Wine Bottle Lip Stain?*

Saturday, 8 October 2016
I love makeup, although I'm pretty sure if you're on my blog you will know that already! So when asked if I would like to try a few of their products I was hardly going to say no was I, especially when the range was so extensive and beautiful. 

I will first apologise for the photography, I absolutely hate mine at the moment and am trying to start using my DSLR. If anyone has any blog photography posts please link me up as I need all the help I can get. Anyway onto the products...

I was offered the choice of four products up to the value of £35 which is very generous of them. (A few months ago I was contacted by BornPretty Store who have a very similar if not identical range which I absolutely fell in love with!) As it's nearly Halloween one of my choices was influenced slightly and I am very pleased with the outcome.

First I chose the Qi Best Long Lasting liquid lipstick* (£3.28.) As liquid lipsticks are so 'in' right now I couldn't not pick one up. I had to choose a neutral shade which is in shade 03. It is a perfect neutral pink which will work throughout the warmer and colder months. It has a really memorable smell, something like baby powder perhaps but I just remember the smell from somewhere.

I love my eyeliner and on the off chance I have time to make it perfect I always reach for gel. This means it's only natural I wanted to try the Mixiu Waterproof Gel Cream Eyeliner(£3.73.) The idea that is is a gel cream intrigues me and it's waterproof and my eyes in winter are always watering.

Next is the Halloween inspired choice: Light Blue Party False Eyelashes* (£3.86.) I thought these would be utterly perfect for an ice queen or ice fairy look because they are so pretty. They are so long so I might have to cut them down or I imagine they will be so heavy.

Finally is what I thought would be a gimmick but it actually looks really nice, and perfect for a wine lover. The Liphop Wine Lip Tint* (£3.86.) It's very liquid based and not at all a liquid lipstick, as it's a stain it doesn't grab onto dry patches too bad. It also doesn't seem to have a particular smell which is great for those with sensitive skin. It's definitely veering onto the orange toned red rather than blue, usually my preference is blue toned but I will still get some use out of it.

Nur Besten Swatches

Overall I would definitely be up for buying a few more bits as there is such a large range; perfect for Halloween and everything else you could possibly need!

Seeing stars? Any products which have a * by their name have been sent to me. See my full disclaimer here...

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