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Mother's Day Gift Guide

I haven't done many gift guides but I thought that I would start with Mother's Day because let's be honest, mums are so important they can't be forgotten, and they deserve something nice to show just how much we appreciate them!

Mother's Day Gift Guide

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I went for a mix of gift ideas, there's beauty, flowers, afternoon tea and even a candle. Obviously there is the classic gift: chocolates, and I'm sure Thorntons or Hotel Chocolat would be more than happy to help there. I think for my mum I'm going to get a box of nice chocolates, nothing with nuts though, something from Lush, and maybe a couple of skincare bits! (She doesn't read my blog, so I can write this!) Out of the list above my favourite is probably the Afternoon Tea for Two and also the Fiorelli bag, it is gorgeous. 

I hope this helps your shopping, and I hope your mums have a wonderful Mother's Day!

RealTechniques Sculpting Set

Contouring: a word you'll have heard and used countless times over the last year or so, I can almost guarantee it. I'll admit, me and contouring didn't hit it off straight away, pale as paper and an orange powder was never going to give me a great confidence. Once I'd found an alternative contour powder, and still couldn't get the hang of it I realised it must be the tools, (because when it comes to makeup one can obviously blame their tools,) so I decided to invest in the RealTechniques Sculpting Set when it was half price at Superdrug.

RealTechniques Sculpting Set Review

Now if you have tried RealTechniques brushes before you'll know they are such good quality for the price. For example, this set costs £20.99, (I got it for £10.99!) Some brands of brush like MAC, will cost you £20+ for a single brush so the RealTechniques sets are such good value. This set in particular I love, mainly because it contains a set exclusive: the Fan Brush. It classes itself as an Collector's Edition which sounds like it's going to be an LE item, but this seems to always be available.

RealTechniques Sculpting Brush

The Sculpting Brush was the main reason I wanted the set, it is available on it's own but as the set was half price it worked out that for only £1 more I could get three brushes! No brainer really. Anyway this brush is my lifesaver when it come to contouring. It's ever so slightly tapered which allows it to fit perfectly into the hollows of your cheeks. Now its tapered but at the top also rounded which sounds quite confusing, but because of this it allows you to place your product precisely and then use the other bristles surrounding it to blend the product out for a natural sculpting. If you're looking for an exceptionally sculpted look this might not be the brush in the set to use, but I would always use this to blend out the edges so your contour won't look too harsh.

RealTechniques Setting Brush

If you are looking for a stronger contour the Setting Brush is the brush to try, it might say it's useful for setting the under eye area but it's also good at producing definition. The brush tapers at the top meaning you can get a real sense of definition in the hollows of your cheeks and blend out with the same brush. Other uses for this brush are for under eye setting powder and also under eye concealer blending if you choose. Also it's good for spot highlighting with a powder or cream formula.

RealTechniques Fan Brush

Finally is the set exclusive Fan Brush. I've always seen these used for highlighter but never got round to buying one till I got this set. It's a duo fibre brush and the bristles near the handle are quite compact and the ones that pick up the product are fairly sparse which in this case is really useful because not all of us want to look like a glitter ball, (there are moments when I do want to be a glitter ball don't you worry.) Overall I do like this brush to highlight but most of the time I'll tend to use my fingers if I use a cream product!

If you're struggling with contouring I would definitely pick up this set because it has helped me no end! Instead of having a dark smudge across my cheek I now have definition which just adds that extra edge to my makeup. Have you tried this set? What are your contouring must haves?

Free Wordpress Themes

My last free blog templates post was such a success I just had to do another, and because last time I focused on Blogger, this time I decided it was the turn of Wordpress themes. Now, I'm not going to lie, I found it a lot more difficult to find nice free Wordpress themes compared to Blogger but I managed so don't worry Wordpress bloggers, I have 3 to show you today. I hope you like them.

Free Wordpress Themes

As far as I'm aware these themes are all 'basic' themes, meaning that if you want more features, they are available but for a price.

Free Wordpress Themes

The first is the Powen theme. It's very photo based, live demo here, so if you're hot on photography, this is the template for you. It allows you to have drop down menus, easy access for social media channels and a back to top button that's always visible. If you want to download it, here's the link!

Next is the Enamoured theme. It's quite a minimalistic theme, it lets you have drop down menus and you can choose whether to have a sidebar or not. (And the sidebar has a nice contrasting colour.) As I said the premium option has other options available, but you can see the live demo here, and download it here.

Free Wordpress Themes

Last but not least is my personal favourite: the Mary Kate theme. It's similar to Enamoured, but it has a bit more colour. There's a drop down menu, huge picture focus and also gorgeous fonts. I love it, you can see the live demo here, and if you're thinking about downloading you can do so here.

There are three blog worthy Wordpress themes, I hope they aid your search for a new blog look. If you'd like to see more free themes, Blogger or Wordpress, just let me know and I'll start searching!

Soap&Glory Soaper Heroes Set

I love travel minis. If I'm honest I would happily have every beauty product in a miniature size because they just make life so much easier. So when my little brother got me the Soaper Heroes set at Christmas I almost jumped with joy because this contains five minis!

Firstly I love the Soap&Glory packaging, while I'm not usually a 'pink girl' I can make an exception when the products smell this good. Soaper Heroes contains five favourites: Original Pink body spray, Hand Food hand cream, The Righteous Butter body butter, Clean On Me shower gel and Flake Away body scrub.

Before this set, I'd never tried a Soap&Glory body mist, I usually forget to use one anyway but I have been using this a bit. It smells really really good and is perfect for throwing in my gym bag so I can always smell great. Hand Food hand cream has been a favourite of mine for a while but I recently had to throw my tube away because it was quite old, but I got a mini of it in this set and now I can start using it again! I have a big Clean On Me in my bathroom at the moment so I don't need to use this little one for a while but it will get used don't you worry! The Flake Away body scrub is probably, in my opinion, the best smelling Soap&Glory product I have ever tried. It's slightly fruity thanks to the peach seeds, it's also quite a gentle scrub, which I prefer, some feel like they're removing layers of skin but this just feels so nice, everyone should try this at least once. Finally in the set is The Righteous Butter, it's a thick, moisturising body butter, which I have tried before, I rarely use a body butter, I forget or don't have time but I am trying to use it.

So there is what was in the set, I'm loving Soap&Glory at the moment, what else should I try?

Lush Sweet Christmas Giftset

Okay, it's February, I got this set on Christmas Day, but hey! Life gets in the way, dropping your phone down the toilet doesn't help, so here we are; here is a very belated Christmas gift post for you to enjoy!

Lush Sweet Christmas Giftset

There were two Lush sets on my wish list this year and I was fortunate enough to receive both but I thought I would show you just this one. We don't want a Lush overload. Or maybe we do...

Lush Booklet

I always love browsing a Lush catalogue planning my next few purchases, I've really got back into Lush if you couldn't tell already.

Lush Snow Fairy

First thing in the box is the cult classic that is Snow Fairy shower gel. I'm not lying when I say I have about seven of the 100g bottles, (not including the two I'm giving away here.) I love Snow Fairy, it's sweet, uplifting and  not overly Christmassy, which is why I stocked up. Plus, it's great as a brush cleaner!

Lush Luxury Pud Bath Bomb

This Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb, has not actually been used yet, I was debating giving it to my brother's bath bomb collection, as it's not really my smell. It's pretty, yes, but not really a me smell. It has comforting lavender which does sound nice, so I'll think about it.

Lush Magic Wand

A returning favourite from the Lush Christmas collection, Magic Wand bubble bar. This is another product with a snow fairy smell, so I was always going to be a fan. I really like the idea of these as you don't need to use it all at once, you swish it around in the water and it goes candy pink and smells of sweets!

Lush Rose Bubbleroon

I have quickly fallen in love with rose smelling products, so it's no surprise that I am loving the smell of the Rose Jam Bubbleroon. I just wish I had got more bottles of Rose Jam shower gel because I really want to use it but don't want to run out.

Lush The Comforter Shower Gel

I am a sucker for The Comforter bubble bar and so I bought the shower gel because who wouldn't want more of the blackcurranty goodness!? So I am really happy I got to add The Comforter Shower Gel to my huge collection.

Lush Tooth Fairy Tooth Powder

I'd never actually tried any of  the Lush tooth care range before, so I was happy to be able to try this. It's the Tooth Fairy Tooth Powder, and I'm not going to lie, it's weird. If you're used to minty pastes, you won't like this. It's tastes of strawberries and is a bit gritty, but it does leave my mouth feeling clean, so that's a bonus.

Lush Yog Nog Bath Bomb

This one got a little bashed up in transition so doesn't look its best. This is the Yog Nog bath bomb and I, foolishly may I add, let my brother steal and I rather regret it because it smelt really good when he had his bath! Oh well, let's hope it comes back next year!

So there is/was the contents of my Sweet Christmas gift set, the hits were definitely Snow Fairy and the Rose Jam Bubbleroon, and luckily I can get one of those to get me through the year. What were your favourites from the Lush Christmas range? Plus don't forget to enter my Snow Fairy giveaway!

Valentine's Survival Kit #2

Last year I did a Valentine's Survival Kit and this year I thought I'd do another one, an updated version if you like. I know there are people without Valentine's this month, we've all been there, and no one wants lovey-dovey stuff in your face so here is your guide on how to make February the 14th another normal day.

Ask The Girls Round
Any single friends? Then make a night of it, who needs someone on Valentine's if you've got each other. Mates over dates and all that jazz.

There are so many films that at first don't appear to be full of romance but as the story progresses, bamn! there's the romance, shoved right down your throat. I decided that I would scour my film collection (and the internet,) to see if I could find any that wouldn't force feed you love stories and I ended up with 5 that I thought would appeal.

  1. Big Hero 6 - Now the only love in this, is that of a family and that kind of love is surely allowed on the 14th plus it's Disney. You can't turn down a non romantic Disney movie.

  2. The Wizard of Oz - If ever there was a film to take your mind off of a day it's definitely the magical world that Dorothy lives in. It's an old film but a good'un!

  3. Kill Bill - Really hating your ex? Then this is for you, violence, death, place yourself in the lead role and slay to your hearts content.

  4. Willy Wonka - Just think of the chocolate and how much you always wanted to go to that factory, stock up on chocolate to make the experience even better.

  5. Brave - Another Disney film that won't have you wishing for your Prince Charming to come and sweep you off your feet. Let Merida show you that you don't need anyone, show off your independent side.

Dominoes? Chinese? Indian? Treat yourself to a takeaway! No ones going to judge you for eating crap, it's your relaxing night, plus don't forget to stock up on Ben&Jerry's because every good movie night needs ice cream.

First off, pyjamas are a must, comfort is key. Then don't feel bad about buying a thing or two off any of your wish lists, buy yourself something, you're amazing, you deserve it! Light a nice smelling candle, whack on a face mask and show everyone what they're missing.

Other Tips
  1. Try giving social media a miss, we all know a couple who will Snapchat or Instagram every minute of their night.
  2. See if there are any shifts going at work (unless you work in a restaurant!) Why not earn yourself some extra money while everyone else is spending it, even more reason for you to buy yourself something with the money you earn,
  3. If all fails: grab blankets, build a fort and hibernate for the night. Because no one is allowed in your fort unless you say so!

Hopefully this will help you if you want to avoid all that February the 14th has to offer! Do you have any ways to keep away from all the drama?

3 Blogging Myths

Blogging is easy, said no blogger ever, but the amount of times I've heard non bloggers talk about blogging as an easy hobby is somewhat incredible. So today I decided to compile my top three blogging myths, (saving the rest for another post!)

Blogging Myths

  1. Bloggers get loads of freebies!
    I'm pretty sure this is one of the first things people say to me when I admit to them that I blog. 'How much free stuff do you get?' well, I don't blog for free stuff. Getting asked if I'd like to try a product every now and then is a perk of blogging yes, but I make sure it's right for my readers and also me. Also the times I've been asked if I'd like to try a really irrelevant study or showcase a gift guide that doesn't feature mainly beauty isn't helpful.

  2. Blogging isn't time consuming!
    This one shocks me so much; blogging isn't time consuming!? If I totalled up how much time I spend a week on my blog they would be amazed. Just off the top of my head I know I spend time planning, writing, scheduling tweets, researching, taking blog and Instagram photos, researching and trialing products; if that's all now not time consuming well I really am confused.

  3. Anyone can start a blog, it's easy!
    For the most part, yes, anyone can start a blog, but that's not the difficult part. The difficult part is the sustaining and growing of that blog. If you want to grow your blog you can't just write a post and hope it will go viral. The internet rarely works like that. Instead you have to promote posts, make blogging friends, partake in chats, comment on blogs, all whilst continuing to post. It's not easy, but if you make a go of it, it can be really rewarding!

Can anyone else relate to these blogging myths? Don't get me wrong I love blogging, but it does ruffle my feathers a little when people underestimate the lengths bloggers go to for their blogs, (standing on a table to get the perfect flat lay anyone?)

Boots Base Product Haul

So whilst out Boxing Day sale shopping I may have found myself in Boots...oops! I managed to spend my gift card all in one go, but I think it was worth it. I focused mainly on all base products so I could try something new!

Base Product Haul

My Grandad got me the gift voucher, and I'm not sure he knew just how quickly I would spend it but it didn't take long. The Boots offers really didn't help; 3 for 2 on Rimmel and everything under £4 at the Collection booth, how could I resist!?

Lasting Perfection Concealer

First off I had to pick up a back up Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair, it is a holy grail product and I would hate to run out of it. It featured in my first beauty post of the year, here, and I'm sure most of you understand why!

Match Perfection Foundation 010 Light Porcelain

Rimmel are a brand I always go for when it comes to foundation and that is because they cater for the very pale like myself; I am the shade 010 Porcelain. The first ever Rimmel foundation I bought was Match Perfection, I repurchased it a lot, but I haven't picked another bottle up since it had it's reformulation. Obviously I took the opportunity to try it again and once I've had a while to trial it you can expect to see a post!

Rimmel BB Cream 010 Porcelain

I have rarely ever worn a BB Cream because every brand's 'light' option turns me into an oompa loompa... Anyway when I saw Rimmel had a 'very light' BB Cream I had to get it, I want to see if BB Creams are all they have been hyped up to be! I don't know how well it will work with my dry skin but I will be sure to review it soon.

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation 010 Light Porcelain

Lastly is a product I'm almost sure will not work for me: Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in 010 Light Porcelain, my dry skin will potentially be revealed and not in a good way! But oh well, I don't think I've ever tried a product quite as matte as this seems, I'll make sure to review it for you so you can see how it does!

So that is my little Boots haul, all base products which is unlike me, but it's a new year, and time to start experimenting more and getting out of my comfort zone. If you have any products to get me out of my comfort zone don't forget to comment them below!