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Wednesday, 24 August 2016
Every so often M&S have a promotion where if you buy a certain amount of products you get a free box of beauty bits. Now my auntie did this while she was over from Dubai and kindly gave me most of the box of goodies. She took a few things she wanted but I'll be honest most of the box is there and boy is it a good box!

M&S Beauty Box

The box is quite plain with a monochrome design. Nothing too fancy to take away from what's inside. There is a mixture of products for face, hair, lips and also nails which means you get to try quite a few different things. It's pretty much the ultimate high end try before you buy box really.

M&S Beauty Box Goodies

The first four things are for face, body and also hair. Island Escape is an M&S own fragrance. It has quite a masculine smell and reminds me of a nice aftershave with feminine notes. Also the bottle is a gorgeous gradient of blue and yellow which reminds me of a lovely tropical beach somewhere. Then there is the Percy&Reed Volumising No Oil Oil, which is a terribly confusing concept and name in my opinion. It doesn't actually tell you what it is really, just that it will smooth flyaways and make it shiny. Then is a gorgeous NUXE bottle containing their Huile Prodigie Multi-Purpose Dry Oil. Apparently this can be used on your face, body and also hair, so they're definitely not lying about its multipurposeness. Finally from the four is the Rodial Dragon's Blood Hydraluronic Tonic which is a re-hydrating toner. I've tried this once so far and it didn't seem particularly hydrating like my Clinique Moisture Surge mist but I'll give it a couple more tries before I give it away.

M&S Beauty Box Goodies

Face and hair next with a few familiar brands to me popping up. First the Philip Kingsley Swim Cap Protective Cream, now I've received their elastisiser in a couple of boxes but I just never had time for it, however this (if it works) could be quite innovative. It says it helps guard against effects of sun and water, so almost like a heat protective treatment as well as a water one. If your hair is heat or chlorine damaged this may be a product for you but as I am not going on any sunny holidays in the near future I may give this to someone who will. (Side note this smells amazing, like a citrusy cake!) Then next is a suncream for very sensitive skin, Ultrasun Anti-Ageing Sun Protection SPF 30. I'll be honest, I'm not too worried about anti ageing products just yet but I'll still give them a try. As well as protecting you from the sun this claims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, not entirely sure how to test that just yet but I'm working on it. Then is the REN Instant Firming Beauty Shot, which can be used before and on top of makeup, or so it says. This is a no rub in product too, instead it would like you to gently pat it into the face. Finally in this quartet is the Swell Ultimate Protect & Renew Serum, which initially I thought was a face product, however I was mistaken. It is a lavender scented hair serum which conceals split ends and adds gloss. It's quite a generous sample with 30ml in it too!

M&S Beauty Box

Now the last four are unsurprisingly, I imagine, my favourites because there is makeup. Starting first with the Leighton Denny Crystal Finish Quick Dry Top Coat. My Seche Vite ran out, or should I say 'went gloopy' quite a while ago and since then I've pondered whether to repurchase. Luckily I shall ponder no more and try this instead as no one likes waiting for their nails to dry. Up until now I have never tried anything from Stila, and I really don't know why. This is their Lip Glaze in Raspberry which is an amazing vibrant pink, perfect for summer. I really like the applicator too and the twist up to reveal product means you shouldn't waste much at all. Next up is the Pur Correcting Primer, now this, for some odd reason, surprised me when it turned out to be coloured. Then I reminded myself that duh it's correcting, though whether it corrects my redness or corrects my face orange still remains to be seen. The final item in this whole box is a Nails Inc Chiltern Park nail polish, and it is a hot pink which matches Stila Raspberry down to a t. I really like Nails Inc polishes but really don't own a lot, but now I can coordinate lips and tips I might just have to!

So that is *almost* the entire box, and it's pretty good isn't it. Now I haven't totalled the amount the box is worth because there are just too many products to take into account and I also didn't have them all. I'd like to thank my auntie again for kindly passing the box of goodies onto me, that sounded a bit like my Oscars acceptance speech didn't it! and also for basically sponsoring (with makeup!) a few of my other posts too! Would you buy makeup from M&S if you were going to get a box like this?


  1. I find these beauty box deals so good & their Christmas advent calender's are amazing!

    1. I really want a beauty advent calendar this year so fingers crossed!xx


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