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It's my Birthday! Here's my Wishlist!

Well, it's getting towards that time of year again... my birthday! Although this year it's a big one as I'm going to be the grand old age of 18. So I'll be able to go out and drink, and most importantly: I'm able to vote! As you can imagine my lack of vote in the latest election was infuriating. Anyway, today I thought I would share my birthday wishlist which has a mix of beauty, fashion and also some Lego just for fun!

Birthday Wishlist
I'm not really sure what I'll be getting from family and friends for my 18th because unlike previous years I haven't shared, or been asked to share my wishlist, so I'm not sure what that means; maybe they have some surprises up their sleeve. I know I'm getting myself a MacBook Air primarily for Uni and also hopefully YouTube as well, (my mum is quite happy about this as she gets my old laptop.)

Birthday Wishlist

1. Oasis Playsuit - I saw this playsuit while shopping in Reading a few weeks ago and fell in love. It is the prettiest playsuit I have ever seen and I think I'm going to buy myself it for Summer, because it's too pretty not to. 

2. Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipsticks - I am yet to try anything from CT, and as everyone seems to rave about their lipsticks so it seems rude not to go for them to try first. Also this set lets me try three which seems like a great way of trying CT.

3. Lego Town House - Now I'm a massive child and love nothing more than to sit playing Lego. It's actually a really good way to relax as your mind has to concentrate on the instructions over real life.

4. Ruby Woo Lip Kit - I love the look of Ruby Woo, all the swatches make it seem like the best red lipstick in the world for any skin tone. So why wouldn't a self confessed makeup addict like myself want to try it?

5. LUSH Hello Gorgeous - Do I need more Lush? Probably not, but this set contains some of my favourite products including the amazing Comforter bubble bar.

6. Prada Candy Perfume - I've been trying to work out for ages which of the Prada perfumes it is I like. I thought it was Candy Florale, but after I got a sample of the original I realised that was the one I liked. 

Birthday Wishlist

7. Kat Von D x Too Faced Better Together - This set is currently on sale on Debenhams so I thought it was worth being put on my wishlist. At full price it seems a little steep, but with discount it's such a good deal, especially as you get the Tattoo Liner and Better Than Sex mascara too.

8. Fitbit Alta - I want to get properly fit at Uni, the kind that allows me to run up stairs and not be out of breath. I'm even planning to join a gym, so why not join the Fitbit family too? 

9. Miss Selfridge Pink Jacket - Another item of clothing I saw in Reading the other week was this jacket. I absolutely love pastel pink at the moment and this jacket would make the perfect addition to my wardrobe.

10. Pixi Best of Bright - I had a sample of Glow Tonic a while ago and really enjoyed using it. I wanted to repurchase it but then saw this little set and thought it would be a great way to try more from Pixi.

11. YSL Black Opium - First off the bottle for this is amazing, so sparkly and beautiful; it would look great on my dressing table. Secondly, it smells gorgeous, don't ask me about notes etc as describing perfume is not my strong point. I just know it smells good.

12. Benefit Cheek Parade - This set is not only such a bargain but it also has so many blush choices. I'm someone who is very samey with blush, it's Benefit Dandelion and nothing else so this would help me up my blush game.

13. Lego Townhouse - Again another instance of me being a child, but I genuinely love Lego, what can I say?

I hope you liked this little look into my wishlist, there will definitely be a 'what I got for my birthday post' up, so if you enjoy those, keep your eyes peeled!

Beth x

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