&p so not the cheapest but the bits you get are always worth it.

Pssst! Don't forget:


For 30 free credits to spend! Worth £21!

October YouBeauty: Foreo, Hydraluron, Fruu

Now YouBeauty used to be my favourite beauty box out there but lately I've been a little underwhelmed by the lack of interesting goodies for my age group especially, see last months 'look 10 years younger' serum. But I kept it this month because I love parcels and I thought I should try and get into skincare more.

You Beauty October

This month was all about Changing Season which to me would mean berry lipsticks and blush but instead there was a heavy lean towards skincare. I decided that as my skin gets super dry I would see if there was anything that could save it available.

You Beauty October

First up I chose a sheet mask for the second month in a row. This one is the Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask, let's be honest  anything with the words 'moisture' and 'boost' in the title have me from the get go. Now the Fruu Avocado Lip Balm is probably the only thing from a beauty box that I have ever probably hated. There was a choice between avocado and coconut and as I dislike coconut naturally I chose avocado. Worst. Decision. Ever. I despise the smell and it's going in the bin as I can't inflict that on anyone else. Finally is the star of the box: Foreo Day Cleanser which is a full size product! As I said, I am very interested in skincare at the moment this had to be a choice. Currently I am using the Soap&Glory Peaches&Clean cleanser but that's nearly all gone so this will definitely be tried next.

You Beauty October

The goodies in this months box were the Montagne Jeunesse Sock and Glove Masques. They're not the most interesting freebies but I'll take it!

Overall it wasn't hugely impressive except for the price £8.95. I think I will keep my subscription until Christmas and make my mind up then whether to keep on or not. Some months it is great value but sadly others aren't so good.

5 Ways to Use Your TangleTeezer

Let's be honest TangleTeezer's sprung onto the scene and most of us probably now own one. They're perfect for so many people with their flexible, plastic bristles and work great in the shower. But that got me thinking what are the best five uses for a TangleTeezer, and here we are!

Best way to use a TangleTeezer

1.With Hair Oil -
Last time I went to the hairdressers I was told that for some reason my hair is super dry at the ends which is why it sometimes mattes. To combat this she said I should be using hair oil on the ends after I shower, luckily I already had a L'Oreal hair oil at home that I could use. It started well, I pumped some onto my hand and proceeded to apply it to the ends. What I didn't anticipate was than when my hair was wet a little would go a long way and I had made my hair look greasy and gross. How to fix this seemed like an interesting question so I turned to my TangleTeezer. Most other brushes you can't wash particularly easily which meant it wouldn't work with them however, I realised that with my TangleTeezer I could brush out the excess oil and rinse it off with little trouble from my brush. It works really well and means that if I ever over apply hair oil it's so easy to fix.

2.With Dry Shampoo -
We've all been there, three day old hair and still no motivation to wash it as let's be honest it takes ages. So you grab the can of dry shampoo and massage it into your hair probably using more than you need as you don't want people to know you haven't washed it for  ages. Now the first time I used dry shampoo I didn't quite realise that you had to brush it out and ended up with dry shampoo flakes on my all black school uniform which wasn't a good look. Now I end up brushing it out with more vigour than you need and with a TangleTeezer because of the dual length bristles actually gets any excess flakes out. 

3.With Thickening Hairspray - 
My hair doesn't do volume particularly well without help - I think this is to do with the fact I have long hair which drags everything down. But anyway lately I have decided that the only way to get the volume I wanted was to backcomb. I know people say to use a comb but my TangleTeezer works better than any comb I own. Twinned with a thickening hairspray bamn! My hair is voluminous and bouncy.

Tangle Teezer with Hairspray

4.When in the Shower - 
How many times have you been told to not brush your hair when wet? I'm guessing quite a few as I have been told too many times, but let's be honest we all probably do. As I mentioned earlier my hair is dry and if I don't brush it in the shower it mattes while drying which isn't exactly ideal when you want nice hair the next day. This is why I take my TangleTeezer in the shower, it's not like other brushes it won't absorb the water leaving you hassle free hair brushing mid shower. It even means you can brush through your conditioner to make sure everywhere is covered and rinse it off after!

5.As a Head Massager - 
In my opinion this is the best use of all, especially if you've had a particularly stressful day. This might sound strange but I press this onto a section of hair and wiggle it. If you're one who likes intense head massages you might just like this budget option as oppose to going to a spa. I'll be honest it's more of a head scratcher but that's my kind of massage really. It's really stress relieving especially if I can't reach the spot myself.

Tangle Teezer Uses

I love my TangleTeezer I have two now and I convinced my mum to get one not too long ago. If you like bright or bold hair tools (which sometimes collab with Lulu Guinness) and are multipurpose you might like one. Though in a fight between TangleTeezer and hair straightener the TangleTeezer does come out with a flesh wound it will work still the same! I may be talking from experience there... oopsy...

This post was sponsored by TangleTeezer however all views are my own and all content was written by me. See my full disclaimer here...

Halloween Makeup Ideas

In a bid to feature my face more on my blog I've decided to show you a few Halloween looks that I have created in the run up. Now I love my FX makeup but I kept it to a minimum as I know a lot of people aren't too keen on gory halloween. If you keep an eye out you might see a couple of mini tutorials on my Instagram!

I'll give you a bit of warning now because the last look is gory, or 'beautiful' as an automated comment said on Instagram. It's a special fx Two Face look which you might want to skip if you're not one for blood.

Nickelodeon Fairy Princess

I got to create this look in partnership with Nickelodeon back in August for their new show The Other Kingdom. Now the flower crown is gorgeous and is perfect for festival looks but the ombré lips were my favourite bit, that and silver glitter through my eyebrows. It looked really good but I just couldn't get the perfect selfie as I didn't have my shiny new camera then!

Leopard Makeup Tutorial

Leopard Makeup Tutorial

If we just excuse the attempt at being fierce and focus on the makeup you'll see a look I'm really quite proud of which also didn't take a million years. The most time consuming bit was obviously the dots as there are so many but also the nose contour takes a while. As humans it probably won't surprise you that we have different bone structures to cats so I focused on the contouring to make my nose appear flatter and give the rest of my face definition. The first few steps look stupid on their own, if you want I'll put up a mini tutorial of it on IG. But I really enjoy the look.


Two Face FX Makeup

Now I love my gory makeup as it allows you to go crazy. Skin peeling off and exposed bone are a couple of my favourites. I'm trying a messed up Alice in Wonderland look soon which if the wax cooperates will look amazing. This look however is inspired by Two Face from Batman. The teeth are the most difficult bit and I wish I'd taken them just a little further up the lip so they looked more realistic but I don't think it turned out too bad.

I'd love some suggestions of what to create next! I wish I had the courage to YouTube but I'm still working on it. Don't forget my IG though as I'm trying to build up courage by doing mini tutorials on there first!

Two Birchboxes Are Better Than One?

You might be wondering how this predicament could possibly be a question as surely two beauty boxes would beat just one? This is what I was testing. Birchbox recently had a deal where you would get a previous months box and Septembers box for the price of one so I had to take advantage of the option really...

September Birchbox

As you can see above the September box was housed in a cute little draw, I decided against photographing the August Birchbag I got as it is hideous! The draw is a really cute idea though, it's perfect for desk storage. If I'm being honest a few of the the products were slightly underwhelming but as I got two boxes I don't feel too out of pocket.

September Birchbox

The first bits in the box are mainly skincare. First is from Anatomicals a brand I first discovered in a Glossybox many years ago. This is their Coconut and Mango Body Lotion, now I don't completely love the smell as coconut isn't my favourite but it will go into my sample size drawer. Now the This Works In Transit Camera Close-Up Cream is something I already own as YouBeauty got their first this month. Cross overs is something I've been noticing more and more lately. I love face masks right now so the Balance Me Radiance Face Mask is something I will definitely use. Finally is the NUXE Precious Scented Shower Oil which I've seen quite a few people loving over the last few months so hopefully I will as well as I love NUXE as a brand.

September Birchbox

This trio contains the products I was most happy to see featured. I've never tried Puriskin Nurse Aid Skin but as a hockey player I find certain parts of my hands are drying up in the cold weather. Now the ModelCo Higlighting Trio was a product I got to choose, I already had the other option (cream blush, see another cross over,) and of course highlighter is in at the moment. Of the trio I really only think the light shade will work for me day to day but I'm sure in some FX look I will use the other two. Finally was a Marcelle Eyeliner which is purple! I loved dark blue eyeliner the other week so why shouldn't I give purple a go too!?

Somehow I completely managed to miss off the Batiste XXL Volume Spray and also the Philip Kingsley One More Day Dry Shampoo.

September Birchbox

Now these two bits are the disappointments, coincidentally they are both from the August edit. I'm sorry but no one loves a perfume sample, they're not luxe and usually I hate the smell. while I do like the scent, it's a plastic spray bottle, nothing special. Then lastly is hand sanitiser which is definitely not a luxury item and never will be because honestly as a college student it's usually a necessity.

Overall the two for one offer wasn't  a waste of money it's just not my favourite service, (right now Love Me Beauty is!) Would I subscribe again? Yes, if there was another deal like this on so stay tuned!

Kat von D in the UK

I imagine you've all heard this news already, but if you have been living under a rock I shall enlighten you. The must coveted US brand Kat von D has finally hit our shores and for us beauty bloggers this is a big deal.

Kat von D for LoveMeBeauty

I was lucky enough to be subscribed to LoveMeBeauty whose sample service this month allowed you to pick three Kat von D products, which in itself is great. What was even better is the quality of the products. 

I love my eyeliner, the more opaque the better. And this one did not disappoint. It's called the Ink Liner and it stays true to its name. It applies like and ink pen does to paper, as dark as well. On top of this it also lasts. I work 11 hour shifts sometimes and it didn't budge which was perfect.

Now the Studded Kiss Lipstick in Magick and it is so wearable. I wasn't sure how true the swatch on the website would be but it was really close. Magick is an utterly beautiful dusty pink that is probably going to become my everyday shade very quickly. It glides on like a dream and isn't too bad on dry patches either.

Finally is the one product I'm sure every blogger and their dog has this or at least wants it. It is of course a Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw. Now I thought this looked to be an orangey red to me but to my surprise/delight it was actually a true red. It's a lovely blue toned red so it will make my teeth look whiter and it will last all day. Basically it's perfect.

Kat von D for LoveMeBeauty

Kat von D products have definitely shot to the top of my list this year because these three are such high quality! If there are any good giftsets I would recommend picking them up because who wouldn't want amazing makeup for Christmas!

Halloween at LUSH

I wasn't planning on a Lush haul just yet, but here we are. Here I am with a small bag of Lush again. Let's be honest though, as a blogger it's really hard to pass on a Lush seasonal collection especially when it's Halloween!

LUSH Halloween Haul

I was really restrained and actually only managed to spend £11 and get three bits. Obviously I won't be quite as restrained when I go to get some of the Christmas range, I already have a wishlist totalling over £25. That's quite a lot on Lush but it's my last year of college and the stress is real!

LUSH Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

First off I decided that I would try a fan favourite in: Lord of Misrule bath bomb. Now this was available last year but I didn't like the smell, I guess my tastes have changed. It's quite an earthy smell and not something I would've chosen before.

LUSH Magic Wand Soap

I told myself I wouldn't get any soaps because I really don't use the soaps too often. However, I caved as Magic Wand soap smells so good. Think orange sherbet in those dippy sherbet lollies from years and years ago. Since getting this soap I have decided I shall start using them as a solid brush cleanser so my brushes will be soft and sweet smelling.

LUSH Pumpkin Bath Bomb

Finally is the Pumpkin Bath Bomb another orange sherbet scent but with warmer undertones, something like vanilla. He's really quite cute though for a Halloween product and I'm not complaining because I'm not one for scary things. (Unless it's FX makeup that is!)

The collection isn't the largest which is understandable as Christmas is right around the corner and Lush really do go all out on that. Watch this space for a Christmas haul, it's not too far away!

Wine Bottle Lip Stain?*

I love makeup, although I'm pretty sure if you're on my blog you will know that already! So when Nurbesten.de asked if I would like to try a few of their products I was hardly going to say no was I, especially when the range was so extensive and beautiful. 

I will first apologise for the photography, I absolutely hate mine at the moment and am trying to start using my DSLR. If anyone has any blog photography posts please link me up as I need all the help I can get. Anyway onto the products...

I was offered the choice of four products up to the value of £35 which is very generous of them. (A few months ago I was contacted by BornPretty Store who have a very similar if not identical range which I absolutely fell in love with!) As it's nearly Halloween one of my choices was influenced slightly and I am very pleased with the outcome.

First I chose the Qi Best Long Lasting liquid lipstick* (£3.28.) As liquid lipsticks are so 'in' right now I couldn't not pick one up. I had to choose a neutral shade which is in shade 03. It is a perfect neutral pink which will work throughout the warmer and colder months. It has a really memorable smell, something like baby powder perhaps but I just remember the smell from somewhere.

I love my eyeliner and on the off chance I have time to make it perfect I always reach for gel. This means it's only natural I wanted to try the Mixiu Waterproof Gel Cream Eyeliner(£3.73.) The idea that is is a gel cream intrigues me and it's waterproof and my eyes in winter are always watering.

Next is the Halloween inspired choice: Light Blue Party False Eyelashes* (£3.86.) I thought these would be utterly perfect for an ice queen or ice fairy look because they are so pretty. They are so long so I might have to cut them down or I imagine they will be so heavy.

Finally is what I thought would be a gimmick but it actually looks really nice, and perfect for a wine lover. The Liphop Wine Lip Tint* (£3.86.) It's very liquid based and not at all a liquid lipstick, as it's a stain it doesn't grab onto dry patches too bad. It also doesn't seem to have a particular smell which is great for those with sensitive skin. It's definitely veering onto the orange toned red rather than blue, usually my preference is blue toned but I will still get some use out of it.

Nur Besten Swatches

Overall I would definitely be up for buying a few more bits as there is such a large range; perfect for Halloween and everything else you could possibly need!

Seeing stars? Any products which have a * by their name have been sent to me. See my full disclaimer here...