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Kat von D in the UK

I imagine you've all heard this news already, but if you have been living under a rock I shall enlighten you. The must coveted US brand Kat von D has finally hit our shores and for us beauty bloggers this is a big deal.

Kat von D for LoveMeBeauty

I was lucky enough to be subscribed to LoveMeBeauty whose sample service this month allowed you to pick three Kat von D products, which in itself is great. What was even better is the quality of the products. 

I love my eyeliner, the more opaque the better. And this one did not disappoint. It's called the Ink Liner and it stays true to its name. It applies like and ink pen does to paper, as dark as well. On top of this it also lasts. I work 11 hour shifts sometimes and it didn't budge which was perfect.

Now the Studded Kiss Lipstick in Magick and it is so wearable. I wasn't sure how true the swatch on the website would be but it was really close. Magick is an utterly beautiful dusty pink that is probably going to become my everyday shade very quickly. It glides on like a dream and isn't too bad on dry patches either.

Finally is the one product I'm sure every blogger and their dog has this or at least wants it. It is of course a Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw. Now I thought this looked to be an orangey red to me but to my surprise/delight it was actually a true red. It's a lovely blue toned red so it will make my teeth look whiter and it will last all day. Basically it's perfect.

Kat von D for LoveMeBeauty

Kat von D products have definitely shot to the top of my list this year because these three are such high quality! If there are any good giftsets I would recommend picking them up because who wouldn't want amazing makeup for Christmas!

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