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Love Me Beauty: Kat von D, Omorovicza, Exuviance

What with the last post being my You Beauty for September logic would dictate that it's time for my Love Me Beauty. Now there is a story behind this one as Kat von D was the featured brand. I rocked up to the site at 10am on the first of the month and the site had crashed. I was really surprised that LMB hadn't anticipated just how popular having KVD on their site would be. After quite a long time of refreshing the page and conversing with LMB on twitter I finally got in... and after all that I only got one KVD item as the others looked so good! I'm crazy I know, but I did end up ordering again so I got all the KVD bits but they haven't arrived yet. Anyway what did I actually get?

Love Me Beauty Kat von D

Now as you can see Love Me Beauty isn't a conventional beauty box, in fact it is a beauty bag which is a nice change from the usual box. Also the bags have cute sayings on them and could be used as a gift really easily. It's £10 a month and £3.95 p&p but if you're lucky like me then you'll find a really good groupon deal which got me a 6 month subscription for £29 with a further £10 off code as well! In total inc p&p it was around £30 instead of £70!

Love Me Beauty Kat von D

So what did I choose from Kat von D, well of course it had to be the liner didn't it! It is a mini of the Ink Liner in Trooper which was 20 credits, a third of your monthly allowance. Although it is a travel size it's not so small that you can't use it like some samples... *cough* Benefit They're Real liner sample *cough* Then I decided to try some skincare because my nose has suddenly decided to be oily and I am getting more spots than usual which is not fun. Omorovicza is a Hungarian brand and I chose two 15 credit products from them. First up is the amazing looking Thermal Cleansing Balm. It is jet black so I'm guessing it has some charcoal element to it. Honestly though I love the packaging of this, it's in a mini glass jar which makes a sample feel so much more luxe than a plastic jar. I also chose the Copper Peel duo as I'm getting into skincare a lot more than usual. The duo is paste and an activator which makes this a lot more high tech than other peels I have tried. My final pick was only 10 credits and it was from Exuviance and it is a mask. I really enjoy clay masks as I think you can tell they're working better than others. So I will probably do a post soon on my mask favourites.

That's everything I got for £13.95 in total, if you haven't got a subscription; to be fair it's not a bad price really. You get to try 3 or more products of your choice, which is the best bit as everyone gets dud products from Glossybox and Birchbox!

YouBeauty September

It's beauty box time again and YouBeauty this month was a special one as it was Editor's Picks and the 3rd birthday of the box! I thought I'd show you what I chose!

When deciding what to get this month I was drawn towards the INKA Organic Lip Colour but of course when I got to the site they were no longer available. So in the end I gave in to the sheet mask trend and of course there was some makeup to be found.

Something that wasn't on the Editor's Picks but was in the Available Again section was the Lanolips Purse Size 101 Ointment. So many people seem to rave about Lanolips as a brand, especially their lip balms and as I have super dry lips 99% of the time it's definitely time for me to try it.  Then, after hearing Shaaanxo talking about Eyeko in many a video I jumped at the chance to try a new mascara. It is the Eyeko Black Magic Mascara which says it will add 'drama and curl' and no one ever says no to those. Then finally the sheet mask, this is from a brand I've never heard of before but I love trying new bits. It's from Erno Laszlo and is the Firmarine Hydrogel Mask, the description says it will firm and improve my skins elasticity. I don't know if my skin necessarily needs these qualities improving just yet but it's worth a try regardless.

Now the 'freebies' that come each month. First off the Nanoblur sample has bold claims: '10 years younger in 40 seconds.' I guess that this is aimed at a slightly more mature consumer as I don't want to look 7 in 40 seconds as I look younger than my age already. Then is another sachet, this time The Hero Project Hyasoft Moisture Boost. My skin is always in need of a moisture boost so this will be very handy in winter. Finally is the food! I was so happy when I opened the box and there was Propercorn and  it was lightly salted. I love popcorn, it's one of my favourite snacks, especially to eat while writing up posts!

This is still my favourite beauty box when it comes to pricing: £6.95 for two products is not bad really, more so because that sheet mask is worth £14 on its own! I always believe that beauty boxes are the best way to try new products without breaking the bank!

Sticker Obsession...

Now we are straying away from the normal beauty bits on the blog today to tell you about my new obsession: planning, planner stickers and washi tape!

Planner Stickers

The rise of the bullet journal was evident over the last year and some of my favourite bloggers such as Jemma from Dorkface got into it too. I tried to bullet journal a couple of times but it never worked out so then I decided to DIY my own planner. With my final year of college coming up I knew I needed to get organised so I popped down to Paperchase and picked up this gorgeous notepad and set to work.

Etsy Washi Tape

First off I decided I needed some washi tape, but I couldn't really get any from Paperchase when I got my planner because it is so so expensive. Instead I turned to the wonderful world of Etsy and it is wonderful. The glittery tape and flag tape are both from a shop called MagicalElement and they were about £1 each if that so naturally I got about 7 rolls because it was so cheap. Then the flowery tape and red arrow tape were from UnwrapColour and it arrived within two days. UnwrapColour was a UK seller and cost slightly more but arrived so much quicker than the others. 

Pemberly Prints Planner Stickers

Now this is a little section dedicated to Pemberly Prints who I made quite a large order from when they had a special 40% off sale. They do both functional stickers and also decorative ones. I love the coffee cups and also the vampires which can be used as period trackers!  The Lush inspired stickers are also cute and I'm using them to indicate pamper days. Pemberly Prints has so many stickers to choose from at a really affordable price, something like £1.70 a sheet. They're all so perfect.

Planner Stickers

The final four sheets are all from different shops but I thought I would include them anyway. First from BitsofStationary are giraffe date stickers, I actually ordered two sheets of these as I love giraffes. They are my favourite animals, I almost ordered 12 sheets so I could use them for every month! The heart banners are from WhimsicalFlamingosCo and I'm going to use them as habit trackers most likely for how much I study... Some more date stickers are in the shape of flags from Lethbridge Cards and the colour scheme goes so nicely together, and they were only £1.50. Finally is this adorable sheet of giraffe stickers from PlannerStickies, again I got two because just look at them! I haven't dared use them yet as they are just so cute.

Now I have started getting really obsessed I want to start making my own. I was hoping to open an Etsy shop late October but sadly a rather large spanner was put in the works. My proper laptop, rather than the really small but portable one I'm blogging on now, bit the dust unexpectedly. So the money I was going to input into stickers has had to go on a laptop which can deal with photo and video editing, so hopefully I will be able to open my shop in January. I'll keep you up to date on progress but I have my fingers crossed!


Let's be honest, this haul was a long time coming. I have been lusting after a NARS purchase or two for quite a few months and I finally took the plunge. I did intend to purchase from MAC but after being ignored at their counter I went home to make an NARS order.


I needed a good foundation, a high end one at that which was actually the right shade for Casper over here. As August is my birthday month I had quite a few 'free gift because it's your birthday' email offers and I'll be honest, NARS was the best one. So they tempted me in with a freebie, a lot of places manage that...

NARS Sheer Glow Siberia and Train Bleu

My intention was only to get the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu, a gorgeous and autumnal. definitely out of my comfort zone, but when I saw shipping was around £7 I thought I might as well get my cart to £50 and get free shipping. (It's the same old tale with beauty lovers and makeup orders.) So I added Sheer Glow foundation in Siberia and of course, with much annoyance, a pump too. 

NARS Free Gift

And now for the freebie, the reason I chose NARS. First is a gorgeous bag which fits the trio of products, it's travel size and I'm definitely planning to use it. Because of this gift I got two matte lip pencils, the smaller one in Dolce Vita, a perfect nude, ready to be paired with a mini Orgasm lipgloss and finally a smudge proof eyeshadow base. Being the slightly obsessed person I am I worked out that this little kit excluding the bag is worth just over £30 which is pretty amazing and definitely worth it.

I am so excited to start using my new goodies and can you believe that Sheer Glow is my first highend foundation!?

FeelUnique Pick 'n' Mix

If you love makeup and you also love pick 'n' mix this will be right up your alley. Feel Unique have launched the pick 'n' mix of dreams, if you're a beauty lover that is. I present FeelUnique Pick 'n' Mix!

FeelUnique Pick 'n' Mix

We've all tried beauty boxes and been slightly disappointed, (Glossybox I'm talking to you,) but Feel Unique have launched the sample service to end all disappointment. Once a month you can choose 5 sample size products from a whole catalogue of products and brands which then get sent to your door, and there are loads to choose from! They say it's 'free' but there is a £3.95 handling fee, but that's so much cheaper than a regular beauty box and you get it back as a voucher to spend on Feel Unique.

FeelUnique Pick 'n' Mix

So the bits that I chose were quite varied. First I went for the cutest little sample of Bioderma, I mean it's even in the shape of a bottle. Then as I'd heard good things about the Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer I thought a few shades to try would be great. I have tried a couple of Vichy bits before and loved the smell so chose the Vichy LiftActiv Supreme Moisturiser. Then as my skin is very dry I thought the Aveda Tourmaline Charged hydrating creme looked like a potential solution. Finally as winter is on the way This Works Skin Glow looked like the perfect way to make this porcelain ghost look alive. We shall see how it goes. 

I think Feel Unique may be onto a winner with this service, however you do lose the luxe feel of ordering a beauty box but if the price is the problem I would definitely try this service out. What do you think about the idea? 

Everything's Peachy

I love peaches. The way they smell and the way they taste. I got a huge Sweet Peach Yankee Candle for my birthday and my room has never smelt better, and now I thought I would run you through the best smelling body care range ever: The Body Shop's Vineyard Peach range!

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Scrub

I have four of the main products, a few of which I acquired in the last sale + extra 40% off which is the best time to buy at The Body Shop. The only one I don't have and which I regret not getting is the body butter, but I have so many and just couldn't justify it if I wasn't going to use it.

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Lotion and Shower Gel

The first two products from the range are the Vineyard Peach Body Lotion and Shower Gel. The shower gel is actually a backup for when my one runs out which it is likely to do soon, I had to get another as although I often see the peach range in my local shop I think it's meant to be limited edition. The colour of the gel is really pretty, a pinky orange which looks amazing in my bathroom as it matches the colour scheme. Instead of the body butter I decided to get the lotion as it is a lot lighter feeling on the skin. Also the packaging has a pump which makes it perfect when I want to moisturise my hands or body.

The Body Shop Peach Scrub

I love a good scrub, both face and body, and some of my favourites are from The Body Shop because they're actually scrubby. I have sensitive skin which means really harsh scrubs can irritate my skin but others do nothing which is equally puzzling. If you've tried their mango scrub and thought it not scrubby enough then you'll want to try the Vineyard Peach body scrub as it has lots more bits and isn't a sugar or salt scrub as such, instead it has peach seed powder and coconut shell powder which are very good scrubs.

The Body Shop Peach Spray

This is an amazing body mist, mainly because I love peach but also because it is divine. If you're not a sweet scent fan this won't be for you as it reminds me of sweets in a sweet shop; fruity and a little fake. (But not in a bad way.) This is definitely a fragrance for those like myself who want to smell like a kid in a candy shop.

Overall this range is my favourite that The Body Shop have ever done and they will have to really up the game to beat this. Although this was a limited edition range it is likely that you will be able to find it in your store because it's been in mine for about a year and made it through a couple of sales!