My New Year's Wish List

Wednesday, 11 January 2017
Contrary to my spending ban, which is actually going quite well at the moment, I've decided to write up a wishlist post, because hey, it's only window shopping (for now.) Currently I'm up to my eyeballs in college work and revision because my Alevels are fast approaching and I am terrified, so more than anything this wishlist is to take my mind off of them and also a list of things that I'm going to eventually purchase as incentives to study harder!

New Year's Wishlist

I'll be honest, this list is quite extensive and so it should be as I have eight exams in total including a resit which I'm dreading. Also I haven't done a wishlist for a while, (other than my Christmas one,) so this is a lot of wishes all piled up into one big wishlist. I've also decided to include some non beauty items which is unusual for me but I'll explain in a bit later as to why.

New Year's Wishlist

Helpfully I remembered to number each one so it's easier to work out which is which.

1. A Nutribullet might not be the most stereotypical item to place on a wishlist but let me explain. Basically if you watch Shaaanxo (and let's be honest who doesn't) you know she uses one pretty much every day and she kind of inspired me to want to eat healthier and I thought I would like to start with a Nutribullet. When I go to Uni later this year, I won't lie to you, I will probably eat badly a lot of the time because I'm quite lazy. To combat this I could have a nutritious smoothie breakfast which sounds like a good way to start eating better to me.

2. Back to beauty with the MAC Vanilla pigment. I have seen so many amazing tutorials using this pigment and I've decided I definitely need it. Someone used it mixed with a lip gloss and it created the most stunning rose gold shade and instantly it had to be mine. From what people say, these pigments last forever as you use such a small amount each time which means it would be a good investment product. (At least that's how I will justify it.)

3. I really don't have many perfumes other than my Daisy Dream Forever so when I smelt Paco Robanne's Olympea on someone at college I knew I needed it. As most perfumes are this is quite spendy for me so I might be putting it on my Birthday wishlist rather than splurging between now and exam season but we shall wait and see. Also from a bloggers point of view this would make a good blog prop.

4. Every wishlist should include a Yankee Candle and mine contains the scent Macaron Treats. Firstly it's colour is so vibrant and reminds me of spring but also as a macaron lover who doesn't always have access to freshly baked macarons this would be a close second for my cravings. My stockpile of candles took a hit over Christmas so I need to replenish my stocks sometime soon, and what bettter way than with a Yankee Candle I haven't yet tried.

5. This is probably a moisturiser you will hear about a lot mainly because I love it so much. I first tried Clinique Moisture Surge as a sample years ago and I really want the full size one. I've been living off samples and while that has been working for now I don't really know what I'll do when they run out!

6. If you've been reading MissCosmeticBlogger for a while you may have seen that back in August I purchased a British Beauty Blogger Edit Origins Beauty box which was filled with Origins face masks. I loved all of them but I only got a tiny pod worth of the Clear Improvement Active Charcoal mask and I need more. This is a favourite of Khloe Kardashian apparently and my skin needs more as it loves clogging up pores lately which isn't great.

7. I have dry lips, you probably already know this; I don't keep it particularly quiet really, but every time I ask which lip balm to try everyone seems to say the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm. It's not cheap like you average lip balm, it's about £9 but with such high praise it's a price worth paying for smooth lips in my opinion.

8. I recently ran out of Peaches&Clean so it had to go on my wishlist. It is an amazing cleanser I tend to use in the shower and it smells divine. My face always feels squeaky clean after using it which is exactly what I want from a cleanser. I also want to try it as a face mask one time as Mikhila from MissBudgetBeauty recommended this and she's rarely wrong about beauty things.

9. There had to be another candle and as my Sweet Peach is almost out I need to replace it. This is probably my favourite Yankee Candle scent, in fact it has overtaken Mango Peach Salsa which I fell in love with a couple of years ago. I think we should note the common denominator here which is clearly my love of peaches...

10. I would love to try Urban Decay's All Nighter Foundation and who wouldn't really? Let's be honest I will need to try a sample though to make sure it doesn't oxidise as I'm going to be 0.5 (the lightest shade.) I know people say that 'teens don't need full coverage' but actually it's my choice and I like flawless!

11. Clarins Instant Lip Perfectors have been mentioned literally everywhere over the last year or so and I've been really wanting one. Now usually I would go for the pink one but I saw the shade Plum Shimmer and it is just perfect for winter and I think would go nicely with my ghostly pale skin.

12 & 13. I put these two together as they are both camera related. First up is a spare memory card as I now have a DSLR and I always need a memory card but I usually struggle finding my one that I own. Also there is a Canon Camera Remote as I want to be able to take photos without having to place my arm awkwardly outside the frame. I bought a cheap copy of a remote and it just didn't really work so fingers crossed this will! (Mainly so I can say goodbye to awkward selfies...)

It's an extensive list, I'm not going to deny that but I'm also not going out tomorrow and buying it all up. (Even though I really wish I could.) I hope you had a great day and I got you thinking about all the things you're wishing for!

Beth x


  1. Haha this is quite a wish list! Yankee candles are amazing, mum and I are both obsessed with them because they just smell too good not to buy! The urban decay foundation also sounds like a good shout so maybe when I create a wish list, that'll be on it x

  2. I lovee number 2 the Mac one, I've been looking for a shimmer product from Mac for a while so I definitely wana have a look at this when I go into Mac. I like number 8 aswel but I tend to use LizEarl cleanse and polish



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