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Saturday, 9 January 2016
During December last year I reached 500 Bloglovin followers and decided to treat myself to a LoveMeBeauty Box, as I had a voucher for a box for  £1! (Don't worry I'll be celebrating the milestone with a giveaway soon!)


Firstly, I was super impressed by how quickly it arrived. It said 3-5 days but I ordered it so close to Christmas I didn't expect it to arrive till after, but in fact it arrived on Christmas Eve! If you're not familiar with LoveMeBeauty, (which I wasn't,) it can't just be classed as your usual bog standard beauty box, because it's not. You don't get sent 5 random beauty minis each month, instead you get to pick for yourself. You get a certain amount of credits to spend in the boutique, there's a choice of makeup, skincare and even jewelry. For a one month membership you get 60 credits, and if you don't think that is enough for you, you can add on credit bundle. I worked out that from 60 credits, you could get a maximum of 6 items, the range between 10-20 credits, I spent mine and got 4 different things and I'm really happy with them!

LoveMeBeauty Box Content

I'd heard a lot about the Dr. Paw Paw Ultimate balm so decided that I'd spend 10 of my credits on getting a mini of it. Then was the NUXE Lotion Tonique Douce, I really like the mask they did and needed a toner, so another 10 credits went on that. Now for the slightly more expensive choices,(20 credits): first was the NailsInc Polish in Colville Mews, it's a classic nude nail colour, and as nude goes with everything I couldn't resist. If you were wondering where the makeup that I love so dearly comes into this, well I just had to get the Eye of Horus Bronze Amulet eyeliner, there was a blue one but I thought the bronze would bring out the green in my eyes.

If you were looking for a way to treat yourself this new year I'd opt for a LoveMeBeauty Box! I have a promo code, (for referring a friend): BETH7867 which gets you £21 of LMB credits when you sign up, (which also gets me some credits too!) I hope you're enjoying the new year, I'm in the middle of mocks but they'll be over soon!


  1. I've thought about signing up to a beauty box previously but I just can't commit to one as there are so many good ones out there on the market. I don't think I'll ever actually take the plunge and sign up for one as they can be so inconsistent with the products.


    1. That is very true, the inconsistency is why I stopped my Glossybox subscription!xx

  2. Right, I'm definitely signing up to this ♥


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