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Naked On The Run Palette Review

I dread to think what google searches could bring up this post with a title like that but it's the name of the product so it had to be done. Anyway, in case you couldn't tell this post is going to be a review of the Naked on the Run palette which my auntie kindly brought over from Dubai, you can read more about that here. It is a gorgeous palette, and I can't wait to tell you about it!

Urban Decay Naked on the Run Palette review

I have to start with the packaging because it is rose gold, therefore it is beautiful. End of. I'm joking, but it is really pretty. The palette is a square as you can see and it is made out of quite thick heavy duty plastic. Unlike the Naked palettes this is made for travel as there is no cardboard to be seen here. On the inside of the lid, which is magnetically sealed by the way, is a mirror, the full size of the lid so you could only take this palette on holiday and still have a decent sized mirror. The camo effect really compliments the rose gold however he lettering on the front is starting to rub off *insert sad face emoji!*

Urban Decay Naked on the Run Palette review

Now it's the inside which counts really isn't it, and this palette is no exception. There are three removable items which are the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara (sample size,) a miniature Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Stag and finally what seems to be a full size Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss in Sesso. Below those are five gorgeous eye shadows in Dive, Fix, Resist, Dare and Stun. Then below that is a bronzer/blush duo as well as a eyeshadow come highlight in the shade 50/50.

Urban Decay Naked on the Run Swatches

Now the eyeshadows are every bit as lovely as they look in the pan and are also as impressive as my Gwen Stefani palette ones were. Dive is the perfect rose gold eyeshadow colour, there is no denying. It has flecks of finely milled silver glitter running throughout and shines in the most perfect way. Fix is a perfect matte transition cool toned brown. It is perfect for the crease, also I can see this working as an improvised contour powder for pale girls if you're on the go because it is so cool toned. Then is Resist, a shimmery cool toned brown which an almost rose gold sheen running through it in some lights which makes it dreamy. Dare is a darker matte transition colour than Fix and again could be used as a contour powder especially if you prefer a stronger contour. Finally is Stun which is very similar to Dare but its shimmery counterpart. It has silver and gold flecks in it and shines beautifully. I will be honest, compared to other Urban Decay palettes this one is particularly nude which means it contiues to tie in with the 'naked theme' so not for you if you prefer brighter and bolder colours. (If you do I'd try Wende's Contraband which I use here and has a review coming soon!)

Urban Decay Naked on the Run swatches

Above are swatches of the bronzer, blush and 5050 eyeshadow. From the swatch I'm sure you can already see just how orangey the bronzer is, which means it's something I won't be able to use too often as it won't suit me at all. The blush on the other hand however is beautiful, a bright summery pink. Not something I would usually go for but I surprised myself and liked it. Then finally is 5050, the biggest eyeshadow in the palette which I believe is so you can highlight with it too. It is a champagne shimmer with a slightly pink glow in certain light, so it is the perfect highlight shade.

Overall this is probably one of the most perfect travel palettes out there; if you can get your hands on it that is. Selfridges did have it but it's currently out of stock and doesn't look like it's returning any time soon which is a shame. If they do another palette similar and you're looking for the perfect one to travel with I would seize the opportunity and go for it!

M&S Free Gift Beauty Box

Every so often M&S have a promotion where if you buy a certain amount of products you get a free box of beauty bits. Now my auntie did this while she was over from Dubai and kindly gave me most of the box of goodies. She took a few things she wanted but I'll be honest most of the box is there and boy is it a good box!

M&S Beauty Box

The box is quite plain with a monochrome design. Nothing too fancy to take away from what's inside. There is a mixture of products for face, hair, lips and also nails which means you get to try quite a few different things. It's pretty much the ultimate high end try before you buy box really.

M&S Beauty Box Goodies

The first four things are for face, body and also hair. Island Escape is an M&S own fragrance. It has quite a masculine smell and reminds me of a nice aftershave with feminine notes. Also the bottle is a gorgeous gradient of blue and yellow which reminds me of a lovely tropical beach somewhere. Then there is the Percy&Reed Volumising No Oil Oil, which is a terribly confusing concept and name in my opinion. It doesn't actually tell you what it is really, just that it will smooth flyaways and make it shiny. Then is a gorgeous NUXE bottle containing their Huile Prodigie Multi-Purpose Dry Oil. Apparently this can be used on your face, body and also hair, so they're definitely not lying about its multipurposeness. Finally from the four is the Rodial Dragon's Blood Hydraluronic Tonic which is a re-hydrating toner. I've tried this once so far and it didn't seem particularly hydrating like my Clinique Moisture Surge mist but I'll give it a couple more tries before I give it away.

M&S Beauty Box Goodies

Face and hair next with a few familiar brands to me popping up. First the Philip Kingsley Swim Cap Protective Cream, now I've received their elastisiser in a couple of boxes but I just never had time for it, however this (if it works) could be quite innovative. It says it helps guard against effects of sun and water, so almost like a heat protective treatment as well as a water one. If your hair is heat or chlorine damaged this may be a product for you but as I am not going on any sunny holidays in the near future I may give this to someone who will. (Side note this smells amazing, like a citrusy cake!) Then next is a suncream for very sensitive skin, Ultrasun Anti-Ageing Sun Protection SPF 30. I'll be honest, I'm not too worried about anti ageing products just yet but I'll still give them a try. As well as protecting you from the sun this claims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, not entirely sure how to test that just yet but I'm working on it. Then is the REN Instant Firming Beauty Shot, which can be used before and on top of makeup, or so it says. This is a no rub in product too, instead it would like you to gently pat it into the face. Finally in this quartet is the Swell Ultimate Protect & Renew Serum, which initially I thought was a face product, however I was mistaken. It is a lavender scented hair serum which conceals split ends and adds gloss. It's quite a generous sample with 30ml in it too!

M&S Beauty Box

Now the last four are unsurprisingly, I imagine, my favourites because there is makeup. Starting first with the Leighton Denny Crystal Finish Quick Dry Top Coat. My Seche Vite ran out, or should I say 'went gloopy' quite a while ago and since then I've pondered whether to repurchase. Luckily I shall ponder no more and try this instead as no one likes waiting for their nails to dry. Up until now I have never tried anything from Stila, and I really don't know why. This is their Lip Glaze in Raspberry which is an amazing vibrant pink, perfect for summer. I really like the applicator too and the twist up to reveal product means you shouldn't waste much at all. Next up is the Pur Correcting Primer, now this, for some odd reason, surprised me when it turned out to be coloured. Then I reminded myself that duh it's correcting, though whether it corrects my redness or corrects my face orange still remains to be seen. The final item in this whole box is a Nails Inc Chiltern Park nail polish, and it is a hot pink which matches Stila Raspberry down to a t. I really like Nails Inc polishes but really don't own a lot, but now I can coordinate lips and tips I might just have to!

So that is *almost* the entire box, and it's pretty good isn't it. Now I haven't totalled the amount the box is worth because there are just too many products to take into account and I also didn't have them all. I'd like to thank my auntie again for kindly passing the box of goodies onto me, that sounded a bit like my Oscars acceptance speech didn't it! and also for basically sponsoring (with makeup!) a few of my other posts too! Would you buy makeup from M&S if you were going to get a box like this?

You Beauty August

It's beauty box time again and first up is the August You Beauty box. Usually I sing this boxes praises as it can be as little as £6.95, but this month the selection was slightly underwhelming for me.

You Beauty August

The edit this month was Beauty Solutions which is all well and good but there was no makeup. Obviously this isn't the be all and end all but I do like some goodies to look forward to.

You Beauty August

The thing I was most excited to try was in fact the freebie, the Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black Toothpaste. If  you've read my blog before you'll probably know that I have quite stained teeth and have tried oil pulling to fix it, however it's not an easy fix at all. So I have wanted to try a charcoal toothpaste to see if they work. The bits I chose were the This Works In Transit Camera Close Up which is a mask, moisturiser and primer all in one which seems interesting and useful. Then the Bloom and Blossom Rejuvenating Facial Spritz, I am loving face sprays in summer to cool my face down so this looked worth a try. Finally I chose the Nip + Fab Daily Cleansing Pads. I think I've seen a few people raving about them so decided that I would give them a go.

Overall this probably isn't going to get you to subscribe because the selection was a little pants in my opinion. If you want to subscribe and need a little more convincing I would check out You Beauty in July and June

A New Addition

I'll be honest that title sounds like I've got another cat or something. (Self confessed crazy cat lady already!) Actually it's not that exciting, well for me it is!

Canon 700d

I finally did it. I took the plunge and bought myself a camera! If you follow me on twitter you've probably seen me tweet on at least one occasion that I really wanted a camera so I could start YouTube. Initially I thought I would get said camera and start YT next year while I'm at uni. However I have a decent paying part time job and it was just my birthday and I decided that I would celebrate my birthday by buying myself a camera.

Canon 700d body

The camera I decided to get was the Canon 700D. It wasn't a spur of the moment decision, I had spent hours researching different cameras. The must have in the camera I wanted had to be a vari-angle screen so I can see myself while filming because I want to be in focus and in shot. This narrowed down my selection a lot as very few cameras actually have this feature. I was hoping to get a camera under £400 and this is just over, unless you find a really good deal like I luckily did. 

The deal in question was at Jessops. The camera and lens usually come in at £479 on the Canon website which was a bit steep. At other retailers like Argos, Curry's and also Jessops it is usually marked down at a slightly more reasonable £449. All through summer until the 31st of August Canon offer £40 cashback on this camera which made it a lot more affordable. Even better than this was when I went into Jessops and saw it was reduced to £399. Result much! Overall, once you take the cashback off, the camera cost around £100 less than Canon advertise it at. Obviously I have had to buy some accessories to keep it safe so getting it at such a discount is really helping me finance it!

I hope you end up watching me on YouTube, my first videos will be around Halloween time as that is my favourite time for makeup and I can get my FX on!

BBB Origins Box

Okay, I'll be honest, I am addicted to beauty boxes. I regularly get a You Beauty and Love Me Beauty boxes delivered to my home. And then when Jane (BritishBeautyBlogger) brings out a beauty box with Latest in Beauty I seem to end up getting them too! 

BBB Origins Box

I have purchased all three of Jane's Latest in Beauty boxes this year so far. The Clinique box which was amazing value. The Precious Petals box, which was a gift for my stepmum and then this one: Mix & Mask with Origins box. Now each box is £20 but trust in me when I say that each box is worth so much more than the price tag including the one I am showing you today.

BBB Origins Box

The BBB Origins Box is full of Jane's favourite Origins products, which is perfect because I've never tried any but I'm really getting into facemasks lately. In the box there are two full size products which total a value of £47.50 so you're practically making money by buying this box! The total value of the box equals a massive £85 and that is not to be sniffed at is it? Honestly beauty boxes like these are such good value for money, there's no denying that and Latest in Beauty do such a different range, they even let you make your own. Currently there is the Glamour Summer Edit for only £20 if you're feeling summery.

Drink Up Intensive Mask GinZing Peel Off Mask Original Skin Retexturising Rose Clay

These three are all minis of their masks. Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask would seem to be the obvious choice for me as I do have particularly dry skin all year round. Anything that helps it will likely be bought so fingers crossed. The the GinZing Peel Off Mask, this looks incredibly interesting. It's meant to enhance radiance and fair play if it does but it looks so strange on the website, like you're peeling off a layer of intense highlight. But if it works I won't be complaining. Then is the Original Skin Retexturising Rose Clay which is a bit of a mouthful if I'm honest. It is a decent size sample which I imagine I will get many uses out of, my skin isn't smooth at the moment so hopefully this will retexturise it and make it soft again.

By All Greens Foaming Deep Cleansing Mask Maskimizer Skin Optimising Primer and Vita Zing Energy Boosting Moisturiser

These three were the items I am most puzzled but most intrigued about as well. Now the By All Greens Foaming Deep Cleansing Mask sounds quite nice for the skin, Jane describes it basically as a 'green juice for the face' so it should be quite rejuvenating. It says that it foams up and you rinse away which makes it sound a lot more like a face wash than a mask but we'll see. Then the VitaZing SPF 15 Energy Boosting Moisturiser, the most expensive item in the box. It smells quite nice; fruity with a hint of suncream. It says it has a sheer tint release which to someone of my complexion instantly sets alarm bells ringing because nearly all tinted products are too dark. However, I seem to have found an exception in this. When I first applied it I thought oh god this is so dark I'm going oompa loompa again, But as I blended it into my skin my thoughts completely changed, it blended in seamlessly and just gave a subtle glow - could this be the product I've been searching for? (Review to come soon I bet.) Finally is a strange little product, it's the Maskimizer Skin Optimising Mask Primer, sounds space age to me. A primer for a facemask? Apparently you spritz this onto your face before a mask is applied and it optimises your skin by hydrating it and softening the skin. I'll be giving this a go and reporting back don't worry.

Origins Facemask Pods DrinkUp Clear Improvement Out of Trouble

Now these are adorable and perfect to travel. The Origins Facemask Pods contain 10ml of each facemask which is the perfect amount if you're going away because who needs millions of tubes filling their bags? They're not yet available online (at the time of writing anyway) but I wish they were so I could stock up. The three in my box were Drink Up, a 10 minute mask to quench my skins thirst, Out of Trouble, a 10 minute mask to rescue problem skin, and boy is my skin problematic right now. And finally Clear Improvement, an active charcoal mask to clear pores, it's also rumoured to be Khloe Kardashians skin secret, so what's not to like? (Unless you're not a Kardashian fan that is!)

Let's be honest this box is of amazing value, and I'm so glad I got it. Is my bank account? Probably not but it saved me £65 in trying each product, it probably saved me more actually as you can't usually buy sample sizes. As with most of these boxes there is a £10 off a £30 spend which I am likely to use if the mask pods are available online soon. I hope this has opened your eyes to the world of beauty boxes, especially ones curated by the wonderful Jane. I hope you're enjoying summer, my skin definitely will be!

Going to the Zoo (Zoo..Zoo...)

I turned 17 almost two weeks ago and how does one celebrate this? By going to the zoo of course! Now I'm afraid this won't be a massively long descriptive post on the animals etc instead it will be a few snaps of my favourites!

Marwell Zoo Penguins

A visit to the penguins was a must because my boyfriend loves them so much. We even stayed to watch them be fed and hear a talk on them. Apparently Echo the penguin gets fat during malting season which is why we saw him belly flop into the pool on a couple of occasions.

Marwell Zoo Penguins

Now this photo shows my immaturity. This is the Jackass Penguin, they look rather cute really. Perhaps they're the f**kboys of the penguin world? 

Marwell Zoo Meerkats

The meerkats were adorable. There was one meerkat on lookout while the rest were cuddled up and sleeping. My boyfriend also found out, with the meerkat on guards help, that snapchat filters work on meerkats. If you're intrigued I would check my Instagram.

Marwell Zoo Giraffe

The main event was obviously, for me at least, the giraffes. They are my favourite animal and I even bought a giraffe toy at the zoo. The giraffes made my birthday complete as I got to stroke one!! Now you might think that's not too 'wow' but to me it was amazing. The giraffes at Marwell Zoo are fenced off slightly and it is completely up to the giraffes whether they want to interact. Luckily I must have been there at the right time as as I stuck my hand up when a giraffe was walking it bent through the wires of the fence and let me stoke its snout. Which isn't as velvety as a horses snout I now know. Anyway that made my day amazing, so I thank that giraffe.

I didn't take too many photos, well not enough good ones, but I still thought I would share the few I did like. After this trip I did pop along to Jemma from Dorkface's Etsy store and order a giraffe print as a happy birthday extra present for myself, (and a thank you to the giraffe!)

Best Suncream Ever?

I hate suncream, probably like most of the population. Luckily in the UK it's not needed often due to the lack of sunlight we receive. However, every now and then for about a week at a time the UK gets an injection of sunlight, and suncream is needed. We all know just how important protecting our skin is so I've been hunting for one that I can live with and I found it in a Glossybox months ago.

SkinPep Hydra Sun Defence Cream

The Glossybox it was in was months ago but it took me up until a few months ago to even try the sample size because I stuck to face creams that had SPF in them. Then one day I decided to take the plunge and try it. To my surprise I actually really liked it. The cream in question is the SkinPep Hydra-Sun Defence SPF 50. It is a mineral suncream which might be why I finally found a suncream I like. 

It says that primarily it is a day cream which I can understand but it is so much better than just a day cream. The first thing you notice when you look at the cream is that it looks like it has bits in. Little grit like bits to be exact, but don't worry that's pretty normal as it is a mineral based product. The aim of the cream is to eliminate the horrible white sheen you can get with other suncreams. The white sheen makes me look even paler than normal, even when I'm out in the sun. This instead adapts to your skintone, usually this would be a no no for me because most 'adapting' products go orange, but this doesn't! This actually adapts to my casper ness adding a subtle glow making me look summery. 

SkinPep Hydra Sun Defence Cream

I'll be honest it's not the cheapest suncream, however if you think of it as a 2in1: suncream and day cream it works out quite well. It's definitely not an all over suncream simply because of the price, however you do get 40% off your first purchase which definitely makes it cheaper. (I paid £11 for my first order rather than around £17.) SkinPep is a brand that doesn't get too much recognition but I think it should. They do really nice skincare and peels to make your skin more radiant.

Though the reason I like it most is that it doesn't feel heavy. Once you've applied it and rubbed it in it practically disappears, you cannot feel it on your skin. It sinks into your skin and it's like you never even applied it. For me it's basically invisible sun protection and that's exactly what I need.

I look forward to using it more and more over summer. Have you tried anything from SkinPep, do you think you will?

What I Got For My Birthday

A week ago today I got up early for my birthday (8:30am in the holidays is early for me.) I decided a trip to the zoo, mainly for the giraffes was how I would celebrate. Now all the festivities are over I decided to do a small post showing you the beauty bits I got for my birthday!

Beauty Gifts

Somehow I completely managed not to photograph the Lush Rosie giftset for you so I'll go through it now. The main reason I wanted this was because it has Rose Jam shower gel in it, which is otherwise a Christmas exclusive. There is also Ro's Argan body conditioner, Rose Jam bubbleroon, Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo bar and finally Titsy Totsy bath bomb. As a rose scent lover, unsurprisingly this is my heaven! 

Soap and Glory Giftsets

My younger brothers kindly picked out a Soap&Glory giftset each for me, (with their mother's help of course.) In Birthday Washes there was a travel Clean on Me shower gel and Righteous Butter body butter, which I love the smell of. Then in All the Right Smoothies there was another travel size Righteous Butter body butter, Flake Away body polish and also a Sugar Crush body buttercream. Either they think I smell or they know I love Soap&Glory!

Summer Peach Yankee Candle

If you've ever been on my Twitter or Instagram or ever read another of my blog posts you will probably know I love peach scents and flavours. This is no different, I hadn't even smelt this before I put it on my wishlist as it was a Yankee Candle and they always smell great. My mum picked me up a medium size candle and I've already started burning it.

Red Heart Paperweight

Finally, and I know this isn't beauty related, but my boyfriend got me this and I think it is so pretty. It's a heart shape stone with little flowers carved into it. I've decided to display it on my desk as it is gorgeous, don't you think?

So there are all my beauty bits and bobs from my birthday. I hope you enjoyed!

LoveMeBeauty July

Now I know we're in August and this is a beauty box from July but I decided I would share this box now because there was simply no space in my schedule in July - which is pretty crazy for someone who usually has no posts planned at all. But anyway here is my July LoveMeBeauty box.

LoveMeBeauty July

Before I get into the details of what I chose I just have to say that there are more products here than your monthly 60 credits will get you. This is because almost as soon as I ordered July's box I saw an amazing groupon deal which halved the price of a 6 month subscription. So for £29 I could have 6 boxes, then on top of that there was a £10 off your first purchase which took it down to £19 (+p&p.) In total the subscription cost me around £31 once p&p had been taken into account which is a lot better than £13 something a month. So to put it simply I got two boxes this month... oopsy!

Caudalie Glycolic Peel Yes to Blueberries age refresh wipes

Now the odd ones out this month are these two. First was the Caudalie Glycolic Peel, 15 credits. I was tempted by the pink grape moisturiser but this had a low amount of product in so thought why not try the peel instead. It doesn't have a prominent smell, though it is gently fragranced so it should be okay for sensitive skin. Then for only 10 credits I chose the Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh Wipes. I know everyone says wipes are bad for your face but when you're tired or travelling they're just the easier option. There are only 10 so I won't be converting to face wipes completely but they are a nice option to have.

pixi nourishing lip polish beauty sleep cream

Onto the Pixi goodies. These are both full size products and were 25 credits each, meaning with a 60 credit limit you could only choose 2, unless you were me... The Pixi Nourishing Lip Polish is frankly weird to me. Its applicator has rubbery spikes which allow you to scrub your lips while applying. Then the product itself has a strange scent and taste, almost apricot like but in a strange way. The Pixi Beauty Sleep Cream on the other hand I am loving. I have been looking for a night cream for ages  and just hadn't found one that I enjoy using until now. This smells of lavender and while it is very rich it isn't heavy and absorbs into the skin easily.

Pixi correction concentrate glow tonic lengthy fiber mascara

The last three bits were also all Pixi, the LoveMeBeauty Wanderlust edit was full of it and I had to take advantage. I got the Pixi Correction Concentrate in my second box as I wasn't sure it would work for me because I am pale. The shade is brightening peach and as far as I am aware it is the only shade they do at the moment. Make no mistake, it is an eye brightener not a concealer. It is quite a heavy product but does blend out easily though I don't know if it suits my skin or not as I am rather pale. Now the Pixi Glow Tonic is the cult favourite and I thought it would be rude not to try a small bottle. It only contains 15ml but I don't see why it wouldn't last me a while, it seems very interesting and I will report back. Finally is the Pixi Lengthy Fiber Mascara which I'm not too sure about. I tried this and it did surprise me. When it mentioned fiber I thought it would mean small almost invisible fibers like in some brow gels but I was very wrong. On opening the tube I discovered that the fibers were in fact eyelash length, it looks like spiders legs in a tube if I'm honest, but that didn't stop me trying it anyway. The first try of this wasn't exactly amazing, it worked like a normal mascara and I didn't see any particular difference from the fibers, but I will try it again and see if I can get it to work better next time!

LoveMeBeauty is £10 +p&p which isn't the most expensive box out there at all. The fact you get to choose your own products and the chance to add on more credits if you see more products you want is a great idea! If you are thinking of signing up you can get £21 of credits free using my code Beth7867 that's 30 free credits for you! Have you tried LoveMeBeauty yet, please let me know what you think!

Pssst! Don't forget:


For 30 free credits to spend! Worth £21!

NYX Haul

Mid June time you might remember seeing a NYX wishlist after I realised that a counter was opening near me, well this is the haul from that venture. I decided to treat myself to a few bits to start with which didn't make a particularly thrilling post. Then soon after I went on a shopping trip with some childhood friends to Reading and we spent a fair amount of money, especially on NYX as they had a counter twice the size of my local one. And then finally I took a trip out with my aunt who kindly got me a couple of bits to add to my collection. So I've ended up with quite a few products to show you today!

NYX Haul

Unsurprisingly, as you can see, most of the products I got are for the lips which is strange for someone who has incredibly dry lips, but maybe I'll test their moisturising capabilities. The the other products are all for eyes so clearly subconsciously I must believe I have the perfect base already.

NYX Lip Products

I couldn't not try Baby Doll from the Lip Lingerie range. It looked the perfect light nude and to an extent it is. It didn't look quite so light in the shop when I swatched it but I still quite like it. Baby Doll is a light peachy colour and it dries matte. Sadly it doesn't smell particularly nice, it hasn't got the vanillary scent of the soft matte lip creams. I was also lusting over the Liquid Suede cream lipstick in Tea & Cookies which I managed to pick up with my aunt when we went shopping. It is the perfect neutral pink, not too out there. Again this doesn't smell great, in fact it smells very chemically but if it works, I won't argue. Now the lipstick in Pure Red I got when I dragged my boyfriend shopping, very much against his will. I asked him to choose me something and surprisingly he chose a lipstick that I would actually wear. Then I bought myself two more Soft Matte Lip Creams in Copenhagen and Prague. I love the lip creams, they're long lasting on me and they smell really good.

NYX Lip Cream Swatches

NYX Jumbo Eye Crayon Rust and Milk

Then onto the eye products, starting with the Tame & Frame Brow Pomade in Brunette. I definitely knew I wanted to try a brow pomade but I couldn't at first decide whether to get blonde or brunette. The obvious choice would have been blonde as I am blonde, however, I settled on brunette because when I swatched it, it looked a lot more me. The blonde was slightly warm toned which on a pale girl like myself doesn't suit. The two Jumbo Eye Pencils are in Rust and Milk. Milk has to be the cult favourite as a base colour to make eyeshadow pop. Then I've been really liking burgundy shades so I had to get Rust which is a gorgeous burnt red. Finally my aunt kindly got me one of the Vivid Brights liner in Vivid Halo. It is a really bright yellow that is exceptionally outside of my comfort zone but last year I saw a picture of Marina and the Diamonds with yellow liner and I needed to try it. And now I can

NYX Jumbo Eye Crayon Swatches

So there is what I have in my NYX collection so far, what else do you think I should add?

The Other Kingdom Unboxing*

A few weeks ago I was contacted by none other than Nickelodeon regarding a new show of theirs: The Other Kingdom. Now I was a SKY baby so I did watch a load of Nickelodeon. Drake & Josh, Victorious, Genie in the House and H20 Just Add Water (my personal favourite!) So when they asked if I'd like to help promote this new show I just couldn't say no really.

The Other Kingdom Unboxing

The Other Kingdom starts four days from now on the 8th of August at 6:30pm. The show is about a fairy who wants to be human, and journey's to a high school. (I'd rather be a fairy and travel to a magical land to be honest, but each to their own.) It seems there will be plenty of magic and of course some fairy dust, not the LUSH kind though. To celebrate they sent me some goodies to turn myself into a fairy princess with. Nickelodeon are  making my dreams come true, I just wish they could also get me to turn into a mermaid. I thought I would show you the lovely things they sent me and of course the final result!

The Other Kingdom

There was a gorgeous moonstone necklace*, some sparkly face gems* and also some glittery ASOS socks*.  Sadly I couldn't get the gems to work for me and I couldn't find my eyelash glue to secure them. But look at the socks, are they not magical!? If ever I'm having a down day I will wear these so I feel sparkly.

Flower Crown

Now this is a real gem and I feel ready to go to a festival. The blues and greens of the flower crown* are so stunning! Blues work really nicely with my pale skin tone and the greens bring out the green in my eyes which is strange but beautiful. I am going to wear this so so much this summer.

Glittery Makeup

Now for the sparkly makeup items. There were three Claire's glitter gels*, I used the silver one on my brows which did look pretty good, however I am still finding glitter on my face now but I guess that's part of being a fairy princess. Then a Winky Lux lipgloss* which looks a really vibrant pink but transfers as a light pink with a tonne of glitter, it was the perfect base for my lips in the end as you'll see. And then the Elegant Touch nails* which are things of beauty and I really really need more!

Urban Decay Wende's Contraband

Now this palette is definitely the showstopper. It's the Urban Decay Wende's Contraband palette which is so whimsical. 6 amazing shadows, I fell in love most with deep end, flash and tornado, and believe me I put them to use when becoming a fairy princess.

Urban Decay Wende's Contraband

I used the shades deep end, tornado, flash and also trick on the eyes, and deep end and flash on the lips to create a nice ombré ish look. The flower crown went really nicely with the colours I used. It's not too apparent but there is glitter gel in my brows which looked magical in the light!

So what do you think about my fairy princess look? I really liked it and think if I toned it down a tad I could turn it into a festival look, complete with flower crown. Don't forget that if you or maybe your children like the sound of The Other Kingdom it starts on Nickelodeon at 6:30pm on the 8th of August!

Seeing stars? Any products which have a * by their name have been sent to me. See my full disclaimer here...

It's My Birthday!

I know it's a Wednesday and that should mean a post. However, it is my birthday so there won't be a post on this particular day...

Happy Birthday

I probably won't be too active today as I am at the zoo but I'm sure I'll post at least something on Instagram. Also please check out my 700 follower giveaway before you go and admire my birthday cake, it is a pug!

CLOSED 700 Follower Giveaway

It's that time again: giveaway time! Now it isn't the biggest prize but I just wanted to say thank you for all the support you all have been showing MissCosmeticBlogger over the years.

700 Follower Giveaway

So this giveaway is to celebrate a number of different milestones. Firstly I reached 700 followers over on Bloglovin' which was really exciting. Then my Instagram reached 500, which isn't the largest following but growing any size following seems near on impossible at times. Finally I made it past exams and into Summer so I thought we could celebrate that also.

700 Follower Giveaway

The prize is this set of five different lip balms. If you've been reading for a while you'll know I obsess over the best lip balms and regularly mention and compare them. As I quite like my balms from The Body Shop I thought it was so fitting. Now obviously I have to have some boring T&C's for you:

  • This is a UK only giveaway.
  • The giveaway runs from the 1st of August to the 30th of August.
  • Once the giveaway has ended the winner will be contacted and have 48 hours to respond. If there is no response a new winner will be picked.
  • I will check every entry. ALL mandatory entries must be completed correctly. Any incorrect or false entries will be disqualified.
  • Under 18's must have permission from a parent or guardian to enter.
  • The prize will be sent via Royal Mail Second Class Mail, as soon as I can, and should arrive within 3 days. I will email you as soon as it has been taken to the post office.
  • I cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage of the prize during its delivery. No replacement prize will be sent.
  • Winner will be chosen randomly through Rafflecopter.

Boring stuff out of the way all that is left to say is: good luck!