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Birthday Wishlist

Only 4 days till my birthday which means... it's birthday wishlist time! As usual I'm mostly only including beauty bits as hey, they're the most exciting aren't they!

Birthday Wishlist

I love compiling a birthday wishlist, I've done it for years and it's almost become a tradition. Birthday's and Christmas' I would sit there with the Argos catalogue circling everything, folding the pages and then creating a written table telling my parents the items name, page number and also its price. (I was such a helpful child I know!) Nowadays I've moved with the times and now create a wishlist online on giftster which lets you rank items and it also allows loved ones to reserve items too.

Birthday Wishlist

  1. Lush Rosie Giftset - I love the smell of roses and haven't started using my Rose Jam yet for fear of using it all up. Luckily this set has Rose Jam and loads of other amazing rose smelling goodies!
  2. Modern Renaissance Palette - If you haven't fallen in love with this yet I will be really surprised because it is the most gorgeous thing in the world. I love reds and burgundy's and this palette has them all.
  3. Ariel Mug - The Little Mermaid is my all time favourite film so this mug is so so me. It's cute, girly and understated.

  4. Strawberry Lemon Ice Candle - I probably own more candles than any one person could possibly use but I will try to use them all because I love it when my room smells like sweets or fruit.
  5. Summer Peach Candle - Same goes for this candle scent, except peach is one of my favourite scents so this would be heaven.
  6. MAC Cool Neutrals - Another eyeshadow palette? Why yes, there is. These palettes are the most cost effective way to get MAC shadows so why wouldn't you want this sunning palette too?
  7. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette - Everyone had this last year time and I still haven't managed to get my hands on it. I love being subtly glowy and think that this would help me be just that.
And with that comes the end of my wishlist and the end of the post. Are you wishing for anything that I am?

Psst... get ready for August...I'll let you into a secret: I'm posting at least once more a week than usual!

Urban Decay Goodies

My auntie made her biannual visit to the UK last month and came with an amazing goody bag for me too. I'll be honest I'm pretty sure she was more excited for me to open them than I was but oh my it was a stunning set of items!

Urban Decay Goodies

As you can tell Urban Decay was the main focus of the goodies and as someone who doesn't own loads of Urban Decay I was more than happy to try some of their products.

Urban Decay Naked on the Run Palette

The showstopper was definitely this palette: Naked on the Run. It has six gorgeous eyeshadows in Dive, Fix, Resist, Dare, Stun and 5050. I absolutely love them, this is the perfect neutral palette, as it has almost everything you need. It also comes with a blush and bronzer duo and the blush is a gorgeous bright pink, sadly the bronzer is a tad too orangey but it could work as an eyeshadow. Then it comes with three minis, a Perversion mascara, a 24/7 glide on liner in stag and also a Naked Lipgloss in sesso. The mirror in the palette is so large! I love it.

Urban Decay Lipgloss in Quiver

I'm currently not the biggest lipgloss fan but this gloss may have converted me. It's their lipgloss in Quiver and it packs a really bright punch, and is actually very similar to the colour it looks in the tube.

Urban Decay Lipstick Sheer Ladyflower

Everyone is raving about the new Vice lipstick collection I'd still never tried their Revolution range up until now. I really like the packaging it's so different, and very cool. It is quite heavy but I like that because it doesn't feel tacky or plasticy like budget brands sometimes do.

Just thought I'd do an extra shoutout/thank you to my aunt (who did actually ask for a name check when I blogged this.) Thank you so so much I will use these bits as often as I can. What have you guys tried from Urban Decay? Anything you recommend I try next?

YouBeauty July

About seven packages arrived for me over the last couple of weeks, a couple of lovely bits of blogger mail and a ridiculous amount of things I've bought myself. Included in the bits I bought myself was July's YouBeauty Box which as always excites me!

YouBeauty July

This month saw a change in the YouBeauty subscription. There are now three tiers of membership. Bronze stays at £6.95 and allows you to pick 2 items a month, Silver is £8.95 and lets you pick 3 items and finally is Gold which is £10.95 but you get 4 choices. I really like the idea as some months I have wanted more than just the two products and this is the way to make sure you get all the ones you want. Also I've noticed that you can also choose some products from previous boxes in an 'available again' section, so fear not if you missed out the first time! I decided to up my subscription this month to Silver so I could get three because I love beauty way too much!

YouBeauty July

My three picks this month were quite easy to choose. First off I went for the no brainer option of the Illamasqua Precision Ink Liquid Liner in Abyss, this alone was worth £20 so I could hardly go wrong with the box. Then I chose the Peach and Mango Carmex Lip Balm. If you read my blog often enough you'll know I'm always looking for lip balms that actually work as I have very dry skin leading to very dry lips too. Finally I went for the Rodial Stem Cell Superfood Glam Balm Multi, now I think this was from the available again section as it's not in the little booklet. This again like the Illamasqua liner is worth about £20 so it makes the box well worth its price tag.

YouBeauty July Freebies

After the success of the St.Tropez In Shower Tan in light they finally brought out one in medium for those not as pale as I loved the light one and am really excited to see if this will work for pale skin too, I'm hoping I don't become an oompa loompa! Also there is a £10 voucher for White Rabbit Skincare which needs no minimum spend. (However, there is nothing under £10 and you do have to pay for shipping.) 

Overall it is still one of my favourite boxes on the market. It beats Glossybox very easily but it's on par with LoveMeBeauty! What boxes do you love, or love to hate?

Saturated Colour Cosmetics Colour Switch and SheerStick Review*

May time last year I was contacted by KissCosmetics to see if would like to try their SheerStick in Fresh Rose* and I really liked it. I reviewed it here. Not long ago KissCosmetics changed its name to Saturated Colour Cosmetics and they expanded their product range too. They kindly contacted me again asking if I'd like to try a couple more bits and as I loved the SheerStick I said yes!

Saturated Colour Cosmetics Colour Switch and SheerStick Review

The two bits Saturated Colour sent me were the Glazed Candy SheerStick* and also Colour Switch*. As I already had Fresh Rose* I'm so glad they let me choose Glazed Candy* as it is so my colour. Then there's the Colour Switch* which basically doubles the amount of lipsticks you own and lets you join the cool ombré trend too.

Saturated Colour Cosmetics Glazed Candy SheerStick Review

Glazed Candy* is the most gorgeous pale pink. It's not a rosy pink, instead it is more of a purple under toned pink which I think really suits me. The SheerSticks have a minty scent which will please those of you fed up with a vanilla or candy scented products. These are really quite moisturising and you could definitely take one with you if you're looking for a good tinted lip balm.

Saturated Colour Cosmetics Glazed Candy SheerStick Swatch

One side note I do have to make is that you can't place too much pressure on these as you apply as they do like to break, also they melt quite easily as well. Other than that they're pretty good for the price.

Saturated Colour Cosmetics Colour Switch Review

Now the Colour Switch* is a highly pigmented white lipstick which can be used both over and under any lipstick. I really like the packaging of this because it shows that it is something less ordinary than a normal lipstick which is why it has the cute ribbon at the end. The swatches below show the Colour Stick on it's own, then the LipsStick mini Caressing Red* on its own and finally the Colour Stick and mini LipsStick layered together. I really wanted to try and create an amazing looking ombré lip to show you but sadly my lips were just too dry.

Saturated Colour Colour Stick

What do you think of Colour Switch I think it's quite innovative but not one I'll reach for all the time; special occasion use and lip art attempts perhaps. Anyway what do you think of it, would you try it?

Joining The Hollister Crew

A bit of a different post for you today, shorter too I'm afraid but enjoyable nonetheless I hope! For once it's a post without makeup featuring, instead I'm focusing on fragrance, Hollister fragrances...

You may be wondering why this is called 'joining the Hollister crew' so let me explain: basically all through secondary school I would see people with these heavenly smelling sprays, and yes they are heavenly. So when shopping with my friends the other week and there was a sale on we both took advantage and bought together. The deal was buy 2 get 2 free and as neither of us could find 4 we wanted we split it making it £11 each. I'll be honest £5.50 for a body spray isn't loads but it's also more than I would usually spend. But hey, I go shopping once a year with them so we went for it and I haven't looked back.

The two I chose basically smell of holidays: Crescent Bay and Solana Beach. Crescent Bay is a mixture of watermelon, poppy and sugary woods which makes a fruity suncream smell, that probably doesn't sound too appetaling but it is I promise! Then Solana Beach, which is also very fruity has raspberry, jasmine and white musk. 

Both are amazing and if you've never stepped into Hollister you definitely should, their clothing and fragrance lines are amazing, and when there's a sale it's not as expensive as you think.

LoveMeBeauty June

Now I'm sure everyone hates it when bloggers apologise for taking a break or not posting accidentally etc, however I am going to start this post with an apology to you as well as me. All through my exams there were posts on my usual days (Wednesdays and Saturdays, 7am) but as soon as they finished I crashed and had no energy or motivation. The week after, I got back into the swing of things, I took photos for many posts went to write them up when my laptop died. I mean a serious death, it frazzled the graphics card because of its tendency to overheat. So that was ever so slightly (read very) annoying for me. Almost straight away I did my research and found another, not too expensive, laptop to purchase. It was ordered on the day of the other ones demise but a debacle with Tesco cancelling the order led to more days away from blogging. I am now back with a laptop, one with it's sole purpose being a blogging laptop really so we should be okay. So now my not so brief life/laptop update is finished you'd probably like to hear about June's LoveMeBeauty!

LoveMeBeauty June

Now first off I love the fact that LoveMeBeauty now send their monthly goodies in these cute makeup bags, it's such a breath of fresh air from the boring old boxes. Now I'm not saying I hate the boxes, (they're great for makeup storage/division,) but I have so many now. Also if you get one of these every month you could use them for DIY gifts perhaps?

LoveMeBeauty June Choices

One of my favourite things about LoveMeBeauty is that you choose exactly what you want from what is available by using credits. Signing up for a monthly subscription is £10 plus P&P and you get 60 credits which can get you 3/4 goodies of a month and if that's not enough you can either A. use my code and get 30 more: BETH7867, or B. buy some add on credits. If you buy a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription you get an extra 30, 60 or 120 credit bonus, but obviously for a trial I would probably try the one month.

This months boutique selection didn't completely 'wow' me until I saw the Tangle Teezer, now this was a massive 30 credits which I was willing to spend because I love my orange one so so much, my hair is such a struggle. As I am loving my NUXE moisturising mask I thought I would give this a go it's the NUXE Gentle Exfoliating Gel. Then I thought why not get some makeup, I went for the most neutral colour, (the others were a bright orange and pink.) I've tried the Cailyn Extreme Matte Tint in 09 once so far, it's quite a nice shade but does feel a little drying at times, I'll try it again with a more hydrating lip balm soon.

Cailyn Extreme Matte Tint Swatch 09

So there are this months picks! Have you tried LoveMeBeauty yet? If not I really think you should, particularly as there are some PIXI goodies in the boutique!

Pssst! Don't forget:


For 30 free credits to spend! Worth £21!

BloggersBlogAwards Nominations Open


Just a quick post to let you know that today is the day that the BloggersBlogAwards open, yayyyy! So this is post to let you know that if you head on over to TeaPartyBeauty you can send in your nominations. I'm lucky enough to be judging this year so good luck to everyone.