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Under the Mistletoe With Lush

Again I have to apologise as it is the end of March and here I am writing about a Christmas gift set. I'm quite far behind on posts, as you can probably tell, which is why in the build up to exams I am limiting myself to one post a week (maybe two if I'm on top of everything!)

Lush Under the Mistletoe

Pick 'n' Mix Your Makeup With Feel Unique

I love the normal kind of pick 'n' mix, I fill my bag with all the goodies I can, I also do the same with FeelUnique's version. Instead of sweets they offer beauty samples for £3.95 a month which isn't half bad really. I subscribed a few months back first and then somehow forgot about the service, but here I am back with five goodies to show you from some pretty good brands!

FeelUnique Pick 'n' Mix

Taking A Leap of Delight with MAC

A purple lipstick Beth!? Have you gone mad? That's a little out of your comfort zone don't you think? Honestly, yes it is out of my comfort zone, but I actually really love the colour.

Just after Christmas, MAC had their clear out of festive products and I made a sneaky order because a MAC lipstick for £11 is not to be sniffed at. First off I have to mention the gorgeous packaging; the matte purple of the bullet and pink of the cap go beautifully together and is some of the favourite packaging I have ever owned. The lipstick itself is quite similar to the matte purple packaging. On me it's a medium purple with a slight berry hue, it's a satin finish which is very comfortable to wear. It doesn't go on patchy, nor does it cling to my many dry patches which is always a bonus in winter. I doubt I will get much use out of it in summer as it's not a very summery colour but come autumn this will be on my lips all the time! I won't let this get lost at the back of my draw as maybe there will be a few more chances to wear it before spring is in full swing.

Would you have taken a Leap of Delight and bought this lipstick or do you prefer more neutral tones? I'm on the fence, I'm quite liking stepping out of my comfort zone, but maybe I won't bring out the bright orange summer lipsticks just yet!

Beth x

LoveMeBeauty: Perricone MD, Omorovicza, UltraSun

It's that time again: LoveMeBeauty time which this month featured brands which included Perricone MD, Omorovicza, UltraSun. While these brands are quite interesting I feel there was a slight lack of choice, it was all very skincare based which isn't a bad thing but makeup will always be my number one!

This month I decided on the Perricone MD Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment, as it looks rather space age and it's quite expensive usually, the Omorovicza Refining Facial Polish, also quite expensive and finally the UltraSun Shimmering Sun Lotion, though I've tried this before. 

The Perricone MD Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment really does look like aliens blood or something similar. However this 59ml bottle is worth around £17 which is quite an impressive sample size and worth. Also it is the best packaged sample size product I have ever come across. The bottle is frosted glass, it would've been so much cheaper I imagine to send out samples in plastic bottles but they didn't which really shows the quality of the brand itself. 

The Omorovicza Refining Facial Polish was an easy choice as I have enjoyed using the other Omorovicza products from LoveMeBeauty. The brands scent is not one I would usually go for, but I genuinely enjoying the scent. As of yet I haven't started using this as I have a backlog of skincare to get through at the moment.

Finally I chose the UltraSun Shimmering Sun Lotion as I had 20 credits left and wasn't sure what to choose. I will probably end up giving this to a friend as I have already tried it before.

Overall, for the skincare lovers this edit was definitely a good one. I am intrigued to see what difference Blue Plasma makes to my cleansing routine though!

Beth x

Relaxing with the LUSH Home For Christmas Giftset

Firstly, yes I know Christmas was around 3 months ago and this post is really rather late and I apologise for that, but I really wanted to post about it regardless of the date as you can still get some of the products I think. Secondly, this was a gift from my boyfriend. Which means the poor soul dragged himself into Lush, chose a gift he liked the smell of and lived to tell the tale! So I am very proud of him because that's no easy feat for a guy and he managed to pick a gift with products I really like too!

LUSH Home For Christmas Giftset

Home for Christmas features three of Lush's most calming products, in my opinion. A shower gel, a body lotion and a bar of soap. I don't tend to use bars of soap for washing myself as I have a huge collection of shower gels that I need to get through. Instead I use bars of soap to clean my brushes with as Lush soaps don't seem to dry out my hands and they clean my brushes really thoroughly.

LUSH Home For Christmas Giftset

First up in the box was a new product for Christmas 2016 which was the Sleepy body lotion. If I remember rightly this shares its scent with the Twilight family, so it's a calming lavender apparently designed to help you sleep. I haven't started using it yet as I have about 4 different body lotions/butters on the go so I'm trying to be good. Rose Jam is usually a Christmas exclusive, however it can be found year round in the Rosie gift set. It smells like Turkish delight in my opinion rather than some rose products which smell like grandmas. (If you know what I mean.) Finally is Serendipity soap which also follows the relaxing lavender theme, just this time with chamomile too. This does make my brushes smell amazing, it's an inoffensive smell as you can imagine but it is definitely calming.

Let's be honest, Will did a good job didn't he? Though I might find myself having to share Rose Jam as I know he quite likes the smell!

Beth x

A Benefit Giftset Worth the Money: Pinky Galore

I'll be honest, this wasn't a purchase I was expecting to make just after Christmas when I had no money. However, I made an exception due to its outstanding contents and my lack of self restraint. This is only a short post but I'm sure there will be reviews on the way soon!

Benefit Pinky Galore Giftset

To me the tin is a little strange but it is quite large and will fit quite a few cotton pads in, don't you think. Now it wasn't the cheapest of gift sets but that didn't stop me; it was on sale for £39.50, which is quite steep but I had a discount code which took off 20%. So I actually paid £31.60 which is pretty good for the products that were in the set. Two are full size and two samples but sadly don't think that this is on sale anymore.

Benefit Pinky Galore Giftset

As you can see the set included a FULL SIZE!! Dandelion Blush and POREfessional as well as deluxe samples of Roller Lash and Benetint. POREfessional on it's own is £26 and Dandelion is £24.50 so the set is good value for money, even without the discount. You may have seen a similar set in Girls Gone WOW! which was the same price and this came with full size POREfessional, They're Real and then some other minis but I decided not to go for that one. I rarely wear blush, but Dandelion is my go to so it had to be Pinky Galore, also I had so many mascaras on the go I didn't need to start another. (See, there's sensible Beth kicking in!)

Overall, this kit was definitely the best fit for me simply because of Dandelion, also POREfessional is a fan favourite which I do indeed love as well. I can't say I'm a fan of Benetint as I don't find tints work for me, however Roller Lash is going into my sample size draw ready for a sunny holiday (which I probably won't be going on *sad Beth* someone take me away??) Anyway let me know your favourites from Benefit and bits I should try ASAP!

Beth x

Origins Superstar Giftset; Want to Try Before You Buy?

I've been going a little skincare crazy lately. I've been trying loads of bits that I have in drawers or that have come in beauty boxes etc. For Christmas I asked for the Origins Superstar gift set and my auntie (another makeup/skincare lover,) kindly gifted it to me, and it is amazing.

Origins Superstar Giftset
The kit itself comes with seven origins minis, none of which I have tried before which made it all the better. As I write this the Modern Friction face scrub has sadly gone walkabout in my room somewhere, however, it is a wonderfully gentle way of exfoliating. If you have sensitive skin this is definitely the scrub for you. I'll be honest I was most excited to try the much loved Clear Improvement charcoal face mask. I get rather a large amount of breakouts during a certain time of the month and I'm not a particular fan, I've tried many treatments to sort this and so far I think this is one of the best. I find it reduces redness and after a few days the breakouts have reduced or have completely disappeared. I quite enjoy multi-masking with this, I put it around my tzone and then I use the Drink Up Intensive mask over the rest of my face. The mini Make a Difference hand cream is the perfect size for me to take to work, if I've been washing up this completely replenishes the moisture in my hands and stops them feeling dry and horrible.
Origins Superstar Giftset
Checks and Balances is a minty orange smelling face wash, because of its size it is the perfect face wash to take travelling. It lathers up nicely and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean. The GinZing eye cream is amazing, I rarely use an eye cream as I forget and also I'm lazy but this is converting me. It has a slight iridescence to it which works to brighten the under eye and it depuffs them a little. It has the same scent as the GinZing energy boosting moisturiser which completely hydrates my face, now it's not as hydrating as Clinique Moisture Surge which feels like I've thrown water at my face, but it's up there. Side note, if you can, try the GinZing tinted moisturiser too because that is one of my favourite summer products. Finally the High Potency Night-A-Mins cream is a mineral enriched night cream which shares the same orangey smell of most of the other products. I'll be honest, I rarely use a night cream I just grab my day cream and apply a bit more on overnight and it hasn't been working badly, but I do really think that a night cream makes a difference. It seems a lot more nourishing which works for me as I hate my dry flaky skin!

Overall, this kit is an excellent way to try out Origins skincare, more skincare brands need to offer sets like this, and not just at Christmas either. My favourites from the set have to be the Clear Improvement mask and also the GinZing eye cream, I'm going to be hard pushed not to repurchase the mask as it is clearing my breakouts very well. I'll be testing this out further and may write a post on the products I'm planning to repurchase, because by then I'll know if they've reached holy grail status or not!

Beth x

Mother's Day Gift Guide

If you think back to around a month ago on my blog, you will remember that I did a Valentine's Day Gift Guide for him. Today is similar except it is for Mother's Day (which is on the 26th of March this year!) I've compiled a list of 23 gift ideas including: food, home, beauty and fragrance ideas. They're quite an inexpensive list of bits with a few exceptions so I hope my picks inspire you!

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I've already bought my mum's mother's day present, though I might pop to Lush and grab her (and me,) a few bits of the collection because we deserve it. 

Mother's Day Gift Guide

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I hope I've given you few ideas for Mother's Day and maybe also reminded you it was coming up soon. Let me know what you go for!

Beth x

NUXE Lip Balm Review

It's not usual for a lip balm to blow me away, mainly because I try so many and I suffer from extremely dry lips. I've tried everyone's suggestion of Vaseline but I don't feel it hydrates, if anything it just creates a barrier than doesn't let moisture in or out. Maybelline's Baby Lips are, let's be honest, gimmicky and while Lanolips isn't bad I don't feel the moisture lasts too long. Luckily my LoveMeBeauty subscription allowed me to try the NUXE Reve De Miel lip balm which has been recommended to me so many times!

NUXE Lipbalm Review
It might seem like a quite expensive at £9.50 for a lip balm. It does contain 15ml of product and so far I have used it solidly for around 2 weeks and I have barely scratched the surface. It's not a traditional balm in my eyes, for me it is a lot creamier and a lot more moisturising than any balm I've tried. You need the smallest amount on your finger and it covers and moisturises for a hell of a lot longer than any other. I find it works well as a nighttime lip treatment: I apply double the amount I would put on during the day, after using a lip scrub. I then leave it to soak in overnight and my lips feel hydrated come the morning unlike usual when they feel tight and flaky. 

Obviously, trying to justify a lip balm just under £10 isn't easy which is why I suggest trying to get it when it's on offer. FeelUnique often have good discounts on NUXE so definitely take a look there.  The only thing I wish I could change about this balm is that it's in a tub which isn't the most hygienic way to apply, if they did a stick version of this exact formula I would already have bought backups. Overall, if you have stupidly dry lips, like myself, this is a genuine god send. I no longer have to deal with applying lip balms which half do the job 100 times a day!

Beth x