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Drugstore Haul

Well it happened again; a drugstore haul. To be fair I earned quite few points and there were some really good deals on and as my Gran taught me: never buy something full price. I stick to this motto a lot because everyone loves a bargain and I love makeup!

Drugstore Haul

For this haul I ventured into Boots, Superdrug and also Poundland to stock up on a few bits such as skincare and makeup, and for once I genuinely needed some of the things.

Botanics Skincare

So before I begin, Botanics had an offer on and I had a points thing too. Nearly all the Botanics range was half price and if I spent £5 on skincare I got 50 points, and those points do add up, (I currently have £15 worth of points!) First I picked up the All Bright Refreshing Eye Roll-On, currently I am suffering from major hayfever meaning my eyes are always puffy and it's not a good look. Then I saw the All Bright Radiance Balm which has loads of little light reflecting particles, similar to Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation, I wasn't prepared for the reflectiness so war rather surprised the first time I used it to be honest. Finally I repurchased my favourite face scrub: the All Bright Purifying Face Scrub. This scrub is the happy medium for me, not too harsh but still actually does something, other scrubs sometimes don't get all the dead skin off, ewww!

Soap&Glory Glosssticks

Now the Soap&Glory GlossSticks are only £3.50 and were on buy one get one half price. I was hoping to pick up their matte counterparts but the shades I wanted were out of stock. However, being me I made sure that I didn't leave empty handed as I decided to try Pink-A-Boo and Pinkfetti. Then in Poundland I thought it would be a smart idea to pick up some Malibu Ice Blue After Sun Gel as it was 23 degrees that day yes in England! I'm as shocked as you are! Luckily I didn't need it but it is a very cute size and I'm sure it will come in handy sometime soon.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Now Superdrug had some particularly good deals on. Batiste Dry Shampoo was half price as was the NIVEA Pearl&Beauty Anti-Perspirant. (At the time the big bottle was cheaper than the small one.) I chose the scent Sweetie for my dry shampoo as I hadn't heard of it before and I quite like the smell, it's not fresh like the others but it is still nice!

Garnier Anti Blackhead Deep Pore Wash

This was not what I expected but I thought I'd give it a go to try and clear my skin. However, the Garnier AntiBlackhead Deep Pore Wash has dreaded micro beads and I'm really annoyed at myself for not checking before I bought. I'm going to use this up so I am not wasteful but I really need to check next time. It wasn't expensive but it's not what I expected sadly. 

So there is my latest haul, I'm going on a spending ban very soon because I can't stop buying skincare! Strange right, usually it's makeup. As you're reading this I am midway through exams and am probably really stressed but luckily I have blogging to keep me sane!

May You Beauty

It's that time of the month again, (no not the one where I'm a total b*tch,) that's right it's You Beauty box time. Unlike last month however, I actually chose makeup because we all know that's my first love when it comes down to it.

May You Beauty Box

The theme this month was 'Cult Beauty' and I was kind of puzzled considering there was a new release in there as well as products I've never heard of. Anyway scepticism aside there were three products that caught my eye the Revlon HD Lipstick, Burts Bees lip balm and the MUA Prime and Conceal palette, I decided against this though because it's something I can easily pick up next time I'm in Superdrug.

Burts Bees Lip Balm and Revlon HD Lipstick

If you've been reading MissCosmeticBlogger you'll know I will try every lip balm going to fix my dry lips. So I had to choose the Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus. I don't really love the smell but the tint is a really pretty orangey pink. Then the lipstick I chose was one of Revlon's latest releases: the Ultra HD lipstick also called Hibiscus, (coincidence?) Now this is completely out of my comfort zone, it isn't lying when it calls itself HD, it is a neon orange, not for the faint hearted, or me really but I'm going to make it work somehow!

May You Beauty Box

So the freebies for this month were rather cute. The Popband hair tie says it is kind to you hair and it is such a summery colour plus I have a nail polish to match it, win win really. Then there is a £15 voucher for Anne Semonin, and let me tell you I won't be buying anything as even with this voucher I'd be spending £50 on one product! Finally is this iddy biddy sample of the Verso Super Facial Serum, and of course I will be seeing just how super it really is.

So that's my box this month and I'm still really liking it. Have you signed up yet? It's only £6.95!

Clinique Sweet Pop

A few weeks ago I bought the BritishBeautyBlogger Clinique Box mainly for the Clinique Sweet Pop and now I thought I would share my thoughts on whether these are worth it or not. Let's be fair the packaging drew me in to start with...

Obviously the Clinique Sweet Pop looks like a macaroon and I love macaroons when they're edible so I saw no reason as to why I wouldn't love them when they were makeup! Now every BBB Clinique Box came with a sweet pop in Red Velvet and I was really pleased as I am trying to get into wearing red lips more often. AKA trying to channel my inner Taylor Swift as often as possible.

Now as well as looking like a macaroon this innovative little thing is a lip scrub as well as a lip balm, a two in one. The frosted glass side hides a sugar scrub and the plain side a red lip balm. As the product is Clinique it has no smell or taste which was slightly disappointing to me, as a macaroon shaped product, I think, should taste like macaroons! But if you have sensitive skin these will hopefully not trigger your sensitivity in the slightest.

Now the balm is very similar to all other lip balms, except it actually moisturises, unlike you Vaseline who just block moisture from getting to my lips. Immediately after applying you get that moisture shot and they feel really smooth.  It has a really subtle red tint which sadly didn't show up enough for me to swatch for you but it does look really subtle on the lips. Perfect for summer because matte lips twinned with dry lips isn't my dream combo. 

The scrub is sort of a sugar scrub which on first application doesn't seem to be particularly 'scrubby' so to say. (This was the main criticism I saw in previous posts I've read.) However, once you get through the layer of balm the real scrub appears, but it's not a harsh scrub which I like because I use the LUSH lip scrubs once a week and if this was more 'scrubby' I wouldn't be able to use it too often. 

Honestly I am loving this so far, hydrating, smoothing and 'scrubby': everything you could possibly want in a lip balm/lip scrub combination. These aren't the cheapest at £15 a pop (if you pardon the pun,) but then again a LUSH lip scrub is £5.50. I would say I prefer the Sweet Pops scrub because it has the balm aspect in the scrub so you don't get a sugary fall out, but it's up to you!

Have you tried the Sweet Pops, what are your favourite lip scrubs?

Primark Stippling Brush Review

I'll be honest, after trying Primark makeup I was slightly underwhelmed. However, one product in particular from Primark will keep me coming back and looking for what's new. This product is the Primark Stippling brush, it doesn't look any different to other stippling brushes but it is probably one of my favourite brushes in my collection.

Primark Stippling and Makeup Revolution Contour Kit

These brushes cost £1.50 and seem to last forever. I've had some of mine for a couple of years. If I'm honest the brushes feel a tad more expensive than their price tag suggests but they're not quite up to the quality feel of brushes from RealTechniques. The brushes are quite girly in that they are black to pink, the ones above are my newer ones as the first few I bought had a hot pink but I rather prefer the pastel.

Primark Stippling Brush

The brushes themselves have densely packed bristles which taper out into a flat top. This flat top and dense bristle combination make applying foundation a dream. The brush doesn't let the product sink too far down and lets you completely work the foundation into the face giving quite a natural coverage. Of course if you want a no makeup look a beauty blender type sponge will be your best bet but if you want more coverage than a sponge that still looks natural go for this brush.

Now while I tend to use the brush mostly for foundation you might be surprised to know that it is very versatile. Day to day I use it for cream or liquid foundations but it can be used for cream blush, it makes great work of blending it out nicely. Also if you have a coloured face powder that can add extra coverage this is great for patting extra powder on top . If you want you can even bronze and contour with it.

This brush is something I will definitely keep on repurchasing, (I have about 5 on the go already,) if you're in need of an inexpensive new foundation brush, or just starting your makeup collection: try this. You'll be pleasantly surprised, and if you're not it's only £1.50 you've invested!

Arbonne Skincare Trial*

The other day on Twitter Maimie kindly tweeted me asking if I would like to do a skincare trial of Arbonne skincare. As I hadn't heard of Arbonne I was definitely up for it; anything that could sort out my dry, flaky excuse for a face was worth a try!

Arbonne Skincare

Maimie sent me four little samples of the Arbonne hydrating range. These samples included: Hydrating Cleanser Refresher* (£21,) Hydrating Eye Creme* (£22,) Nuturing Day Lotion* (£33) and Moisturising Night Creme* (£45.) All this seems pretty pricey but there is a deal that includes the cleanser, day lotion and night cream which is only £95.50, which gives you a saving if you felt that they're a little too pricey alone.

Arbonne Skincare

I'll start off by saying these didn't completely work for me, but as usual that is probably because I have ridiculously sensitive and dry skin. I first tried the night cream which was when I found out that the skincare range has quite a strong smell. For other people this probably isn't too big of a deal but I don't like the smell at all, it disappears after not too long but it's not pleasant. Stick a floral smell in there any day and I'd have been fine with it. The day cream is hydrating and a little goes a long way. The eye cream I didn't like at all; it was so strong smelling for that area of delicate skin, I couldn't really understand it. Finally was the cleanser. I'll be honest, it works well as a cleanser but it's not good enough to beat my current favourite cleanser: Soap&Glory's Peaches and Clean, (it smells amazing and does the job, I just love it!)

Overall, I'll be honest, it's not right for me, I will be sticking to oils and deeply hydrating creams for now. If you feel that you don't need quite so much hydration then perhaps try this, their are some good offers on and you can buy the products from Maimie here.

Seeing stars? Any products which have a * by their name have been sent to me. See my full disclaimer here...

BritishBeautyBlogger Clinique Box

If you haven't heard of Jane from BritishBeautyBlogger I will be very surprised, she's my go to blog for new releases. I knew Jane had collaborated with LatestinBeauty before to create a beauty box with Clinique but I sadly missed out. This time I was straight there to get the BB Clinique Box Edit 2!

The box was £20 including p&p which was rather good considering the value of the items inside are around £50. The reason I decided to get the box was so I could try out some Clinique products without spending loads and not liking the products. Also there are two full size items which are worth over the £20 the box cost alone so what more could a girl, (with limited bank funds,) want?

It came really nicely packaged and every product was perfectly intact, unlike some beauty boxes out there. Also the Clinique tissue paper was a cute touch, especially as I am a sucker for detail! No doubt the box will end up being used for storage eventually.

So the official contents of the box were: ChubbyLash Mascara (full size,) Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +, Liquid Facial Soap Mild, Superprimer Universal Face Primer, Take The Day Off Remover, Sweet Pots Red Velvet (full size,) Aromatics in White and Clinique For Men Face Scrub. Also non product wise there was a five day trial of a foundation voucher and a £10 off a £30 spend.

I have tried Clinique Take the Day Off before, a number of times, and I really like the makeup remover. It takes off even the toughest of waterproof mascara. Also this mini is perfect for travel purposes, (not that I'm going anywhere,) I don't think I'll end up buying the full size though as I always seem to be acquiring the minis. Then is something that is always appearing in Bonus Time: Liquid Facial Soap (Mild.) I'll be honest I prefer to use my other face soaps and cleansing milks but this will also go in my holiday minis draw. Then is a product my mother used to swear by, the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. I have really dry skin and love the Cliniqe Moisture Surge Moisturiser but honestly at £40 a pop it's not justifiable, even if my skin is drier than the Sahara. This is also a mini but it seems a little goes a long way.

Now the makeup items. I've been on the lookout for a new primer and haven't tried any from Clinique just yet so the sample of the Superprimer Univeral Face Primer will be very interesting for me. It's very lightweight but I haven't yet had a chance to try this for longevity purposes. Then is the full size ChubbyLash Lash Fattening Mascara. I've just run out of my They're Real and the brush looks quite similar so I hope to like it just as much. However, the first time I tried it, it didn't seem to make my lashes particularly 'fat' but I was in a rush and didn't have time to curl them so perhaps that will make the difference.

The Aromatics in White was quickly claimed by my mum as it wasn't really my kind of scent, (if you're wondering what kind of scents I go for think Daisy Dream Forever.) Then the Clinique Face Scrub for Men will hopefully be utilised by my boyfriend, if I can get him to start using products that is.

Finally is what I shamelessly bought the box to get really. I've heard mixed reviews on these but really wanted to try one myself. This is the Sweet Pop in Red Velvet, one side is a balm and the other a soft lip scrub. The best bit is that it looks like a macaroon and I love macaroons!

Overall, it's fair to say I loved this box and if Jane decided to do another I will be buying as soon as they go live. If you decided not to get the box this time please look out for next time, it's so worth the £20! 

Biore Pore Strips

If you haven't heard about Biore Pore Strips I'll be very surprised as everyone seems to have been talking about these lately. The miracle product that will clear all your blackheads and also your pores that costs £7.99, but did they work for me? 

Biore Pore Strips

You'd have thought pain inducing strips you rip off your nose would be cheap and all that but no. These nose strips are a rather eyewatering £7.99! Yes that's £7.99 for 6 lots of pain. The way to use them is pretty simple:

  1. Wet your face and nose,
  2. Apply strip to nose,
  3. Wait 10 minutes, 
  4. Remove when dry and see results.

Easy enough really. I wasn't expecting a miracle once I took it off but I was expecting to see quite a few little specs. I know I have blackheads on my  nose I can see them and remove them myself, (gross I know, I'm sorry!) But when I peeled this off, not only did it hurt, but there was nothing on there at all. I was planning to show you the before and after of the strip but you wouldn't see anything. Since my first strip I've used a few more and it's been the same every time nothing there. I mentioned this on Twitter and someone informed me that I may have more sebaceous filaments than blackheads so pore strips aren't for me after all. As far as I've read, sebaceous filaments are naturally occurring formations that channel oil from your pores onto your skin to help moisturise it; so basically your face makes it own moisturiser really! 

I have invested in a couple more types of pore strips just in case and I plan to do a comparison on them soon. Sorry for the short post, I thought I would have more to say on the subject. Have you tried Biore Pore Strips or just pore strips in general? Did they work for you?

Payday Wishlist

Over the next few weeks I am working quite a few 10/12 hour shifts. Now while I don't mind working them I'm definitely going to be treating myself (and you guys) with some of what I earn. Not only am I rewarding myself for working but also for my upcoming exams no matter what I get I'm trying my hardest. So today I thought I would let you see my ever growing beauty wishlist to see what I might be buying!

Payday Wishlist

I was only going to have one wishlist to show you, though when I started compiling the images I ended up with enough items that I could do a drugstore and highend wishlist!

Drugstore Wishlist

1. Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave Palette (£9.99) - Jane from BritishBeautyBlogger created this palette and I imagine it will be nothing less than perfection. There are 30 shades in this palette so when I get it, it will probably be the only palette I use for a while.

2 and 3. NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams Transylvania and Copenhagen (£5.50) - I already have three of the lip creams which I bought late last year but I really want more. The two I want aren't really spring/summer colours they're both purples one darker than the other but autumn is soon so maybe they'll be good for then?

4. Soap&Glory Matte-Lip Lipstick (£3.50) - I recently picked up one of the gloss versions of these in a totally not me colour and I really liked it. However, at the moment I'm favouring matte lip colours and these lipsticks are so so cheap that I'm just going to have to try one (or maybe two!)

5. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara (£7.99) - I have heard such good things about this mascara from almost everyone and I figured that I need it. My They're Real is running out so I do need, (well sort of,) another mascara. This is cheaper than They're Real could it be my next go to?

6. Strawberry Lemon Ice Candle (£21.99) - I love candles, especially Yankee Candles, I love them so much even my boyfriend has picked up on that as he got me some for Christmas. This one I recently saw in someones favourites and it looks like it will smell gorgeous.

7. NYX Lingerie Embellishment (£6.50) - I've seen a lot of people raving about this as finally a brand has liquid lipsticks that are nude and as usual I'm going to end up jumping on the bandwagon completely. Embellishment is a nude pink as I'm not brave enough to try a darker more brown shade just yet.

8. Urban Decay Through the Looking Glass palette (£45.00) - If you haven' t seen this palette be spoken about yet get yourself onto searching it because I think you'll want it too. On first glance it looks wholly unwearable but then on closer inspection there are also lovely nudes too. After loving the Gwen Stefani palette I might have to dig deep, (use my UniDays discount,) and make this palette my own!

9. Benefit Dandelion Dew (£22.50) - The Dandelion kit was the first ever Benefit item I owned, my auntie got it for me for a birthday and started my obsession with highend makeup. Since then Dandelion has stayed my all time favourite blush and now I really want to try the liquid version.

10. NARS Sheer Glow (£31.00) - Everyone raves about sheer glow but I'm still yet to try it. As I am really pale and also have dry skin this seems to be the go to. I imagine I will be the lightest shade Siberia but we shall see, as I will definitely swatch before I buy this!

11. Urban Decay Setting Spray (£22.00) - I admit it, I have never used a setting spray, which is really strange for someone who sometimes works 12hr shifts and would like their makeup to stay put. I've had my eye on this for ages but wasn't sure if I should give into the hype but I think I will...

12. MAC Ariana Grande Lipstick (£15.50) - It is thanks to Ashley that I decided I needed this. I saw a swatch on her blog and new it was the shade I've been looking for. A deep berry purple but not too dark that it would make my pale skin seem too pale.

13. SkinPep Hydra Sun Defence SPF30 (£17.99) - Almost 18 pounds for a suncream? You probably think I am mad, but let me fill you in. I tried a sample of this in a Glossybox and fell in love. I hate suncream, the tacky feeling and the white sheen it leaves. This however, is a mineral suncream which leaves no white sheen at all. I also sinks into your skin as soon as you apply so you don't feel like you've lathered your face in oil. Also you get 40% with your first order from SkinPep so it isn't quite as expensive as it first seems.

14. Clinique Chubby in the Nude Foundation (£23.00) - This is Clinique's latest addition to the chubby stick line, this time with a foundation. I've read a few reviews and it seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. Though I will be colour matching myself as the Clinique lady last time I got matched decided that I was 'cream rose' or as I like to call it: orange face paint.

15. Dew the Hoola (£22.50) - Now Hoola is slightly too orangey for me to wear in winter but I still want to try this. Benefit's liquid bronzer. It's matte and meant to blend really easily which would be really good for me as I have only a few minutes to get ready every morning.

16. KIKO Liquid Skin Foundation (£18.90) - KIKO I put in the highend as their products very. Some like their eyeshadows are drugstore price but then there's this foundation which is around highend pricing. This looks interesting and sounds like it will be lightweight but still have coverage so we shall have to see.

So there is my current wishlist which is obviously going to keep growing before I get paid. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get everything but I would really like the Alice palette. What is on your wishlist at the moment.