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Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Kit Review

Me and contouring used to be mortal enemies. Everything was too dark, too orange or too muddy; none of which were a good look on my pale skin. Then I found a matte Makeup Revolution eyeshadow which did the job but I really wanted a palette that did it all. I don't have the spare money to throw at something from Anastasia Beverly Hills so I thought I would go for the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Kit as an alternative.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Kit

Makeup Revolution are a highly affordable brand and this palette was no exception: £8 for eight large pans of products, that's £1 per shade! Unsurprisingly I went for Light/Medium as dark was never going to work. I didn't even bother to swatch it. Now the packaging isn't the luxury of Charlotte Tilbury, (oh how I lust after those lipsticks,) but it isn't ugly either. The product is cased in a sturdy thick plastic which is practical for taking places as I found in France. One of the best features of the packaging is the full size mirror which adorns the inside of the lid bit. Products like this that don't think they need mirrors are somewhat mistaken; if I'm going away I don't want to be taking an extra mirror with me. This mirror is a great size and Makeup Revolution have done well to have such a quality feature.

The palette itself contains eight different powders. There are two matte highlighters, the pale creamy white and the yellow, one shimmery highlight and two baked highlighters. As for the contour powders there are three, all matte. Two with warm brown undertones and another with more ashy brown undertones, the gem of the palette if you're pale like I am. All the powders are very velvety to the touch and blend easily, which is good if you can be heavy handed sometimes.

The first shade is a pale, almost translucent powder perfect for setting makeup as other powders similar do very well. This shade makes the kit great as not only can you contour, highlight and brighten, you can also set your makeup. The yellow shade looks quite scary when you look at it in the swatch above but I promise you I only built it up so you would be able to see it. If you've seen any YouTube videos lately yellow powder is great for setting and brightening under eye concealer and this does just that. I like to dust it under my eyes using the Spectrum Brush I received in my Birchbox! The next shade is a pinky peach shimmery highlighter. This is more your conventional barely there highlight for everyday natural makeup. I really like it as it is quite understated, I also think it would make a gorgeous eyeshadow. Next up is the less conventional highlight shade, this is one of those that will make you shine and gleam bright in all kinds of light. It is silver so might not work for all skin tones, but works on mine quite nicely, (that's pale as paper if you haven't read my blog before.)

Now for the shades you probably want to hear about: the contour shades. There are three, the first is quite orangey good for those with a tan but not for me, it sort of reminds me of Hoola by Benefit but a tad more orange. The next one is the one I use, it's quite ashy and without warm tones. Even better than just being a contour shade for me it also can double as a brow powder. It's not the best match for them but when you've forgotten your brow powder it's a lifesaver. The last contour shade is a slightly reddy brown, perfect for if you have a tan I imagine, but not for when you're Casper the ghost. Now the final shade is a golden baked highlight, for those who want a summery golden goddess glow. It would also make a good eyeshadow I think.

If you like to contour but don't have the budget for a high end palette like me, I believe this to be a really good alternative or starter palette. On another note I have hardly tried anything from Makeup Revolution so would really like some recommendations of what to try next!

How I'm Finally Happy with my Blog

I'll be honest, I'm sure all bloggers have been unhappy with their blogs at some point or another, I for one sure have. Probably at least once a day I see a tweet saying someone can't find the motivation or that they hate their photography or even that they aren't happy with they blog as a whole. I'll be honest, I've done it too and there's nothing wrong with it. I've changed a few things around my blog, and I'm now feeling a lot more positive so I thought I'd share them with you, in case they are able help you too!

How to be happy with your blog

  1. Firstly, you see the Bloglovin' follow button in my sidebar? It no longer shows the amount of followers. When it used to show followers I was able to see every follow and also every unfollow, and the unfollows always got me down. What didn't they like? Was it my personality? My brain would go through a million different thoughts and it would end up getting me down and I'd lose motivation. Honestly, just changing that one little element made me feel 10x better about my blog. You can still see my stats, I update them every month on my Work With Me page, but I don't need to see them to often anymore!

  2. Then there is my template. I've been through so so many. Tweaking them here and there, adding stuff, reading so many HTML posts I feel like I'm now fluent (I'm not.) In the end I decided that instead of trawling through the free ones online I'd look to Etsy to find one that really suited my needs. Luckily it wasn't all too expensive and does everything I need it to. There are so many different templates to suit all price ranges, if you're not loving your template, take a look, I'm sure you'll find something.

  3. My header. Once I changed my template my header didn't look right. I'd gone through all the fonts PicMonkey had to offer and went on to looking for other free fonts. Eventually I found one which was licenced for commercial use and that I really liked which now makes up my header. (I hope you like it.) All you need is a change and you might find it really helps.

  4. Finally is that I have distanced my Instagram and Blog. There is still a link in my bio but the things I post can literally be anything. Some people find that Instagram is a great source of traffic but I found it quite a difficult tool to master. Without the clickable links I had to hope that people would go through to my bio which they wouldn't necessarily do. So I decided to use my IG for semi personal posts and also products I'm loving. It's really taken the pressure off me and I can now enjoy posting more.

Those four things really helped me, maybe they will help you too. Our corners of the internet are all so important to each and every one of us, so being able to enjoy them more should make blogging the best hobby!

April You Beauty Box

Another month and another You Beauty unboxing for you on the blog. You might be quite surprised with what I chose this month as there is no makeup in sight, (scary right!) This month I decided to try some different skincare items as my skin has been playing up lately, it's almost too dry to put makeup on, so let's hope these help.

April You Beauty Box

This months box theme was Natural & Organic and the choices included a Balance Me face mask and also a dr.Organic eye serum. However, I decided to go for two face related products, one from AD skin synergy and the other from Sond; neither are brands I'd heard of before.

AD skin synergy

This is the *full size* Nourishing Night Treatment from AD Skin Synergy, in the LE Rose Geranium version. Usually a bottle of this is £38, so because of this I am expecting great things. I've never used a facial oil before as I thought it would leave a sticky texture but I'm interested in how this performs. The bottle is quite a thick glass, so not a product I'd take anywhere unless it becomes a holy grail item, (which I hope it doesn't as I can't afford another really.) It smells nice and rosy, a Turkish delight rose rather than a granny rose like the body butter in last months box

Sond Hydrating Face Spray

I had to choose this simply because it looked perfect for on the go hydration. It is the Sond Hydrating Face Spray. It might sound strange but I am glad it is not full size, mainly because it means I can take it anywhere. It doesn't seem to have any noticeable scent which is perfectly fine by me, even once I use this up it's going to be perfect for summer. I plan to fill it up with water to keep myself cool, that's if we get any sun!

April You Beauty Freebies

I'll start by saying that the Neom Capsules are not for swallowing like I initially thought. (I didn't eat one don't worry!) In fact you open it and massage the oil into your skin and inhale the fragrance. You got two in the box, I gave the de-stress one to my mum as life is pretty full on at the moment, but I am going to try the energy boosting capsule. Then there was a sample of the Keratin Protein hair mask. I love a good hair mask and still don't have a holy grail so maybe this will make it.

Overall I still really love this box, every month has products I'd like to try. If you're new to beauty boxes this one is inexpensive and has great products too. Have you subscribed yet, what did you choose?

Soap&Glory Gloss Stick

You know those products which you hear a little about and then they seem to disappear completely? The Soap&Glory Gloss Stick was one of those products, and I'm rather surprised, because I'm really liking it so far.

The Soap&Glory gloss stick is only £3.50 and for a Soap&Glory makeup product, I think that's rather cheap. I'd love to try some of their other products but they seem to be at the higher end of the drugstore scale. I surprised myself with the shade I chose, I'm a nude or pink lip girl but I found myself drawn to a berry shade. It is called Purple Rain and by looking at I think it will get a lot of wear around autumn.

I did think it might be quite a deep purple, however, it is more of a berry pink. I still like it nonetheless. As it isn't a harsh purple it doesn't wash out my pale skin meaning I could wear it when I'm having a no makeup day but still want to be noticed! It's the perfect size product really. It's not too bulky, nor is it too small to bother. The gloss stick has a light vanillary smell, like with the rest of the Soap&Glory lipsticks that I own.

I really like this drugstore chubby stick dupe, next I want to try their matte versions because I am so into matte lips at the moment. (We can blame my NYX lipcreams for that!) Which shades have you been loving?

25 Blog Post Ideas

For some reason the blog post idea part of my brain is working overtime and I have posts planned until the end of June, which for me is a hell of a lot of organisation. So I thought that I would put together 25 different post ideas which might help you if you've got every bloggers worst nightmare: bloggers block, dun dun duuuuuun! (I even linked some example posts if you weren't sure what to write.)

25 Blog Post Ideas

  1. A product review
  2. Beauty box unboxing
  3. A wishlist
  4. A haul
  5. Gift guide
  6. MOTD
  7. NOTD
  8. OOTD
  9. Giftset review
  10. First impressions
  11. Blogging tips
  12. Favourite fonts
  13. Side by side dupe comparison
  14. Empties
  15. Best travel minis
  16. How you wash your brushes
  17. The good, the bad and the ugly of products
  18. How you paint your nails to make them last
  19. Top 5
  20. Ways to relax
  21. What's in your bag
  22. How much is my face worth?
  23. Drugstore or highend
  24. A DIY
  25. Best red lipsticks 

So there we have it 25 blog post ideas, mainly beauty, (but what can I say I'm a beauty blogger!) I hope these help you out, they'll probably help me out when I get bloggers block. If you use an idea please link me your post I'd love to read it!

Primark PS... Makeup Review

Primark do makeup, I'm sure most of us are aware of this, but I hadn't picked any up because I was a little sceptical. I've tried their brushes before and I love their stippling brush (review to come soon,) so I decided that I should pick up a few bits to see what it was like.

Primark Makeup

I managed to go for all lip products which isn't surprising of me, but I also wanted to try their brush cleanser. The lipsticks were 90p each, the liquid lipstick £2, lip liner £1 and the brush cleanser £2. As you can tell, it is quite a budget brand: think MUA or MakeupRevolution, but I was intrigued as to how it would perform. I'll start with the packaging, it does feel quite cheap and plasticy, which I was expecting but the gold and black do go well together.

Primark Makeup

I decided to go for the liquid lipstick in shade 13, a really bright, pillar box red. For me liquid lipsticks are meant to be of non sticky consistency, however this is not, it is basically a thick, opaque, sticky lipgloss. Not what I signed up for. Also it has a weird tropical smell which I'm not the greatest fan of. The applicator is a really nice, it's a small brush as opposed to the traditional sponge doe foot applicator. (I have decided that I will put the liquid lipstick in my FX kit as it may work as fake blood!) Now the lip liner was more of a success, I think the shade was wine, but unhelpfully it was on the sticker which I removed. Wine is a gorgeous berry purple which I plan to use alone and under lipstick for a high impact lip.

Primark Makeup

The colour range for the lipsticks was kind of strange, there weren't really any colours I'd wear day to day so I picked two at random, (totally did research.) The browny purple, Kylie Jenner-esque is Rosewood Mauve, the texture is really creamy but it's not particularly opaque so will need a couple of layers. The second lipstick is Candy Pink, a salmon come barbie pink, definitely not a me colour, but like I said the selection was poor.

Primark Makeup

I've been meaning to get a brush cleanser for a while as I suck at regular brush cleaning, so when I saw this I thought it would be a good idea to try it. It doesn't smell great, I read a review that likened the smell to cheap vodka, but it does the job and I can't complain.

Primark Makeup

Rosewood Mauve, Candy Pink, Liquid Lipstick 13, Wine Lip Liner

Overall, it lived up to my expectations, slightly cheap looking, but does the job. If you're looking for a few lip liners I'd definitely go to Primark, the one I have is gorgeous. Have you tried any Primark makeup

Saturated Cosmetics Lipsticks

I bought more lipsticks. I'm meant to be saving money but I couldn't resist. Saturated Colour, formerly Kiss Cosmetics, have been on my radar for a while, I was part of their blogger group when they were first starting out and got to try a SheerStick in Fresh Rose. I've been meaning to try out more of the range but haven't had the funds, so when they had a sale on, I bought all the lipsticks possible.

Saturated Colour Lipsticks

I'm a sucker for a good deal, which is why I ended up buying a grand total of six lipsticks. (I know there are seven above but I think they threw one in as an extra.) Basically Kiss Cosmetics are transitioning into Saturated Colour and had some left over stock of Kiss branded lipsticks. Because of this they were not only reduced to £2 from £7 but they were also buy one get one free, so in total I got seven lipsticks for £8 including delivery, which is pretty good I think. The re-branded lipsticks are available on their website now, back at £7, with the exact same formula and colour range as before, so if you like the look of these, they're still available!

The packaging of the lipsticks is very sleek, all black, (except for the LE one,) with the useful clear bit at the bottom to show you the colour. They click shut quite securely, which is reassuring for people like me who throw lipsticks in bags willy nilly. The texture is very creamy and all the lipsticks have loads of pigmentation. One thing I would say is that you need a lip pencil with these, especially the darker ones. The red tends to bleed on me a little around the edges so if you can get one of those invisible lip liners, it would be perfect for all of these. The scent isn't the greatest, it's slightly vanillary, but then also reminds me of some kind of baby powder. Weird right?

Saturated Colour Lipsticks

Onto the colours. The LE shade is Osculate Orchid, (not a shade I chose, this is the extra one I think.) I was planning to pick this up but there wasn't another that would me I got the BOGOF deal, but I got it anyway so that was quite a result. Osculate Orchid is a pink with a sort of lavender undertone, it's quite an out there shade, not an everyday wear yet, but as soon as summer hits it will be. Birthday Suit is quite a peachy nude, not a colour that will suit me particularly well but will work if I want to rock an ombré lip! Naked Pink is definitely the most wearable, it's a dusky rose kind of colour, something that I will use a lot day to day. Frisky Fuchsia is a step out of my comfort zone, a real bold, bright pink, a summer lipstick for me I think.

Saturated Colour Lipstick Swatches

Osculate Orchid, Birthday Suit, Naked Pink and Frisky Fuchsia

Saturated Colour Lipsticks

The final three are all quite bold for me. Caressing Red is a bright, in your face, pillar box red, one you can use if you're feeling like it's a red lip kind of day. Then there is Lady In Red, this is a deep, blue toned red, quite a  lot darker than I initially thought, but I love it no matter what. Finally is Seductive Damson which isn't quite the purple it looks in the stick. Instead it is a darker version of Osculate Orchid, which makes it somewhat more wearable. It's definitely one which I'll wear once or twice before I make my final judgement on whether purple suits me or not!

Saturated Colour Lipstick Swatches

Caressing Red, Lady in Red and Seductive Damson

The quality of these lipsticks does justify their RRP, (even more so with the discount.) I'll be honest the packaging could do with a little work, as lipsticks by Revlon and L'Oreal do feel more luxe for the price but other than that there's no reason not to give these a try! Have you tried anything from Saturated Colour?

My First Birchbox

I honestly love being a student. The discounts I am able to get because of UniDays and NUS are sometimes amazing, they even had a Birchbox one which was 50% off. As I have never tried Birchbox before I decided to take the plunge, I've tried Glossybox, YouBeauty and LoveMeBeauty so it was only natural for me to want to try another beauty box!

March Birchbox

First off the box is adorable, smaller than a Glossybox, similar to a YouBeauty box. This month they came in three different colours, I got the pink one. The letters on the box are actually a wordsearch which I had to stop myself completing before I took photos. It's a really nice idea to add some interaction and purpose to the box, which I will inevitably use to divide up my drawers.

March Birchbox Products

So what did I get? I'll be honest, I was a little disappointed about the sachet of Lumiere d'hiver Reconstructing Mask as my hair needs so much more product that this little sachet contains, I'm still going to give it a go, most likely it will be great for the ends of my hair so it will still get used, I probably won't purchase it, even if it works wonders, as full size is £36. Now the ModelCo More Brows (£13) I have tried before and I really like it. It seems very similar to the Benefit Gimmie Brow, which I haven't yet tried, all it takes is a couple of swipes and it tames my brows perfectly. The Arrow Boost lip balm (£11) apparently changes depending on your lip PH, I often find this kind of product to be gimicky, such as the BarryM green lipstick, but I will give it a good go. Then is probably my favourite of all the products, the Spectrum Tapered Powder Brush (£7.99.) I love makeup brushes, the different technique applications are my favourite things, plus it's pink and has ombré bristles! The intriguing red bottle is the Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle leave in conditioner (£18.50.) I've never actually used a leave in conditioner, I've religiously used hair masks for what seems like forever, so I can't wait to see how this performs. Finally is a Rituals White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren foaming shower gel (£8.50.) I love the smell of this, I had a deodorant with this smell and I loved it so I can't wait to use it, (after I've used up the million other shower gels.)

Overall I really like Birchbox but I might have to wait until another offer comes up before I order again. What are your favourite beauty boxes?

Daisy Dream Forever

If there was one thing that I've been coveting over the last year or so it had to be the Daisy Dream Forever Eau de Parfum. At first I thought the normal Daisy Dream was for me but then Daisy Dream Forever then came out and I loved it even more. I really hoped there would be a Christmas gift set for the perfume but sadly there was not, however, my grandparents were kind enough to get me a bottle for Christmas and I've worn this ever since.

Daisy Dream Forever Review

First things first I have to mention the bottle, is it not amazing? The flowers are such a gorgeous detail, and the light blue glass of the bottle makes it so appealing to the eyes. It is the centre piece of my dressing table and I can't help picking it up and smelling it over and over!

Daisy Dream Forever

Anyway onto the actual scent, the most important bit. I like sweet smelling, fruity yet floral fragrances, you'd probably call them quite young scents, (think Nicki Minaj Pink Friday,) compared to the more sophisticated and elegant Chanel No.5 and others similar. Daisy Dream Forever has top notes of blackberry, grapefruit and pear, and those, for me, are the standout scents, they're really prominent and separate the perfume from others. At the heart of the perfume are jasmine, lychee and blue wisteria. Two floral scents and another fruit, these are what give it the floral edge, but it's not too overpowering, there's a happy medium. And finally, the base: white woods, musks and coconut water. Usually I'm not a fan of anything coconut, tastes and smells, but in this case the coconut works well, the fruit and floral is balanced by the coconut water making it wearable everyday and when going out!

Overall this perfume is every bit as divine as I thought it would be, if you're looking for a gift, or just a treat for yourself, this is perfect. What are you favourite perfumes? Have you tried Daisy Dream Forever?