What I Got For My Birthday

Wednesday, 10 August 2016
A week ago today I got up early for my birthday (8:30am in the holidays is early for me.) I decided a trip to the zoo, mainly for the giraffes was how I would celebrate. Now all the festivities are over I decided to do a small post showing you the beauty bits I got for my birthday!

Beauty Gifts

Somehow I completely managed not to photograph the Lush Rosie giftset for you so I'll go through it now. The main reason I wanted this was because it has Rose Jam shower gel in it, which is otherwise a Christmas exclusive. There is also Ro's Argan body conditioner, Rose Jam bubbleroon, Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo bar and finally Titsy Totsy bath bomb. As a rose scent lover, unsurprisingly this is my heaven! 

Soap and Glory Giftsets

My younger brothers kindly picked out a Soap&Glory giftset each for me, (with their mother's help of course.) In Birthday Washes there was a travel Clean on Me shower gel and Righteous Butter body butter, which I love the smell of. Then in All the Right Smoothies there was another travel size Righteous Butter body butter, Flake Away body polish and also a Sugar Crush body buttercream. Either they think I smell or they know I love Soap&Glory!

Summer Peach Yankee Candle

If you've ever been on my Twitter or Instagram or ever read another of my blog posts you will probably know I love peach scents and flavours. This is no different, I hadn't even smelt this before I put it on my wishlist as it was a Yankee Candle and they always smell great. My mum picked me up a medium size candle and I've already started burning it.

Red Heart Paperweight

Finally, and I know this isn't beauty related, but my boyfriend got me this and I think it is so pretty. It's a heart shape stone with little flowers carved into it. I've decided to display it on my desk as it is gorgeous, don't you think?

So there are all my beauty bits and bobs from my birthday. I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. You got some truly wonderful gifts! I hope you had a lovely birthday xo



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