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Easter Goodies of the Lush Variety

Easter at my mum's is a little different to other peoples Easter. Instead of giving chocolate, which although yummy can be disappointing, we give small gifts and this year my mum allowed me to choose three Lush bath bombs for Easter; aren't I lucky!?

Lush Bag

Okay, so when I say Easter goodies I more mean that they're for Easter rather from the Easter range, because in actual fact only one is from the range. I chose Golden Egg (Easter,) Lover Lamp (Valentine's) and Rose Bombshell (Mother's Day.) But all of these smell and look amazing!

Lush Golden Egg

Firstly, the glitter on Golden Egg is no joke. It is the most stubborn, clingy and sparkly stuff you will ever find ever anywhere. To take this photo I put on latex gloves so my hands would stay as glitter free as possible. I can't wait to see how the glitter fares in the bath itself, if you see an image of me sparkling like the sun, let's make it go viral? Anyway this smells like toffee, so be careful not to mistake it for an actual Easter egg, (it might not taste as good as it smells!) and is a cross between a bath bomb and bath melt, so if you like fast fizzers this might not be Instagram worthy in your eyes. Regardless everyone needs a bit of glitter in their life, so go for it, it's perfect for this time of year.

Lush Lover Lamp

Lover Lamp has a very subtle smell but is amazing nonetheless. It has hearts on the outside as well as inside I think. If I'm honest, I sometimes prefer a gentle smell in the bath rather than something strong, especially if I've had a stressful day.

Lush Rose Bombshell Bathbomb

Now if you've read any of my latest Lush posts you will know I am a sucker for rose smelling products. I used to associate the scent with old ladies but I was so wrong. After falling in love with Turkish Delight at Christmas I've since also fallen in love with Rose Jam, and everything thing else. Now Rose Bombshell is a sweet rose smell, the same as Rose Jam, and it's colouring is gorgeous; I can't wait to see how it looks in the bath!

There are my Easter goodies, what could be better than Lush let's be fair. I honestly am loving everything from Lush at the moment but I'm not sure what to try next. Any suggestions?

You Beauty Box February & March

Well, they did it, they lured me back in with the promise of a freebie and a nice choice of products. I'll admit, I'm weak when it comes to beauty boxes, I love them, they offer the chance to try out products I never thought I would for a fraction of the price. This You Beauty box has recently been revamped so I thought I'd see what's new!

You Beauty Box

The You Beauty box is probably my favourite of the beauty boxes out there as it is only £6.95. The first time I got the box I got a full size Illamasqua lipstick, and another box contained a Crown brush! I really like You Beauty's box for its simple idea; instead of getting random products you don't want this actually lets you choose. On the first of each month a shortlist of products is released and you can pick two to go in your box, this means you get something you think you'll like. Also in the box are a couple of other goodies (once I received a sample of the St. Tropez in shower tan) sometimes there can be food too, it all depends on the theme of the box. It's such an inexpensive box and there are such good items and today I have both the February and March boxes to show you.

You Beauty February

Now the February choices weren't exactly the most awe-inspiring for me but I did manage to choose eventually. Firstly I chose the dr.organic Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask, I'm trying to try as many new face masks as possible so this was ideal, whilst I don't necessarily need anti ageing right now it will still be interesting as to how it performs. I must admit though, it doesn't smell too great! Then I chose this dinky bronzer from Kevin Aucoin as I am a sucker for makeup, which you can probably work out, but if I'm honest I'm not loving this particular product. Whilst it is cute and very matte, it is also very orange which doesn't work if you're pale, but I may be able to use it as an eyeshadow.

You Beauty February

So the freebies in the February box were rather good. The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer was the big freebie that enticed me back to the box. Then there were two sachets of the RealTechniques Brush Cleansing Gel, I usually use a Lush shower gel to wash my brushes so they smell good but I will definitely make a point of trying it. The last thing is the Vita Liberata Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask, this I won't use, I rarely use tanning products as I'm too pale. 

YouBeauty March

Now due to my love of rose smelling products, I thought I would love The Body Shop's British Rose instant glow body butter. Sadly I do not, it isn't a sweet rose like the Lush products, instead it is a really grandma rose smell. On the other hand, the Nanshy makeup blending sponge looks amazing and I'm so glad I chose it. It's different to other sponges, it's not an egg like the RT one, its got a flat edge but also an area which can 'bounce' foundation onto the skin!

YBD Freebies

I wasn't overly impressed with this months freebies after the impressive lot last month, but nonetheless the face masks and leave in conditioner will come in handy at some point I'm sure. Maybe on my trip to France? We shall see!

Honestly, you won't find a better value beauty box than this one. £6.95 including p&p and you choose your own products from the shortlist. If you were wondering which box to get, this one would be your best bet by miles in my opinion!

KIKO Rebel Romantic Eyeshadows + Urban Decay Dupe!

Okay, so this is one of those posts that I just couldn't wait to write, I was that excited about it. Last time I was in Reading I picked up a couple more of the KIKO Rebel Romantic Metallic Shine Eyeshadows, (and they were half price so get in there quick!) Once I got my purchases home I also noticed a great similarity to one of the Gwen Stefani shadows so this is a 2in1 post, here goes...

KIKO Rebel Romantic Eyeshadows

These shadows are simply stunning, packaging wise and also application wise, KIKO really nailed this collection. I have three of the shades 01, 02 and 04, all of which are as good as each other. 01 is a light pink champagne, the pink becomes clear when in direct light as there is a pink iridescent shimmer to it. 02 is then a metallic pink and 04 a dark blue black with blue shimmer running through. The texture is what I am most impressed with, especially on 01 and 02, one touch and iridescent, metallic shadow is yours. 04 has a slightly different texture because it is less metallic and also a lot darker in colour, but when it hits the light the blue shines true. The shadows, for a drugstore/highend hybrid is pretty good, it doesn't take long to apply but still looks quality.

KIKO Rebel Romantic Eyeshadows

Swatches never do the products the justice, when applied to the eye these look slightly different depending on the base, but with a white base the shadows are so much more beautiful and the colours shine true.

KIKO Urban Decay Dupe

Now here is the fun part, the dupe! Everyone has been going on about the Gwen Stefani Urban Decay palette, you can find my post here, and as soon as I got the KIKO shadow home I realised that it seemed very familiar. And I was right, it was, it looks so similar to Danger, one of the standout Gwen Stefani shadows. Even without swatching you can see how much of a close match they are, dark blues and both metallic and shimmery.

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Dupe

As you can see, they're not identical but they're certainly close. The Urban Decay shadow (left) is unsurprisingly the better shadow, it has a slightly brighter blue undertone and also is a lot easier to work with. Then the KIKO shadow (right) it has slightly less oopmfh, slightly less shimmer but still is a very close match. Now the Urban Decay shadow comes in a palette at £40, each shadow is 0.4 grams with a value of £2.60. The KIKO shadow, now on sale at £3.40, has 4g of product which does make it better value but it's up to you when it comes to resisting the gorgeous palette!

I am quickly falling in love with KIKO, affordable products and a whole store dedicated to it not too far from me, it's almost perfection. Would you buy anything from KIKO? Is there anything you're lusting after?

Battle of the Lip Balms

I must own about 30 lip balms in total, if you search in all my bags and coat pockets that is, currently in the drawer next to me I have four, which is kind of ridiculous really. But that got me thinking, out of the three lip balm products I use most often, which actually does its job best?

Best lip balms for dry lips

If you read my posts quite a lot you'll probably have heard me complain about my dry lips and dry skin on numerous occasions, my skin in winter would probably come under the category of extremely dry, it gets that bad. Because of the dryness I have tried so many of  the moisturisers and lip balms out there, the three lip balms I currently use a lot are the Nivea Lip Butter, The Body Shop Vitamin E lip balm and Benefit's Benebalm. I've given these three a fair test over the last three months or so and am more than ready to give my judgement on them, so here goes. (Which one do you think will be the best?)


I currently have a backup of Benebalm because I got it in a set at Christmas and I was rather happy that I did. This balm wouldn't be the overall winner if you have dry lips like myself, it won't fix them but it does offer a quick hit of moisture and a sheer wash of colour. It's not a heavy duty balm, however, out of the three it is the prettiest, (but it does cost the most...)

Nivea Lip Butter

I've used Nivea lip balms for years now, especially after I burnt my lips on holiday in France a few years ago. I bought this a while a go after I saw a couple of YouTuber's raving about it. Now one thing I don't like about this is that you have to use your finger to apply which is kind of eewww but that doesn't mean it's not a good product because it is. It's moisturising and smoothes my dry and cracking lips but I'll be honest it's still not the best. It provides relief for about 20 minutes or so but then I'll have to reapply, but on the plus side it smells amazing!

The Body Shop Vitamin E lip balm

I saved the best till last of course. This is The Body Shop Vitamin E lip balm, this is a balm that is always about my person. This is not only a stick balm, my personal favourite type of balm, but it also is incredibly hydrating, moisturising and soothing. It doesn't have the best taste or smell but it does help my lips. By using this throughout a day my dryness decreases and my lips stop cracking too much. This balm also is great under matte lipsticks as it stops the tight, dry feeling they can sometimes create. If you're a sufferer of dry lips this is for you, especially as it has the added bonus of SPF 15, (goodbye sun burnt lips!)

I definitely would recommend all three, but for different reasons: Benebalm if you want a sheer lip tint, Nivea's Lip Butter if you want quick relief and The Body Shop's Vitamin E balm is the one you need if you're lips are not a fan of winter. What are your lip balm recommendations? I've heard the NUXE balm is pretty good!

Blog Organisation Tips From A Student Blogger

I won't lie, my organisational skills didn't use to be great, I'd blog too much and have no time for anything else, or I'd do other stuff and forget to blog, see not the best! But half way through last year I decided to get my s**t together, because my life was so disorganised, it just didn't work, and now I'm pretty sure that I'm on top of everything, so I thought I'd share how I sorted my time out!

  1. Schedule time during holidays wisely - We all know that students have millions of assignments and hours of revision to do whilst it is claimed they're 'on holiday.' I know that I am able to procrastinate and create a revision timetable just so I don't have to revise, so what I do instead is take a day or so each week as a 'free day'; like in college I get free periods I take a day where I don't revise at all. I use this day usually to blog, getting a good few posts written takes the pressure off me completely, also it means there's no sudden realisation that I have an essay and a post due the next day!

  2. Scheduling tweets in bulk - This is a real time saver in the long run. At the beginning of the month I'll take an hour or so to schedule my 'from the archive' tweets, they all go out at the same time and they all have the same template they just need the link and image. I then each Sunday schedule that weeks tweets, promoting new posts that will appear and old posts that people may have missed. This keeps constant traffic flowing without stressing over whether I've got tweets ready the night before.

  3. Have a backlog of Instagram posts - Now I know there's the whole 'social media isn't real' debate going on, but honestly, who has time, (or more usually the lighting,) to take a quality photo of whatever has happened that day. This is why I decide to bulk take photos, I find props and products to showcase and then I take my time photographing them all, this means that come 9pm I have a photo to share. Also quotes are lifesavers; if you haven't had time to bulk take photos and inspiration quote never hurt anyone!

  4. Don't feel pressure to attend every chat - Twitter is a wonderful place, you can meet new people, showcase your blog and tell the world anything you want. There are probably hundreds of different chats and sometimes it feels like you must join them all. Just remember that missing one chat, or only choosing one or two to focus on isn't bad, it means you won't get overwhelmed and you'll make friends in your niche.

  5. Take that break - Maybe you've got exams, or a load of coursework, it's not a bad thing to take a break, be it a week or a month, or however long you need, your blog will still be there when you're ready and have the time to come back. And sometimes a break can make you find loads of new content ideas so it's really a win win situation.

There are my top 5 tips, obviously different things work for different people, but this is what works for me. Also before I forget, one final tip (that's not organisation based,) always utilise your student discount card, even if it's only a small purchase. What are your organisation tips?

Quick Lush Reviews

It's no secret that I love Lush, just check my Instagram, it's also no secret that I struggle to walk by Lush 5 days a week without popping in and making a purchase. This is why I decided to a few mini reviews of products I've been using lately, a single product review wouldn't take up a whole post so this post is the perfect opportunity to tell you about a couple of bits!

Lush Christmas Review

These are the bits I'm going to talk through today: Fairy Dust Dusting Powder, Tooth Fairy Tooth Powder and Rose Jam Bubbleroon; quite a mix. I decided to group together some Christmassy stuff because I got a lot of Lush gifts including the Sweet Christmas giftset which both Tooth Fairy and the Rose Jam Bubbleroon were included in.

Lush Fairy Dust

I can't say I'm usually one for dusting powders. I will admit that when I was younger they were rather a novelty and when I was at my grandparents, as soon as I finished my bath I'd ask for talcum powder for no reason and then proceed to shower myself and the surrounding area. But this is different, this is a pink, sweet smelling dusting powder called Fairy Dust: what's not to love!? (Okay, maybe a little part of me thought it would be like Peter Pan and after using it I'd be able to fly but it's not quite that magical.) Anyway when I use it, it makes my skin feel so soft, and it even makes it smell nice. I have two of these, but it's definitely going to take me a while to get through both.

Rosejam Bubbleroon

I am obsessed with anything rose scented lately, which is why I'm really liking this. It smells like the Christmas shower gel Rose Jam, and I need more. I only got one bottle of Rose Jam because I thought I loved Snow Fairy more, but I was wrong. Anyway this not only had been my room fragrance for the last month or so but it has also been a good pick me up on stressful days as it is so big you can get so many uses!

Tooth Fairy Tooth Powder

Now Tooth Fairy I'm really not sure about, it's strange and I'm not sure if it's in a good way. Basically this is toothpaste in a powder form. The idea threw me a bit to begin with; how do you apply? I ended up just dabbing my toothbrush into the pot and then running it under the tap which seemed to work, but I'm not too sure how much to use. If you're a minty toothpaste advocate this isn't for you, it kind of tastes like strawberries, and the feeling in the mouth whilst brushing is kind of gritty, which is weird. It also has glitter in it but it doesn't seem to stay around for long. Luckily if you want to try this I've seen a few pots still available even though it's waaaay past Christmas, but that's up to you if you feel like going Tooth Fairy hunting!

If you liked this post I'm sure I can make it a monthly thing just let me know in the comments and I'll make sure there's a spot in my schedule for it! Other than that I hope you enjoy your week and make sure you relax with a couple of Lush baths along the way!

Rimmel Provocalips Longevity Review

I wrote a post last year on the Rimmel Provocalips range, back when they were fairly new. In fact the post was mainly about how they have such ridiculous staying power; you have to scrub to get rid, even with an oil based makeup remover, (which is why the swatches below are on paper!)

Rimmel Provocalips Review

These were released back when liquid lipsticks were not quite as popular as now. These are the first kind of liquid lipsticks I really tried, which is why you could say that this formula isn't the best and that it's also a two step process, but that doesn't mean they're bad.

The three shades I have are: Kiss Me You Fool (orange red,) Play With Fire (blue red) and Kiss Fatal (berry purple.) They're double sided, on one end is the lacquer and the other has the sealing, moisturising, gloss. The lacquer sets quite quick but until you put the gloss over the top it will transfer, so no kissing, eating or drinking until you do. The colours are really pigmented but can be uneven if you don't take care when applying, you'll always need a mirror handy other wise it's almost guaranteed to smudge and go everywhere. A couple of slight downsides to the product is how drying it is on the lips, the gloss takes the edge off slightly but it's not great. Another is that if you layer the colour up too much it can start to crack and peel, but it's only happened to me once before. If I'm honest though, you can get past its pitfalls because of the fact that it last forever! It claims to last 16 hours, and if I'm honest it would, yeah it would need topping up after eating and drinking but it would last. I've worn it for around 8 hours before with only a little top up needed.

Rimmel Provocalips Swatches

Getting rid of it is the problem, it needs a remover with oil, something that not all of us always have to hand. And don't naively think that your trusty micellar water will do it, because oh no, it will not, I've lived that dream. I've scrubbed my lips to within an inch of their life and it still wasn't completely gone. So grab the coconut oil and have your fingers and toes crosses, and prepare to give it a couple of goes.

Overall the longevity of these is amazing, removal needs a little work, but longevity is faultless. The two steps is more work than the newer formulas but for a budget option it really isn't too bad. I'd like a bigger colour choice like the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams have, then I might invest some more. Have you tried these, what did you think?

Rimmel BB Cream Review

You know those times when a product seems so promising and you raise your hopes way too high, I have to admit that this was one of those times. Being super pale means I rarely get a chance to try BB Creams as the 'light' shade is usually bright orange on me so when Rimmel released a BB Cream in Very Light, I had to try it.

Rimmel BB Cream

So the BB Cream claims to be a 9 in 1 product, 'super makeup' nonetheless, Rimmel managed to raise my already optimistically high expectations with that claim. Apparently the 9 super powers of this are that it: primes, moisturises, minimises the appearance of pores, conceals, smoothes, mattifies, brightens and helps to protect. And it lasts all day. Very bold claims indeed. Me being me just had to get it, with all it's claims it could have revolutionised my routine, not to mention shorten it. 

Sadly, it boasts a hell of a lot more than it actually offers and I'll go through claim by claim how it fares, because saying I'm not a fan is an understatement.

  1. Primes - This is hard to judge, my usual primers make my face feel smooth and even but I can't say this did that. If I'm honest the product just looked cakey and settled into every little line on my face, something my normal primers try and reduce, so I have to say it didn't do a good job.
  2. Moisturises - While my face may have felt moisturised it didn't stop my dry patches being highlighted like crazy, in fact my boyfriend even asked why my makeup was so more noticeable than usual, (if even he noticed the product settling into lines and showing up dry patches it can't be good!)
  3. Minimises the Appearance of Pores - The pores debate, if I'm honest, you can only really see my pores if you're an inch from my face, but when I was looking in the mirror I felt I could see my pores more than when I'm not wearing makeup.
  4. Conceals - Yeah, conceals my a**. More like 'highlights dry patches and fine lines for a noticeable, uneven, cakey look.'
  5. Covers - I'd argue that most products cover something, that's why you put it on your face. The only thing I put on my face to not cover it is probably Micellar Water. So yes it covers, I wouldn't say particularly well but it covers.
  6. Smoothes - Er, not really. my face was cakey, so definitely didn't look too smooth.
  7. Mattifies - Yes, yes it does, this is probably one of the only things it does well. No glow if you wear this, it stayed matte for as long as it stayed on.
  8. Brightens - I guess it does sort of, not as much as Rimmel Wake Me Up, nor as much as a highlight would, but it still does a bit.
  9. Helps Protect - It has SPF 25, so good for beach days, not good for photo day, but SPF will save your skin for when you're older.
  10. Lasts all day - Kind of a bonus this one, as it says a 9 in 1 but I thought I'd add this in, mainly because it does not last all day. The first time I wore this was Christmas Day, I did my makeup round about 11am and wore it until 9pm which is 10 hours, on a normal day I'd be wearing it from 7am to 8/9pm which is 13/14 hours worth of wear, and this would not last 'all day' unless your day was around 3 hours long. It went patchy so quickly, I might as well not have bothered wearing it.

Rimmel BB Cream Swatch

Honestly, I really wanted to like this, it matches my skin and everything, but I just couldn't, it doesn't work for me. Maybe that's because my skin is extremely dry in Winter, or it just can't cope with all the claims it makes. Let me know if you've tried it, if it works for you do you have any tips? Or maybe it disappointed you as much as it did me. If you want my advice, steer clear; it's really not worth it.

You can get it here: Boots - £6.99.

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette

Now if you  haven't heard about this palette yet I will be very surprised; almost as soon as it was released reviews erupted on blogs and I had to get it. This was the biggest case of blogger enabling I'd ever been a part of, so you guys made me buy this, I hope you're happy, I certainly am: the Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Palette is mine!

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is actually my first entry into Urban Decay and it was a good choice, even if I do say so myself. Now I won't lie, this palette isn't exactly in my usual price range, it's £40! However, I had a £30 Debenhams voucher from Christmas so took the chance to basically get it for just £10, well at least that's how I justified it to myself. I have never loved a palette more than I love this one, I'd say it's the perfect palette for blondes like myself, not to mention everyone else!

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette

The palette contains 15 velvety eye shadows in a range of colours that Gwen chose and formulated and can I just say that she did an amazing job! I mean look at the range: matte, shimmer, pale to blue, it is such a versatile palette. This will have you covered from day to night, what's not to love!?

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette

Firstly the packaging. It's so rock chick glam, the gold, white and black compliment each other gorgeously. Also I'm really glad that it's quite a sturdy plastic so should be able withstand my clumsiness. I would have liked to have seen another type of closure as well as the magnet but we can't have everything now can we? The best thing about this palette though, other than the eye shadows themselves, is  the mirror! It spans the whole of the lid and it is such a good quality mirror too, I could do all my makeup in the one mirror it's that good.

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Swatches

 The first column of shadows are Blonde, Baby and Pop. Blonde is a gorgeous satin off white with a subtle pink look when it's under the light. Baby is a rose gold, more pink than gold, but with gold shimmer in certain lights. Pop is the only shadow that I find slightly disappointing as it has a much less impressive colour pay off than the other shades. It's a pale orangey pink shimmer but it's a little bitty which doesn't show up in the picture too much.

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Swatches

The next three are Bathwater, Anaheim and Harajuku. I am in love with Bathwater, (that sounded weirder than I thought it would,) I'm a sucker for pretty gold shadows and this one is no exception. It's such a delicate, pale gold, almost vintage looking. This is probably my most used shade from the palette so far! Then there is Anaheim, a matte, light orangey brown, it is a great crease colour. Finally in the trio is Harajuku, a light candy pink, inspired (probably) by Gwen's love of Japan and a mention to her perfume line: Harajuku Lovers.

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Swatches

Up next are Skimp, Stark and Danger. Skimp is another pale satin shade, I've been using it as an inner corner highlight and it works so well. Stark is another matte, a great transition shade as it is quite neutral, it also works well as a base colour shadow.  Then there is Danger, and this is a wow shade; it's such a difference from the rest, it's a dark blue almost a blue/black crossover, I think it would be great as an alternative smokey eye. 

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Swatches

These three shadows are a beautiful combination to wear together; Steady, Zone and 1987. Steady is a darker version of Baby, so in effect a darker rose gold, it's satin and it's nice placed in the centre of the lid. Then is Zone, a darker matte, a great go to crease colour and it blends out so well. Then there's 1987, I've already said I love golds and this one is loved too. It works nicely blended into Steady for a gradual change.

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Swatches

The last three are all matte and all dark. They are Punk, Serious and Blackout. The swatch of Punk does it no justice at all, it's so much more red than the swatch and it is amazing in the outer v blended out. Serious is a dark grey matte, ideal for a smokey eye. Finally is Blackout, the darkest, matte-est black I own. I've so far used this as an eyeliner and it looks so good and stays for ages.

Overall, this palette gets a thumbs up from me. It caters to all my needs, day and night, yes it has quite a high price tag but boy it is worth every penny. Have you given in the words of the bloggers yet, or are you still staying strong?