Not A Fan of Blush? Have You Seen This One!?

Saturday, 22 April 2017
I'm a bad beauty blogger when it comes to blush, because I just don't wear it. That's a cardinal beauty sin surely? Anyway I've decided to turn over a new beauty leaf and try with my blush because let's be honest there are some beautiful choices out there. 

Benefit Dandelion Blush

I'm pretty sure the reason that I haven't really fallen in love with blush is that I do not want to look like a painted china doll. (I hope you understand what I mean by that.) My skin is almost paper white so anything too strong will make my cheeks look slightly too flushed for my liking. I rooted through my collection of blushes, it's a small one, and grabbed Benefit's Dandelion. I had a mini of this a while ago and eventually picked up the larger one in a giftset just after Christmas. 

Benefit Dandelion Blush

Now the reason those of you who don't like blush might like this is because Benefit themselves don't even class it as a blush. Benefit call it a finishing powder which means it can actually be used anywhere; all over the face or just on your cheeks. It really isn't too pink either, in the pan it does look like a pink that could over power but really it's just a lovely natural buildable flush. I use it with my RealTechniques blush brush and I swirl my brush in, tap it off and lightly dust it onto my cheeks.

If you do want to get into blush, pop into Benefit and have a swatch, (it also smells amazing) it is probably pricier than lots of blushes but if you're only going to wear one it's a great investment for your makeup bag.

Beth x


  1. It's such a pretty shade! I have this in a Christmas palette and love it x

  2. I use this blush all the time. I also have my eye on the Dandelion Twinkle highlighter x


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