Valentine's Survival Kit #2

Wednesday, 10 February 2016
Last year I did a Valentine's Survival Kit and this year I thought I'd do another one, an updated version if you like. I know there are people without Valentine's this month, we've all been there, and no one wants lovey-dovey stuff in your face so here is your guide on how to make February the 14th another normal day.

Ask The Girls Round
Any single friends? Then make a night of it, who needs someone on Valentine's if you've got each other. Mates over dates and all that jazz.

There are so many films that at first don't appear to be full of romance but as the story progresses, bamn! there's the romance, shoved right down your throat. I decided that I would scour my film collection (and the internet,) to see if I could find any that wouldn't force feed you love stories and I ended up with 5 that I thought would appeal.

  1. Big Hero 6 - Now the only love in this, is that of a family and that kind of love is surely allowed on the 14th plus it's Disney. You can't turn down a non romantic Disney movie.

  2. The Wizard of Oz - If ever there was a film to take your mind off of a day it's definitely the magical world that Dorothy lives in. It's an old film but a good'un!

  3. Kill Bill - Really hating your ex? Then this is for you, violence, death, place yourself in the lead role and slay to your hearts content.

  4. Willy Wonka - Just think of the chocolate and how much you always wanted to go to that factory, stock up on chocolate to make the experience even better.

  5. Brave - Another Disney film that won't have you wishing for your Prince Charming to come and sweep you off your feet. Let Merida show you that you don't need anyone, show off your independent side.

Dominoes? Chinese? Indian? Treat yourself to a takeaway! No ones going to judge you for eating crap, it's your relaxing night, plus don't forget to stock up on Ben&Jerry's because every good movie night needs ice cream.

First off, pyjamas are a must, comfort is key. Then don't feel bad about buying a thing or two off any of your wish lists, buy yourself something, you're amazing, you deserve it! Light a nice smelling candle, whack on a face mask and show everyone what they're missing.

Other Tips
  1. Try giving social media a miss, we all know a couple who will Snapchat or Instagram every minute of their night.
  2. See if there are any shifts going at work (unless you work in a restaurant!) Why not earn yourself some extra money while everyone else is spending it, even more reason for you to buy yourself something with the money you earn,
  3. If all fails: grab blankets, build a fort and hibernate for the night. Because no one is allowed in your fort unless you say so!

Hopefully this will help you if you want to avoid all that February the 14th has to offer! Do you have any ways to keep away from all the drama?


  1. Love this post so much, especially the tip to avoid instagram on that day! xx

    1. Instagram would be your worst enemy that day!xx

  2. Love your other tips! Totally agree with social media everyone all loved up will definitely get annoying. It's like a competition who got what.. Embarrassing. It'll definitely be a bed day with lots of films for me xo

    Beth // polished couture

    1. Sounds good, don't forget to treat yourself with chocolate in the sales!xx

  3. Brave is always a good idea nomatter what the day lol! but I'm all for girl power films on valentines lol xxx

  4. I'd stay clear of social media! Mean Girls is a good one!

    Emily xo

  5. I love this post, will definitely be avoiding social media! I'm spending Sunday in the pub with my friends and some nachos :) xx


  6. Haha X) Singleness is really not that bad, is it? Doing the expected activities with a date is hard work, you know.

    I love your thumbnails by the way, they're gorgeous :)


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