What I Got From The LUSH Valentine's Day Collection

Saturday, 11 February 2017
I'll be honest I wasn't too overwhelmed by the range this year at Lush, however I did manage to pick out two bits which I think are worth a mention. Now, you might remember me saying that I was on a spending ban, luckily I didn't break it as I won some money on a scratch card which allowed me a small Lush haul!

Lush Valentines

So here are the two bits I picked up. The standout product without a doubt for me was the Kiss Me Quick Business Wash Card. It is, as it suggests, the size of a business card which makes it perfect. In college there will always be toilets that run out of soap so now I simply break a bit of this off and use it like soap, plus this is made with apple so it smells so good. The second product I chose was the Over And Over bath bomb which was rather expensive even for a Lush bath bomb at £4.25. I'm pretty sure the orange bit is a bath melt so it's a two in one almost. I'm definitely saving this for a special occasion.

I know this has been a pretty short post, but what can I say, I was underwhelmed sadly. The emoji bubble bar caught my eye, however I wasn't a fan of the smell, nor was I a fan of the bath melt hearts which is a shame. Never mind though, roll on Mother's Day collection!

Beth x


  1. I love the color scheme of the products! Who doesn't love Lush ?!



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