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The Blogger Tag

I'll be honest, I don't do tags too often and I'm not sure I've done one for months so when I was tagged by the lovely Cassie from ZombieGoddess (check her blog out,) I had to do it as I loved the questions. So I hope you enjoy the change on the blog, back to the usual makeuppy business next post!

The Blogger Tag

1. When did you start your blog?
I started my blog all the way back in 2012 because I loved YouTube. You might be wondering why I didn't start YT, that's because I didn't have a good enough camera nor did I have the thick enough skin to deal with my classmates jibes. 

2. Why did you start blogging?
Really it's because I loved YT tutorials but couldn't start YT so I did the next best thing in my opinion and started my blog.

3. Where did your blog name come from?
I really loved MsBudgetBeauty at the time and knew I wanted to focus on makeup and synonyms took me to cosmetics. And here we are!

4. What do you blog about?
Makeup! My first love, mainly makeup anyway. You'll see a few other features from time to time a bit of lifestyle, rarely fashion though as I can't pose for anything.

5. What is the first blog you started following?
Probably MissBudgetBeauty, as I found her on YT to start with and ended up discovering the world of blogging.

6. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
I love the community, the new friends you make and finding a common interest that no one else I know really shares.

7. What do you find is the toughest thing about blogging?
Comparing yourself to others definitely. When I first started hardly anyone was blogging as a full time job so stats didn't matter. Then as my blog progressed I started to notice a change where people were getting PR samples etc and began comparing myself. This year however, I've turned a new leaf and I have removed my stats from visible view so they don't affect me as much.

8. What is your biggest blogging pet peeve?
Fake bloggers (you know the type: 400 accounts and fake trips) and also people who think blogging is easy. I'd love them to try writing one post and seeing how much work it actually is.

9. What camera and photo editing software do you use?
I used my Canon 700d and edit photos on PicMonkey, the free version.

10. What is you dream campaign?
That's a difficult one, probably Benefit or a brand like Tarte who I have been unable to try anything from as of yet.

11.  How do you come up with posts ideas?
I work on the basis that if I'd want to read it then I'll write it. Swatch posts, reviews etc, they're my favourites.

12. How do you stay motivated to keep writing?
I just think about the fact that I could be helping people decide whether to get a product and that I love blogging so I motivate myself.

13. What are your blogging goals for the next year?
I would like to branch out into YT, and feature my face on the blog more. Not to mention up my photography, it's so much harder than you'd expect.

14. What advice would you give to new bloggers?
Don't give up... Ever! Stats mean nothing, you should blog because you love it, anything else is just a bonus.

15. Lastly, Recommend 5 Bloggers for anyone reading this to check out. 
I'm going to have to say Amy from Salt and Chic, Cole from ColeoftheBall, Charlene (who also runs BeeChat), Chloe from Chloehxx and finally Rhianna from Robowecop.

I hope you enjoyed the tag, if you decide to recreate it leave me a link!

Beth x

Shopping My Sample Stash!

I have quite a substantial number of sample size products, many that I don't use and say I'm keeping for a rainy day or holiday away. As a holiday away seems pretty unlikely at the moment, in today's post I decided that I would try to do a whole face only using sample sized products.

Sample Size Face of Makeup

Above you can see all of the samples I used for a full face. First up I decided I would use the Benefit Triple Emulsion moisturiser to prepare my face for makeup, it creates a lovely base especially when my skin is t its driest. I thought I'd use the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer because sometimes it is good to glow. Now that small Lancome tub actually contains a sample of the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation in 0.5, the lady at my counter didn't have an Urban Decay pot. But anyway I used a beauty blender to apply this and I've found you have to be careful which primer you use as it did not sit well with Benefit's POREfessional, if I remember rightly she said the foundation is water based so can slip off. My brows only needed a small amount of taming which Benefit's Gimmie Brow did perfectly, I finally got round to plucking my brows so brow mascaras are now my best friends! A quick flick of the Kat von D Ink Liner in Trooper, (I say quick, we all know it takes about five attempts and clean ups,) and a slick of Eyeko's Black Magic Mascara. I dusted the rather cute Too Faced blush over my cheeks using my RealTechniques blush brush and added Highbeam on my nose, cheekbones and brow bone, (I was certainly glowing!) To finish I used NARS' Orgasm lip gloss to add a little sheen. 

Overall, the finished look was quite glowy I'll admit. However, I did like it and it was definitely more travel friendly than my usual routine. I would definitely consider taking a selection like this if I was travelling, I just like my home comforts, (aka massively long makeup routine!)

Beth x

Create a Makeup Palette (Without the MAC Price Tag!)

I love my MAC palette, however I do not love its price: £10 a shadow is not particularly friendly to your bank balance. My quad is currently sat with only three shades but I can't currently justify buying another! Luckily though, there is a solution to this in the form of Makeup Obsession, a budget friendly, customisable palette system.

Makeup Obsession Palette

The way this works is you first buy a palette to fill. They come in numerous finishes and capacities, I chose a 6 as otherwise I could just keep spending more and more on the shade range. Currently you can choose to fill your palette with eyeshadows, cream and powder highlighters, contour and blush shades. I have seen on their Instagram that there may be some brow powders and lipsticks on the way which is quite exciting. The eyeshadow pans are a lovely £2 which you can definitely justify when you see how they swatch. The contour, blush and highlight shades are slightly more at £3 a piece but it's not going to hurt your bank balance particularly much. 

Makeup Obsession Palette

My palette so far cost me £8 for shades and £6 for the palette. I chose the highlighter in Bare as I love bright inner corner shades to really open my eyes. It also will definitely work as a cheekbone highlight as it glows especially on pale skin. The stunning purple shade you see was definitely an impulse buy... I mean just look at it! It's called New York and I don't have another purple like it. Apparently purple shadows are notoriously difficult to formulate but Makeup Obsession were right on the money with this one. Finally after my fun colours I wanted something sensible, a classic transitioning matte brown so I chose Bourbon Brown, it isn't as fun as New York but it's definitely functional.

Just look at the pigmentation in those shades, especially that highlighter. It's just dreamy really and it is going to be used to death, I might have to pick up a backup so I can always have it with me! There's no doubt that I'll be back to finish this palette and then create another face and brows one, I might even do a giveaway with one as they're just amazing really. Let me know if you have any favourite shades as I just don't know which to get yet!

Beth x

LoveMeBeauty: Kat von D, Charlotte Tilbury, Nuxe

It is beauty subscription time again on the blog today and it's a good one. LoveMeBeauty went all out on the Valentine's Day edit, they called in the big guns: Kat von D, Charlotte Tilbury (!!) and Nuxe. I was overwhelmed with the selection and if you can still get your hands on it do it now!

The offering from Kat von D included two shades of their Studded Kiss lipsticks: Mercy and Underage Red, their much loved Tattoo Liner in Trooper and three shades of the Lock it Concealer (which I didn't get as I was to undecided on which shade to get.) Charlotte Tilbury offered up a selection of 6 Kiss Pockets in the Hot Lips, K.I.S.S.I.N.G and Matte Revolution. Each came with 3 different shades which are perfect for testing a *very* expensive lipstick before you buy. The Nuxe selection included the Reve de Miel lip balm, the cleanser as well as a hand cream and detox gel. All in all it was the best selection I have ever seen from the subscription and the bag is adorable!

Now what did I go for. If you've read my blog for any amount of time at all you will almost certainly have heard me complain about my dry lips, so of course I chose the FULL SIZE Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm and it is heavenly. At first I wasn't a fan of the scent but because of the results I am able to look past it because it is actually helping my lips. It has a thick consistency which actually moisturises them; get ready for an individual review soon.

From Kat von D I thought I had to try the Tattoo Liner because I love my eyeliner a hell of a lot and felt tip liners are the easiest for me to work with. I'm not going to use it yet though as I still have the Kat von D Ink Liner from a previous LoveMeBeauty Edit. I also went for another Studded Kiss lipstick and I decided on the vampy looking Mercy, which in the bullet looks quite purple.

Finally, I went for something from Charlotte Tilbury. I suppose a part of me was hoping for a mini lipstick but alas the Kiss Pockets had to do and I chose the Matte Revolution set which had the shades Amazing Grace, Very Victoria and Red Carpet Red. I don't think these will feature in a post of their own but maybe I'll do a best products to take travelling? 

LoveMeBeauty has retained the best subscription ever status, mainly because you choose what you want so there are no disappointing surprises or a perfume vial (we've all been there.) Don't forget, always check Groupon for amazing deals on subscriptions to LoveMeBeauty. It will help you justify such a great service.

Beth x

What I Got From The LUSH Valentine's Day Collection

I'll be honest I wasn't too overwhelmed by the range this year at Lush, however I did manage to pick out two bits which I think are worth a mention. Now, you might remember me saying that I was on a spending ban, luckily I didn't break it as I won some money on a scratch card which allowed me a small Lush haul!

Lush Valentines

So here are the two bits I picked up. The standout product without a doubt for me was the Kiss Me Quick Business Wash Card. It is, as it suggests, the size of a business card which makes it perfect. In college there will always be toilets that run out of soap so now I simply break a bit of this off and use it like soap, plus this is made with apple so it smells so good. The second product I chose was the Over And Over bath bomb which was rather expensive even for a Lush bath bomb at £4.25. I'm pretty sure the orange bit is a bath melt so it's a two in one almost. I'm definitely saving this for a special occasion.

I know this has been a pretty short post, but what can I say, I was underwhelmed sadly. The emoji bubble bar caught my eye, however I wasn't a fan of the smell, nor was I a fan of the bath melt hearts which is a shame. Never mind though, roll on Mother's Day collection!

Beth x

My Valentine's Day Makeup feat: ShadowSwitch*

Brace yourself because for this post there's actually going to be pictures of my face on this blog! I know, it's a rare occurrence so be prepared, don't get scared. The reason my face will be appearing as I decided I'd do a Valentine's Day makeup look using the ShadowSwitch*. As Valentine's is on the awkward day of Tuesday this year I wanted to create a look which used as fewer brushes as possible and the ShadowSwitch* really does help. 

Valentine's Day Makeup Idea

Don't worry if you're not a fan of the overly bold lips, I made sure to try the look with a couple of different lipsticks but I personally loved this one. I started off by using my Clinique Superprimer, applying it with my fingers to create a nice base, and to hopefully hide any dry skin that was lurking that day. I used my NARS Sheer Glow for my base as it's my go to foundation when I need to look flawless. I used my miracle complexion sponge as usual to make sure it was all blended in, no distinct foundation lines. For concealer I went for the NYX HD concealer as let's be honest not many concealers actually suit my skin but luckily porcelain does. Now the eyes are where I usually use quite a few brushes though for this look I only used one. I first used my KIKO Shadow Stick in Golden Beige to create a base, I also took it up into the inner corner as it worked as a highlight too. On the outer corner I used my NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Rust and blended it in with my finger to keep the intense colour. Now onto one of the only brushes I used, a flat quite thin one, and I used it to apply Punk from my Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette in the crease and blended it out, I used what was left on the brush to add colour to my lower lashline. 


I used the ShadowSwitch* to then clean the brush, which FYI it does magnificently. You swoosh it round a little bit and it's clean, no mess, no water, no hassle but a clean brush. I then packed on some Bathwater from the same palette and packed it onto the inner third of my eyelid as well as my inner corner to add some brightness. I lined my eyes with a small flick of Kat von D's ink liner and added some Soap&Glory Thick&Fast mascara (my current favourite.) For brows I used Benefit's Goof Proof as it's travel friendly and I have the travel mini. Then my trusty MakeupRevolution Ultra Contour kit helped me add some definition into my almost non existent cheekbones, while Benefit's Dandelion added some colour to my cheeks. I powdered my t-zone with some of the Vichy Translucent Powder. Before I finished with my lipstick I sprayed my face with my Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray to decake (is that a thing?) any potential cakey areas. Then the fun bit: lipstick. Now the top photo I'm wearing MAC's Leap of Delight, a gorgeous deep purple which I managed to get in the sale. If you can no longer purchase Leap of Delight, NARS' Train Bleu matte lip pencil is a close match. 

Valentine's Day Makeup Idea

In this slightly awkward pose you can see me wearing the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo. I love this if you want a bold lip but still very wearable lip. It turns into a lovely hot pink stain once it wears off.

And in this final awkward pose I'm wearing another NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Prague! One of my favourites at the moment.

I hope you like the look I created, let me know what makeup ideas you have for your Valentine's Day look.

Beth x

Seeing stars? Any products which have a * by their name have been sent to me. See my full disclaimer here...

Find the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift For Him

Valentine's Day is imminent and here marks the only type of shopping we all resent: shopping for our significant other. Now I've put together a few bits that I think my boyfriend would like, so the list isn't inexhaustible, but it might still help! Obviously if you're not planning anything on the 14th why not treat yourself to something you've had your eye on. You deserve it of course. I've made sure to keep things very affordable as I don't have the money to spend on an £100 keyring, let's be honest!

Valentine's Day Gift For Him

First up is the clothing and fragrance section, all links are numbered below. I've already bought my boyfriend one of the aftershaves for Christmas but I'll never complain that he smells nice. I was thinking about getting him some more Vans because he ruined his red pair and shoes are actually useful!

Valentine's Day Gift For Him

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Valentine's Day Gift For Him

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

I hope you don't mind the lack of writing in this post. I didn't want to overload you with my opinions on things that I haven't bought or tried. Though I must say Hotel Chocolat is always a winner for me. Have a happy Valentine's Day, or treat yourself because as I said: you deserve it!

Beth x

Your Valentine's Day Lipstick: Red or Pink?

It's only a couple of weeks away before Valentine's Day arrives so I thought it was time for the themed posts. I do something similar to this post every year simply because I believe that we are somewhat divided between whether to go for a bright bold red or a nude style pink for Valentine's!

Valentine's Lipsticks

I chose three of each, ranging from liquid lipstick, to gloss, to balm and to your normal everyday lipstick. The pinks were the easiest to choose for me as I've been using them quite often over the last few weeks, I apologise that two of the three are from NYX but they are a favourite brand of mine. First off in the pinks is the lipgloss, this is the choice for those who want a light colour that isn't going to last through dinner. It's a beautiful bright pink that matches almost every type of eye makeup you could try for your Valentine's look. The second pink is from Urban Decay, Naked. It's definitely a pinky nude rather than a statement pink and I love it. I think that this will be the lipstick I choose to wear. The final pink is probably a marmite product, some people love the NYX soft matte lip creams, and other people really dislike them. As I love them I included the deep pink Prague, for if you want a statement lip that isn't a red. 

Onto the reds and we start with Clinique Lip Pop in Cherry Pop. It's a bright red which is sure to get you noticed, the only worry with this is that it does like to smudge so try a lipliner underneath. (I always use MAC's Brick.)  If you want a bit of colour but your lips aren't feeling the best, perhaps go for the Benefit Benebalm choice. It's hydrating and adds a red tint, you can definitely take it with you and reapply if your lips are feeling dry. My final choice would be the Saturated Cosmetics Lady in Red. It's a deep, blue toned red, perfect for making sure you teeth look whiter than usual, and for adding a touch of glamor.

Valentine's Lipstick Swatches

Those are the swatches above, in the order I wrote about them. I'm torn between wearing Prague and Naked for Valentine's so I'll have to see what makeup I choose on the night. If you've any suggestions for other reds and pinks I should try, I'd love to know!

Beth x