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Bright and Beautiful Skin in Winter

We're in the middle of Winter. My lips are cracked, my hands are dry and my skin? Well, it's just a tad dull. I'm upset there's no snow, I'm almost certain that it's cold enough and I have college deadlines which I would like extended. Sadly, I don't see it snowing so instead I decided to show you which products give me a glow in winter, when my skin needs a little help.

Bright and Beautiful Skin in Winter

I have two primers I will go for depending on the weather. If it's rainy then I'll grab Benefit's That Gal, £22.50, this is a brightening face primer which smells so good, as per usual with Benefit products! The reason this is my go to when it rains is because it brightens rather than glows, and if it's raining I don't want to look any more saturated than I already will be. However, if it's just frosty then L'Oreal's Lumi Magique Primer is my go to, £9.99, as it's basically radiance in a bottle. I love this as you can mix it with foundation, use before foundation or even as a highlighter. Personally I go for before or as a highlighter because most of my foundations are dewy or glowy anyway. For foundation it has to be Rimmel Wake Me Up, £8,99. This has reflective particles running throughout and really does brighten up my face. My only slight problem is that I find it transfers very easily, so don't touch your face unless you want to be sparkly the whole day. Finally is a higlighter from Smashbox, mine came in a travel size set but they're usually £25, which is quite expensive. Hollywood & Highlight is a stunning champagne colour which can look quite subtle once blended out with your finger. Even if I'm not wearing any other makeup a slick of this on the tops of my cheeks gives me an alive glow which at 7:30am is necessary so as not to scare people. 

I'm forever experimenting with different glowy products as I'm just not happy when my skin is dull. I want to light up the room with my highlight even when I'm actually still half asleep and stumbling around. I have my fingers firmly crossed for snow, so here's hoping!

Beth x

Boxing Day Sale Survival in Lush

Now this was meant to be a collective Boxing Day haul but as the majority of my purchases were from Lush, bar one box of Lego for myself, it became a Lush only haul! I was one of those who decided to brave the shops rather than stick to online shopping. There was a 45 minute queue in my local Lush but the staff were wonderful and entertaining. I decided for fun to check the Lush website when I got back and I was behind over 99,000 people so I'm glad I ventured into town. 

Lush Boxing Day Haul

Compared to some people in the shop my spending was quite reserved. I saw people coming out saying to the people with them that they had spent around £100. I know it's a good deal and whatnot but that's a little excessive even for me! I only got 6 products for me, I also picked up Stardust bath bomb for my little brother and Salt and Peppermint Bark scrub bar for my mum. 

Lush Boxing Day Haul

So here is my rather modest haul. I decided that I really did want to try the Peeping Santa bubble bar. He looked so cute in the shop and smelt really good. I'm not completely sure what the scent is meant to be but for me, I smell cocoa butter as well as strawberry. I can't wait to see what it's like in the bath. Then I got another Father Christmas bath bomb. I think it shares its scent with Snow Fairy but for me it's a little less overpowering than the normal shower gel. The final bath related product was the Golden Wonder bath bomb, this is a cult favourite but this is the first time I will have tried it because it's quite expensive. I'll have to let you know whether it is worth the price tag. I then picked up another Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub, I think I have around three now, but I love the scent so maybe three can be justified!

Jason and the Argan Shampoo

Now this wasn't in the sale but I needed a new shampoo and as I've been loving Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo Bar I picked up another. The first time I tried this was when I received it in August, (I only wrote up the review a few weeks ago!) I would have featured this amazing product in my Lush favourites post not long ago however it wasn't in any shape to be photographed, and by that I mean it was a gloopy mess in the bottom of a large Lush tub. To stop that happening again I invested in one of the Lush tubs, they're £2.50 per tub but they're reusable and I fully intend to get my money's worth. It's the same with the shampoo bar, this one costs £5.95 so is quite expensive for shampoo usually, except this one lasted me almost 5 months which is quite impressive and probably quite cost effective too. It does smell of sweet roses which you might not like but there are plenty of other scents to try, I think I might try a different one next time myself.

If you braved the Lush sale too let me know what you picked up and what your favourite products are. Also I'd love to see any Boxing Day haul posts, I love being nosey!

Beth x

Origins Facemasks: My Quick Fix or Miracle Cure?

You might remember that all the way back in August I wrote about a BritishBeautyBlogger box containing Origins facemasks. Since then I have tried and tested almost all of the products included and think they all deserve a bit of recognition. Some might even deserve repurchasing. 

Origins Facemask Review

The box itself was an incredible deal at only £20, it even included full size products worth more than the box itself. If you ever see another BBBxLatestInBeauty collaboration I would definitely order it, simply because of the value and then on top of that the amazing products. She's even collaborated with Clinique as you can see here. (Yes, I may have ordered that one too...)

Origins Maskimizer VitaZing By All Greens

Starting with the skincare and also where the full size products are. The Maskimizer seemed somewhat a gimmick to me when I first looked into it. This is £18.50 for a 95ml bottle, so is by no means cheap. The Maskimizer is a facemask primer, it claims to soften, hydrate and optimise the skin's condition. Apparently there is an optimum temperature at which facemasks work and this spray will lower the temperature of the face so it can do just that. It has a pleasant scent, it's very fresh and I personally think minty. I have been using this before facemasks to see if I think it does really make a difference and to be fair it makes probably only a small difference. My skin feels slightly more refreshed if I've used this but it's nothing to write home about. I'm probably going to use this more as an expensive hydrating face spray.

On a more exciting note: I finally found a tinted moisturiser that doesn't turn me orange. VitaZing is not something I would have discovered on my own at a hefty £29. It claims to be energy boosting but I'm not sure how I would measure that on my skin at the moment. This contains SPF 15 which in this kind of product is fundamental; VitaZing slowly tints the skin, letting it glow subtly through the day. It needs SPF as this is not a product that you would use under foundation, it's a standalone summer product for me, one you choose on a lazy day when there are a few errands to run. 

The first mask I'm going to show you is By All Greens, a foam cleansing mask to unclog pores, which retails for £30. I was really surprised by this product, Jane said it was like green juice for the skin and it really is. The first time I applied it I wasn't sure what I was expecting, it looks like a green paste when it's dispensed but then foams up when you massage it into wet skin. I'm trying to use it sparingly as I love it and can't afford the £30 for another bottle!

Origins Facemasks Drink Up Intensive GinZing Original Skin

The fun bit is of course the facemasks! Starting with Drink Up Intensive, £24, which is probably my favourite scent out of all the masks. It's fruity and one for the overnight mask lovers, or dry skin sufferers like myself. You simply have to massage it into the skin and tissue off any excess and fall asleep letting the magic happen. This genuinely does help my dry skin, quenching it's thirst ready for makeup the next day.

GinZing is the ultimate blogger facemask. It's not only copper coloured but it is also visibly metallic! Is this not what dreams are made of? It says it will refine and refresh the skin, its strong orange scent definitely refreshes, I also love the fact it is a peel off mask as they're so much easier to use if you're not planning on having a shower. At £24 it's not necessarily the cheapest mask out there but if you want a copper, metallic facemask this would be the one.

Another one for us dry skin sufferers is Original Skin, £24. It contains rose clay and used jojoba beads to remove dead skin from the surface.When it's on it makes your skin feel quite tight but in a way I like that as it feels like it's working. The exfoliation happens mostly when you remove it as the beads get a chance to rub against the skin, you do find random beads on your face if you don't quite get it all off, but they're hardly noticeable and I just think about it as extra exfoliation! Once I take it off my skin feels ridiculously smooth which makes makeup application dreamy.

Origins Mask Pods

These last three are Facemask Pods, for £2.50 each you can take one of their bestselling masks travelling with you. The pods contain 10ml which is more than enough for around 4 full face coverings. What's even better is that two of these are 10 minute masks so you could apply them while packing for a holiday or eating breakfast. You can get four of their masks in pod form: Drink Up, Clear Improvement, Out of Trouble and Original Skin, I kind of wish GinZing was available in pod form as it is gorgeous.

I'm almost certainly going to repurchase Drink Up Intensive, and I'm not ruling out getting By All Greens and Original Skin but neither are cheap so I'll see if either create magical effects on my skin. Like I said the Maskimizer does seem a little gimmicky but you might find it works wonders. This box was certainly worth the £20 I spent and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another if the opportunity arose.

Beth x

Lush Products I Love (And You Need To Try!)

We all know that I am a rather large Lush fan, especially around Christmas. So over the course of the last few months I've been testing out some new Lush bits I picked up, as well as some old favourites and non Christmas exclusives. I thought I would let you in on my must have products for you to try this year.

Lush Favourites

First up is the Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub (or any other Lush lip scrub.) I used to own the Bubblegum one which smells like sweets, that was until my little brother got his hands in it, literally. These are amazingly good at getting rid of the dead skin on your lips, the sugar is finely milled but still gives enough of a scrub. While these smell great, Sugar Plum Fairy shares it's scent with the Comforter bubble bar, they also taste good, though I wouldn't recommend eating it all in one go. I don't know of many other brands that do good quality lip scrubs at an affordable price of £5.75, if you think one will benefit you, Lush do other flavours than the Christmas edition Sugar Plum Fairy.

So White Shower Gel is part of the apple scented family which includes Santa's Belly Shower Jelly and So White Bath Bomb. I had to specially order this off the Lush Kitchen as it's not actually a permanent product and it cost a little bit more than a normal shower gel but for the scent it's worth it. Apples completely wake me up so this has now become a must for morning showers, or any showers to be honest.

One product that me and my mum always disagree about is Ro's Argan Body Conditioner. Personally I love the sweet rose smell while she does not. I love using this just after I've performed the arduous task of shaving my legs, it almost makes the task worthwhile as my legs are super smooth. It does feel greasy when you first apply it but once it's rinsed off your skin feels dreamy.

My final favourite is from the Halloween collection: Magic Wand Soap. I'll be honest, I use a hell of a lot more liquid soap than I do bar soap, so you might be wondering why I, not only bought, but also  love it. Let's get real here: makeup brush washing is so boring, I add my Lush soaps to spice it up a bit. By using bar soap you can make you brushes smell amazing and make sure your hands don't become dried up and grubby at the same time!

All in all, I love most products I've tried from Lush, they're rarely a hit and miss brand. I do need to try some of their skincare but it's so expensive and I have a lot already. (Oh and I'm on a spending ban...) If you want to know which product I would say you should try at all costs, that would be a Lush lip scrub, Bubblegum if you can, as Sugar Plum Fairy was a Christmas special.

Beth x

New from EcoTools: Cruelty Free and Recycled

I don't think I've used my fingers to apply makeup for many years. For my day to day makeup I'm a sponge or brush girl because I don't believe that my fingers do the job anywhere near as well. I understand that some people find that the warmth of your fingertips helps blend product into the skin but I just find that it makes a mess and I don't have time to clear that up in the mornings. Anyway, recently I have been trying some EcoTools brushes as I received them in my LoveMeBeauty subscription and thought I should write about them.

Eco Tools Face, Eye and Lip Brushes

EcoTools is a relatively well known brand but I thought I'd do some research to learn a bit more. It's great to know that their products are cruelty free which means synthetic bristles if you were worrying. They're also made from recycled bamboo, the handles anyway, apparently it's one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, so those pandas won't lose out because of our makeup brush purchasing!

I have a few different sets and also some of the individual brushes. All the sets come packaged in cute little pouches perfect for carrying them around with you or in your handbag if you're going out straight from work. As brushes go, they're also on the more affordable scale; the five piece Starter Kit is £14.99 at Superdrug and the six piece Day to Night kit is £16.99, both of which are more affordable than RealTechniques. The individual brushes themselves retail from £3.99 to £12.99 but they do also come in double ended duos for £6.99.

Eco Tools Face Brushes in makeup pouch

I always take an interest in face brushes as I always worry about my base. I'm quite subconscious about my skin and to me in the mirror it looks anything but smooth so finding my perfect base will take a while, (any suggestions will be greatly received!) I'll start with the individual face brushes, and one of my favourites is the Blending and Bronzing brush (£9.99) it's a very large duo fibre brush. It seems to want you to use it for cream contour and highlight blending, but I think it is much better for buffing in foundation. The duo fibre bristles allow you to really work the foundation into the skin via light stippling, as the brush is large it bounces off the skin making sure you don't end up with patchy coverage. The round brush head also allows you to get in and around all the difficult areas of the face, under the eyes and around the nose. The second brush I have is the Precision Blush Brush (£7.99) and I wanted this as I really don't have many brushes with which to apply blush. I used to use my RealTechniques Stippling Brush until that started shedding so I really did need a new one. The brush is so fluffy and has a rounded top which means you can precisely apply your blush to your cheeks. It also allows you to blend out the blush too in case, like me, you're slightly heavy handed in the mornings.

Now from the Starter Set are two face brushes: the Concealer brush and Blush brush. The Concealer brush is quite a standard design. It's flat and tapered so you can get up close under the eyes, my only problem is that I don't find these types of brushes great at blending in the concealer, you usually have to pat the product in which does take a long time. Next is the Blush brush. Incredibly fluffy and much more suited to powder in my mind, especially as I also own the Precision Blush Brush. It tapers outwards with a rounded top and perhaps may also be a good substitute foundation brush for when all my others are dirty. (Believe me it happens.)

From the Day to Night set comes three face brushes: Pointed Concealer Brush, Angled Face Brush and the Highlighting Fan Brush. Now the Pointed Concealer Brush is good for the days I have problem skin. When spots decide to pop up this lets me cover them instantly and easily. As it tapers into a point it is also good as a crease brush and it's not half bad for blending it out as well. The Angled Face Brush is right on trend for contouring, it's not overly big and fits into the hollows of my cheeks nicely. It doesn't pick up too much product and doesn't create a particularly harsh line when I contour (badly.) The final face brush is the Highlighting Fan Brush, as highlighting is 'in' this is a staple in any makeup collection. It's design is quite thin making sure you're not on full brightness, unless you want to be of course, and also it can double up as a nose contouring brush because desperate times call for all in contouring!

Eco Tools Eye Brushes in makeup pouch with MAC eyeshadows

The range of eye brushes is extensive. First off is the Brow Shaping Set (£6.99) it has two brushes and some really scary brow stencils which I'll come onto later. The set comes with a Lash&Brow Groomer which is much like most others you'll find and there's not much more to say about it. The double ended Brow Filler and Brow Definer on the other hand is pretty special. On the one hand is the Brow Definer, a stiff angled brush ready to outline even the unruliest of brows, so definitely mine. I like to use it with a pomade, my current go to is the NYX Tame &Frame, it's a lot cheaper than the ABH version. The other end is a Brow Filler which I think is a great idea, I always find that the stiffer brushes fill the brow too perfectly and I'm more of a messy plait and yesterday's mascara kind of girl. The shape of the brush is the important factor: it's quite a flat brush but is very fluffy, I feel it's better suited to powder than creams or pomades as it's very easy to pick up too much product.

From the Starter Set comes the Eyeshadow Brush and Angled Eyeliner Brush. Now the Eyeshadow Brush is very, almost too similar to the Concealer Brush in the set just shorter, so there's not much to say there. The Angled Eyeliner Brush is similar to the Brow Definer Brush however, it is longer and less stiff so it allows for movement whilst applying gel liner. I for one prefer a felt tip eyeliner or liquid as I am not skilled enough with gel.

Finally from the Day to Night kit are the Detailed Lip/Liner Brush and the Eye Shadow Brush. The Detailed Lip/Liner Brush is much better as a lip brush in my opinion as it is not stiff enough for liner. Nor is it tapered enough. For lips though it is perfect, the flexibility allows you to cover the and still get a sharp edge without much hassle. The Eyeshadow Brush is a lot fluffier than the one from the Starter Set which makes it a great blending brush. It's rounded which lets it fit into the crease and also under the eye to smoke it all out if you want a more dramatic look.

Eco Tools Accessories Wipes and Stencils

Now unknown to me until a month ago, was the fact that EcoTools do brush related accessories too. I have the Makeup Brush Cleansing Cloths (£6.99,) now I think these are ingenious for if you're on the go. They're like a makeup wipe except solely for your brushes, after you use a brush you swirl it on the cloth and the makeup disappears. The other accessory came with the Brow Shaping Set: brow stencils. Now these terrify me as if done badly they will look like sharpied on brows, but each to their own. They came with three styles: glamour, defined for when you want a big night out, delicate, for a more natural look, or classic, think Instagram brows.

Overall I can't deny the fact that EcoTools do some gorgeous brushes at extraordinary low prices. While the stencils scare me the brush cloths and sets are quite impressive. If you were looking for the best set to try I would definitely say to go for the Day to Night kit with six brushes in. 

Beth x

My New Year's Wish List

Contrary to my spending ban, which is actually going quite well at the moment, I've decided to write up a wishlist post, because hey, it's only window shopping (for now.) Currently I'm up to my eyeballs in college work and revision because my Alevels are fast approaching and I am terrified, so more than anything this wishlist is to take my mind off of them and also a list of things that I'm going to eventually purchase as incentives to study harder!

New Year's Wishlist

I'll be honest, this list is quite extensive and so it should be as I have eight exams in total including a resit which I'm dreading. Also I haven't done a wishlist for a while, (other than my Christmas one,) so this is a lot of wishes all piled up into one big wishlist. I've also decided to include some non beauty items which is unusual for me but I'll explain in a bit later as to why.

New Year's Wishlist

Helpfully I remembered to number each one so it's easier to work out which is which.

1. A Nutribullet might not be the most stereotypical item to place on a wishlist but let me explain. Basically if you watch Shaaanxo (and let's be honest who doesn't) you know she uses one pretty much every day and she kind of inspired me to want to eat healthier and I thought I would like to start with a Nutribullet. When I go to Uni later this year, I won't lie to you, I will probably eat badly a lot of the time because I'm quite lazy. To combat this I could have a nutritious smoothie breakfast which sounds like a good way to start eating better to me.

2. Back to beauty with the MAC Vanilla pigment. I have seen so many amazing tutorials using this pigment and I've decided I definitely need it. Someone used it mixed with a lip gloss and it created the most stunning rose gold shade and instantly it had to be mine. From what people say, these pigments last forever as you use such a small amount each time which means it would be a good investment product. (At least that's how I will justify it.)

3. I really don't have many perfumes other than my Daisy Dream Forever so when I smelt Paco Robanne's Olympea on someone at college I knew I needed it. As most perfumes are this is quite spendy for me so I might be putting it on my Birthday wishlist rather than splurging between now and exam season but we shall wait and see. Also from a bloggers point of view this would make a good blog prop.

4. Every wishlist should include a Yankee Candle and mine contains the scent Macaron Treats. Firstly it's colour is so vibrant and reminds me of spring but also as a macaron lover who doesn't always have access to freshly baked macarons this would be a close second for my cravings. My stockpile of candles took a hit over Christmas so I need to replenish my stocks sometime soon, and what bettter way than with a Yankee Candle I haven't yet tried.

5. This is probably a moisturiser you will hear about a lot mainly because I love it so much. I first tried Clinique Moisture Surge as a sample years ago and I really want the full size one. I've been living off samples and while that has been working for now I don't really know what I'll do when they run out!

6. If you've been reading MissCosmeticBlogger for a while you may have seen that back in August I purchased a British Beauty Blogger Edit Origins Beauty box which was filled with Origins face masks. I loved all of them but I only got a tiny pod worth of the Clear Improvement Active Charcoal mask and I need more. This is a favourite of Khloe Kardashian apparently and my skin needs more as it loves clogging up pores lately which isn't great.

7. I have dry lips, you probably already know this; I don't keep it particularly quiet really, but every time I ask which lip balm to try everyone seems to say the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm. It's not cheap like you average lip balm, it's about £9 but with such high praise it's a price worth paying for smooth lips in my opinion.

8. I recently ran out of Peaches&Clean so it had to go on my wishlist. It is an amazing cleanser I tend to use in the shower and it smells divine. My face always feels squeaky clean after using it which is exactly what I want from a cleanser. I also want to try it as a face mask one time as Mikhila from MissBudgetBeauty recommended this and she's rarely wrong about beauty things.

9. There had to be another candle and as my Sweet Peach is almost out I need to replace it. This is probably my favourite Yankee Candle scent, in fact it has overtaken Mango Peach Salsa which I fell in love with a couple of years ago. I think we should note the common denominator here which is clearly my love of peaches...

10. I would love to try Urban Decay's All Nighter Foundation and who wouldn't really? Let's be honest I will need to try a sample though to make sure it doesn't oxidise as I'm going to be 0.5 (the lightest shade.) I know people say that 'teens don't need full coverage' but actually it's my choice and I like flawless!

11. Clarins Instant Lip Perfectors have been mentioned literally everywhere over the last year or so and I've been really wanting one. Now usually I would go for the pink one but I saw the shade Plum Shimmer and it is just perfect for winter and I think would go nicely with my ghostly pale skin.

12 & 13. I put these two together as they are both camera related. First up is a spare memory card as I now have a DSLR and I always need a memory card but I usually struggle finding my one that I own. Also there is a Canon Camera Remote as I want to be able to take photos without having to place my arm awkwardly outside the frame. I bought a cheap copy of a remote and it just didn't really work so fingers crossed this will! (Mainly so I can say goodbye to awkward selfies...)

It's an extensive list, I'm not going to deny that but I'm also not going out tomorrow and buying it all up. (Even though I really wish I could.) I hope you had a great day and I got you thinking about all the things you're wishing for!

Beth x

Bargain Facemasks from Superdrug?

Seven days into the new year and already my skin is feeling down and when I say down I mean dry and dull. I decided to move away from my usual Origins facemasks in favour of a more budget friendly offering from Superdrug. I've tested out three of their masks so far and thought I'd let you know which ones I would recommend you try, and which I won't be repurchasing.

The Ultra Purifying Nose Pore Strips were pretty good for £1.29. Within the resealable pouch you get three individually packaged pore strips, they're infused with charcoal which helps draw out the impurities. I find that usually when I've used pore strips in the past that they don't remove many black heads so I'm always sceptical trying them. However, with these particular ones I wasn't expecting great results as for such a low price I wasn't really going to matter if they worked or not. Luckily I had a pleasant surprise when these drew out many more blackheads than the much hyped Biore pore strips which are around £7.99 a box for minimal results! These aren't my favourite way of clearing the pores on my nose, that would be a liquid mask which literally clings to the impurities and pulls them out but these are definitely a good alternative. If you're looking into trying pore strips go for these first: these are 45p each compared to Biore which make it seem like a luxury at £1.58 each.

I don't have particularly oily skin, it's only my nose that really ever gets oily which is a problem when I want my foundation to actually remain on my face. I thought that trying the Black Seaweed Peel Off mask might help solve my problem. I love facemasks but only ever do non peel off ones when I'm planning to have a shower straight after or I end up ruining many towels, so this was perfect. I decided I'd do the whole of my face as even though it's not necessarily oily it still needed some rejuvenation. I find masks like these are also good at cleaning pores which is useful if you want a 2 in 1 quick fix. Another definite pro is that they are only 99p and are usually on buy one get one half price which is not to be sniffed at, ever.

Now the Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask is the only one which let me down, coincidentally they're also more expensive than the packet masks at £1.29, but it's still nice to see that more brands are embracing the sheet mask trend. Personally, when I use a facemask I like to be able to multitask, write up a blog post or watch TV but this mask is a lie back and fall asleep one. I think the material of the sheet mask is too thick which means if you want it to stay on you need gravity's assistance, the feel of the mask is hydrating as you'd expect as it is dripping with product which is another reason you can't multitask with it on. It's good for sensitive skin as it's gentle and unscented, or as close to unscented as you can get. I suppose if you're looking for five minutes sleep sticking this on while you do won't do any harm. (Unless you sleep on your front that is, you'll be waking up with a soggy pillow if you do.) 

The main question is would I repurchase, and the pore strips and seaweed mask are a definite yes because they made my skin feel renewed. The sheet mask on the other hand is a steer clear for me, unless they redesign it using thinner material as I am simply too impatient and busy to be able to lie back with a dripping wet tissue on my face.

Beth x

Embracing Frosty Mornings

It's mid winter now and the frosty mornings are in full swing. I for one have decided to try and embrace them, I'm not a fan of the cold but it's nothing that a knitted jumper and scarf can't fix. I've never been a pumpkin spice girl but a salted caramel hot chocolate never hurt anyone and the odd one will inevitably be consumed on the way to college to warm me up. 

Frosty Mornings

Being as pale as I am, I tend not to wear makeup in winter because I don't want to get up and also the winter mornings do my makeup for me. My porcelain cheeks go a rosy red and my lips go red from dryness, but that's easily sorted with slick of the Lanolips 101 Ointment which is purse sized and is going everywhere I do. With my skin as white as snow it would only be right to sing with the animals as I go (I'm joking of course, my cat does not appreciate my singing.) 

The winter nights of course bring me the opportunity to watch films, light candles and take long, hot baths, this of course means Lush baths and inevitably Lush trips. My favourite product at the moment is unsurprisingly the amazing So White bath bomb which I picked up in a haul last year. The fresh crisp apple scent will forever be my favourite I think, it makes me feel so energised and less lazy which is probably why I also bought the So White shower gel too! On the nights I'm not huddled up in blankets I'm out on a frozen hockey pitch watching my breath in the air. Don't get me wrong, I love the sport but it doesn't half ruin you hands and my trusty Soap&Glory Hand Food has been used more often than not. 

I want to do something different on the blog this year, something fresh and more me. It will still be beauty based, I can promise that, but I'm thinking every now and then I'll do a post like this. A little informative post to let you know what I'm up to and how it's all going. Sort of like a catchup with friends just without the Starbucks in hand whilst we go shopping, especially as I am on a spending ban till March.

You can expect plenty of reviews this month, hopefully also some better photography, (I'm trying my best anyway,) and some longer posts. I also want to interact more with other bloggers; I was all about the chats until I went back to college and I let my organisation slip, so much so that I couldn't find time to reply to blog comments, let alone schedule tweets and it really upset me for a while. So I'd really appreciate it if you could leave me your link, I'll make sure to spread the blog love and leave you a comment or two. 

Happy 2017, I hope it treats you right and you get everything you wanted!

Beth x