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Wednesday, 23 November 2016
I have so many makeup brushes now because I love to experiment, and it's a good thing too because I'm not one for religiously washing each week. In fact I have enough eye makeup brushes to make sure I don't have to wash them until the end of the month. Bad really I know, but anyway a few months ago I took to Amazon to boost my brush collection and I think you might want to as well!

Amazon Brush Sets

When I bought the brushes they were around £3 for 15 including packaging and they are so beautiful. They've since gone up but £1 isn't enough to stop me buying them again. In total I have three of these sets and they are wonderful. Within the sets, which come with either black or beige pink handles, have a variety of different brush types. There were around 5 fluffy blending brushes in each set I got all slightly different but none scratchy, and they retained their shape after washing. Each had a couple of gel liner brushes, some skinny and some thicker. Then are the obligatory base shadow brushes which you get in basically any set whatever the price point. Probably one of my favourite brushes in the set are the stiff eyebrow brushes which are a must have for anyone. There were a couple of pencil brushes for placing shadow in the inner corner, which FYI also double up as good eyeliner brushes.

Now there are only a few things I don't like about these brushes. First they take a horrendous time to ship, upwards of two weeks. Second they smell like factory when they get there. And finally there are a few which shed and aren't usable. Luckily I found uses for these in my SFX kit as those brushes don't have to be the best quality, especially when you're using liquid latex!

These brushes are perfect for literally anyone. They are so affordable, up to about £4 now, but have a whole 15 brushes in the set and as long as you can deal with a few minor disadvantages these will be your new best friend! You can find them here.

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