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Stressed Skin? Show it Some Love with Newtons Labs*

I imagine you're sick to death of hearing about me moan on about the fact I'm doing exams, but here's another post, slightly less moany you'll be happy to hear. Instead today's post is going to be about some skincare from Newtons Labs I have been testing!

Newton Labs Skincare Review

Not A Fan of Blush? Have You Seen This One!?

I'm a bad beauty blogger when it comes to blush, because I just don't wear it. That's a cardinal beauty sin surely? Anyway I've decided to turn over a new beauty leaf and try with my blush because let's be honest there are some beautiful choices out there. 

Benefit Dandelion Blush

Exam Organisation: Study Won't Get You Down

Scarily when this publishes I will have less than two months till exams. In fact in two months time I will have already completed three and be getting ready to sit down to do a forth, which is rather terrifying really! Anyway I've been trying to work out how not to get myself completely worked up over study because even though it is important so is not stressing out. While I'm no pro at exam organisation I am 100x better than I was last year!

ALevel Revision Tips

If I Could go to Sephora Wishlist...

Around exam time I always collate a few wish lists and then precede to order myself bits over the course of exams, sort of like a 'you can do it' gift, from me to me. Does anyone else do this at stressful times? I thought I would collate a Sephora wish list, even thought there are no Sephora's in the UK *cries* I hope you enjoy my list!

Sephora Wishlist

How to Survive a Spending Ban (ish)

Let's be honest we all hate spending bans, even though in theory you'll save money in the long run. I went on one after a rather indulgent Christmas sale period and I should be finishing very soon, just in time to treat myself during and after my dreaded exams! So I thought I would share some tips I use to help with my spending ban in hope that they help you.